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  1. Indeed I was banned and now I created a new account so no one could know me
  2. Yes that doesn't make the OS bad , It also has problems such as Forced updates and A huge chunk of bloatware in it that you probably will never use
  3. In my opinion all windows versions suck , They all have spying , They all connect to Microsoft servers , Not only windows 10 , Remember that Windows is made By MICROSOFT , And Microsoft Cannot be trusted
  4. Hub site doesn't work idk why? When I watch a video it doesn't load , I use mypal
  5. i cant be hacked bacuse i use my phone as a internet thererr usb also i use avast so im hak proof
  6. I tried mtp from my device and it.doesn't work and my gamepad gets detected and installed and doesn't work
  7. Guys I'm hack proof , i csnnot be hacked because I antivirus
  8. Or u can catch fire on it and it will die instantly, or u can open the USB and remove the components that are important so that it can die peacefully
  9. Red light of blood which means ur USB is dying and suffering , u can help it by slamming it to the ground and that way it will die without suffering
  10. hi I'm user of forum msfn , i don't like windows 10 becuze it spyis on me , and I use windows xp
  11. Yes accept it , my SD card died and has photos and my backup cloud apparently is not working and my account was wiped due to an unknown reason
  12. So ur USB doesn't even work or no detected by PC itself no xp
  13. Does it show in BIOS? The one that doesn't work?
  14. I have untouched xp iso , and no my xp is doesn't have any issues
  15. NTFS drives don't get detected by windows xp for some reason , I tried a NTFs filesystem USB and it doesn't work , only fat32
  16. has we need to know if USB is even detected by PC itself before blaming XP

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