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  1. *shrugs* Photoshop says Windows 10 is required in the system requirements. I haven't actually tried it though.
  2. Could this be used to run even production applications like Photoshop and SolidWorks?
  3. Any particular reason why besides aesthetics?
  4. v1.1 finished and uploaded! Changes: - Changed Open Shell start menu settings to use the WIN7LIKE skin and have it be more accurate to Windows 7. Removals: - N/A Additions: - Added v1.0.1.201 of the wufuc program by zeffy to bypass the ridiculously dumb "Unsupported hardware" error when trying to use Windows Update in any capacity. - Added WIN7LIKE COMBO RevC start menu skin by juniper7 for use with Classic Shell. - Added v1.1.9 of the OldNewExplorer program by Tihiy to return some removed Windows 7 Explorer features if so desired. The REALLY old Explorer interface you mean?
  5. I've put in the WIN7LIKE skin, OldNewExplorer, and wufuc. Wondering if there's anything else to add before I release v1.1
  6. But didn't those kinds of fixes stop when mainstream support ended?
  7. You can directly bypass this with a neat script. Here's all the details: https://www.csoonline.com/article/3190832/bypass-microsofts-update-block-for-windows-7-8-1-pcs-with-kaby-lake-ryzen.html And even if that script didn't exist, I'm gonna tell you right now, I've been forgoing Windows security updates for YEARS. Never had a single malware issue since... What... A decade ago? But having said that, I'm a home user. For anything enterprise at all, you should be using Linux, or if you can't do that, Windows 10 with all sec. updates. Also, running without sec. updates does require that you just be smart about what you download and install of course. Employ regular backups and don't click on rando links in emails.
  8. There is zero reason to use Windows 8 over 8.1. 8.1's telemetry can be disabled, and GWX hasn't been a thing for a long a** time now. Trust me. I've pored over articles on this to be sure, and I've also been using 8.1 as my workhorse OS of choice for a fair few years now. It's as good as 7 was if you configure it right, and it runs perfectly stable and light with all the features one would need out of it, save for DirectX 12 and some missing newer drivers that are also in 10. If you need really old driver support, I HIGHLY recommend that you just stick to 7 or below, or even run Linux. While 8.1 runs very well, it's obviously not going to work for ancient systems, nor was it intended to, nor is it the best OS to run such.
  9. Nicknamed the Windows 87 pack. Compiled by yours truly. Here's a regular screenshot of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Now here's a screenshot of Windows 8.1 Pro with the Restoration Pack fully installed. As you can see, this unfortunately isn't a complete 100% 1:1 restoration, visually speaking, but it comes DAMN close. I'd say it's at least 95% true to the original 7. In any case, if you ever had any doubts or issues about transferring to 8.1 because of the horrid interface, this pack should lay your concerns to rest entirely. This pack restores: Windows 7 Taskbar and Start Menu (via Open Shell v4.4.160) Windows 7 Start Menu skin for Open Shell (via WIN7LIKE COMBO RevC start menu) Windows 7 Aero (via Aero Glass v1.4.6) (Paid product, but only $3) Windows 7 Media Center Windows 7 Explorer (via OldNewExplorer v1.1.9) Windows 7 Games (via Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and 10) Windows 7 Gadgets (via 8GadgetPack v33.0) Windows 7 Default Wallpapers incl. All International Versions Windows 7 Theme Sounds Windows 7 Default Themes incl. All International Versions Windows 7 Aero Cursors Windows 7 Default User Account Pictures Windows Update Functionality (via wufuc v1.0.1.201) DISCLAIMER: I did not make any of the programs contained in this pack. This pack is not sponsored in ANY way by any of the developers of the programs in the pack nor did I have any hand in developing them. I'm compiling and distributing this pack completely by myself using my own resources. Download Link: https://intosanctuary.com/index.php?resources/windows-8-to-7-restoration-pack.9/
  10. Yeah, I don't have a DA account to download that... Could you put it into an attachment in this thread here?
  11. 1. On the glass8.eu site, specially in the Download tab, v1.5.13 is listed for Win8.1+. And just below that, "This version is up to Win10 v1909 (10.0.18363.752)." As far as Windows 8.1 goes, this seems to be false. The last build number for Windows 8.1 is 6.3.9600. I looked. There is nothing beyond that build for 8.1. 6.3.9600 is the latest. Hence, v1.5.13 only works for Windows 10. If this is true, then @bigmuscle, you really need to update the site. If it isn't true though, then how can I go about installing v1.5.13 when it says my Windows version isn't supported? 2. Does anyone have a Windows 7 Aero theme atlas file for v1.4.6? v1.4.6 is the only version that works with 8.1 but the majority of the atlas files in this thread seem to only work for past versions and later versions only. There's this CrystalEight theme atlas, which is actually good, but that seems to be about it, and it's really not the same as 7's Aero.

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