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  1. im not telling lies.. but you are! how could you say that it is "working"? asking you that again. half of the chrome extension will not work
  2. you consider non localisable not self updating extensions as "working"? also some extensions wont load anyways based on topic software compatible with vista extended kernel
  3. is it against any rules? we are just discussing man..
  4. I don't want my extensions in english. all im gonna say about that
  5. [Moderator's note: Suggestions about illegal activity, even indirectly, are not permitted here]
  6. So i took the time and effort to verify all these claims. to chrome and opera i can see that you cant install extensions = unusable because of adblocker. ripcord is straight up teamspeak without any screenshare functions and looks horrible in my opinion. like you said skype is not working at all no alternative to avast so that means vista is without any av software. i like metro design of the office 2019 and as someone pointed out here it starts really quickly on ssd. i looked in vista forum and person called dixel actually said that .net 4.6 and up does not work properly on vista soooo well i can use any desk i give you that. also when i use windows 8 i dont have to configure my pc for hours before i can use it so now pls answer this: would you recommend vista to your friend? and also itunes is not working (well tbh it no longer updates on 8.1 as well), spotify is not working, obs is not working and every gaming client is out of question as well most of newer games.
  7. Wait... That was not joke? Why would you replace windows 7 or 8 with vista? i mean i respect you guys if you use it for the fun of it but for serious computing purposes?! There is absolutely no benefit. Speed improvements in newer operating systems. i've used vista in past and it was horrible. Got little better with sp2, but in 2007 the rtm version oh boy. Completely corrupted my hdd while copying 100 gb of family photos (never gonna forgive that). You say vista is good for internet... Well i would not use vista for internet banking for example. Why would you take the risk? Also hardware support is way better in windows 7 and 8 i would say that you need at least windows 7 to run all apps that normal people do. Here is my list of programs (since i dont care about vista idk if these do work or dont) Edge browser, Discord, Skype, Avast, office 2019, spotify, itunes (for my phone), obs, share x, GOG launcher, Steam, Origin, Uplay, Teamviewer.
  8. Hp sent me original iso for my desktop pc. Thank you guys for your help.
  9. But this is not completely my pc. mine is the g2 variant of this one. i got confused too but on this model there is no pentium g2030 that my pc has. So there is absolutely no way of me reinstalling w 8.1 on this? w10 activates automatically thanks to the key being on the motherboard, but w 8.1 home does not
  10. first please forgive me for my bad english. I have my secondary desktop from 2014 (HP pro 3500mt g2) and it has w 8.1 with bing. my hdd broke down and i replaced it with ssd. i don't know how to install windows 8.1 on it though.
  11. My dream has come true! Thanks for the info
  12. Do you think that it will be playable at some point?
  13. I've tried this too and got this: any idea?
  14. Have anyone found a solution to this? I have registered just because of this. I want to play this game sooo bad, but I will not downgrade to Windows 10. I hope this will get fixed

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