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  1. Is there any antivirus running on One core api? In my case, after installing any antivirus, a bluescreen shows up and the system already becomes completely unstable and hangs up.
  2. And there are some modifications to the registry
  3. Hey. I found some old GPS navigators in the attic. After booting it up, Windows CE appeared. I copied a couple of old programs to the SD Card (Opera, Quake, Stronghold, Winamp, Office 97). At the moment when, I want to run the exe file an error pops up. From what I heard somewhere it is necessary to modify the registry. My question is. What needs to be modified in the registry, and whether something needs to be patched into CE so that Windows NT programs can run on it. Is there a Kernelex for it?
  4. Welder

    GPU XP X86

    Not work only Acceleration 3D.
  5. Welder

    GPU XP X86

    I have an intel GMA 3600 and in the driver you sent you will find: -Intel 946GZ -Intel G35 -Intel G965 -Intel Q965/963 -Intel 82945G -Intel G33/31 -Intel Q33 -Intel Q35 -MOBILE INEL 945 -MOBILE INTEL 965 Which one is the right one?
  6. Why should it not be possible?
  7. Where is that Win 2000 X64 project what you wrote????
  8. https://archive.org/details/windows-advanced-server-limited-edition_202111 https://archive.org/details/windows-advanced-server-limited-edition
  9. Zachowajto to (or uloz to) and search DMDE. You must use a VPN
  10. LINK REMOVED - DO NOT POST LINKS TO WAREZ! Program for recover delete files and partition
  11. Hey. I have a huge request. Is it possible to somehow modify the GPU driver from Windows 7 to work on XP (no matter x86 or x64). It is an AMD Radeon R2. Lenovo B50-45 laptop. Greetings
  12. However, I have such an internal feeling that it will be able to running Firefox. Quoting the title of Peter Kummer's book "Nothing is impossible"
  13. Hi. Mypal was long abandoned and the author decided to move to the new Firefox engine. I saw a screenshot of how he managed to run Firefox 91 on XP. My question is. If the new Firefox XP will be available, will it be possible to move it to 98 ?. It's nice to have a new Firefox 98 / ME and to play Geforce Now in Cyberpunk and in The Witcher 3. It would be funny if you could run Firefox 98 on Windows 98; D
  14. Thank you very much for your help. How to fix the error if he wants to type something like np www.google.com in the address bar and he wants to click Enter and wogule does not work.
  15. Hi. I updated Windows 98 Autopatcher to the latest version of 98 SE and after installing Kernelex and following all the steps in this link, my Mypal shows incomprehensible characters. How fix it?
  16. Hi. I have a huge request. Could someone show me step by step how to add these functions to Kernel32? I would love to contribute to the development of this system. greetings
  17. Hi. I have a huge request. Could someone explain to me step by step how to run firefox 52.9 or higher on 98? What is I need install and copied? greetings
  18. Someone managed to run Extreme Chrome 360 (86 ver). I am cant run , only show errors. How to fix it?

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