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  1. Ultimately, I'm not going to use Windows 10 though. Or 11. Windows 8.1 will be the latest Windows OS I will ever use and support unless Microsoft absolutely gets their a** in gear. After 8.1 gets too old for modern systems, I will switch to MX Linux full-time and that will be that. Hell, MX is already dual-installed on my system and runs amazingly. The only reason why I haven't switched things over entirely is purely because of laziness and because I will always have a soft spot for old (8.1 or lower) Windows OSes.
  2. Even if he didn't think it was, that was on him. We did what he wanted. Doesn't justify completely abandoning a paid product just because we paid the price he asked. And again, I don't think anyone expected him to do this forever. We all told him to open-source it so he could completely forget about it and we could continue to be able to use the application long after the site shut down. Everyone could have come out with a win here. But no, he wouldn't do that. Instead, he chose the worst possible option because who the hell knows why.
  3. Doesn't really matter. BigMuscle set the price and we paid the price he asked. To support the project. But BigMuscle isn't properly supporting the project. Or really even supporting it at all. It's like if I paid you $3 for 4 candy bars, but you only gave me 1 candy bar. Doesn't matter how little I spent or not. We agreed on a price and you didn't fulfill your end of the bargain. That's called stealing.
  4. Out of curiosity, what programs do you use that don't run on Linux? The usual Adobe suspects or... ?
  5. Well, in any case, it should be cleaned up or replaced. Seems a little silly to just leave it as it is.
  6. Google has banned almost 600 apps for pushing “disruptive” ads! Did you know that? Also, in other fresh-off-the-press news, the next major Windows 10 update could bring big changes to Cortana. I wonder what those changes will be...
  7. Honestly, the more these programs try to artificially restrict themselves to 10, the more I'm going to be switching to Linux, not 10. Linux is getting very close to where it cannot be ignored any longer, and once that happens, these stupid developers are just going to have to get with the times and accept that userbase. Hell, the driver support for Linux alone is utterly fantastic. A massive far cry from the days of yore. If Microsoft continues being a dumbass with 10, then people will slowly but surely start losing their patience and switch to Linux. And once Linux gets a decent headstart with that, Microsoft is going to have a HUGE issue trying to pull them back, and I don't care how many additions to the "Windows Sub-system for Linux" they make. Windows used to be quality software worth the hefty pricetag, but Microsoft doesn't seem so concerned with such trivial matters as 'quality' and 'user needs' anymore.
  8. Why though? I don't wanna gang up on you here, and you don't owe us anything really, but it seems really weird to just refuse to do so.
  9. @halohalo If you can't/won't release the modded drivers, please provide a tutorial on how to modify the correct files. This goes much bigger than running drivers on a somewhat older Windows 10 build. Most notably, installing Windows 7's RTX 30xx drivers into Windows 8.1 is retardedly blocked by Nvidia and will instantly show the same damn error 43 if you force-install them. No, Nvidia can't be contacted about this.
  10. Probably not. Maybe with another program I don't know about. Classic Shell MAY have an option for this, but I can't check right now since I'm not at my desktop at the moment.
  11. Like, automatically pin in the All Programs folder or in Start screen main? EDIT: Found this: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-performance/how-do-i-automatically-pin-an-application/4f2cff6d-7fc4-4448-99e3-5143c61a4fe0
  12. Oops. Sorry for repeating that. Well, at this point, I would go to Nvidia's forum, but it's complete f****** trash. Like, holy hell, they aren't even cleaning up the garbage left by spambots. All in all, my efforts to get these damn drivers working has been a great big nothing burger, and I am getting thoroughly discouraged to try any further. With this, and that Hardware Unboxed fiasco, and the forcing of customers to make online accounts just to use GeForce Experience, and the annoying telemetry, and just the mere fact that they're listing a Windows 8 category for the 30 series and haven't ever bothered to change it... I really hope AMD catches up to Nvidia, because this is some absolute dogshit support. Hell, I bet the only reason they even have Windows 7 drivers at this point is because AMD still makes Windows 7 drivers. What a joke.
  13. I have a new theory regarding how to get the 30xx display drivers to install correctly on 8.1 (assuming correct installation is the problem). Extract the Windows 7 display driver as normal, but then go into the driver files, specifically NVIDIA/(whatever your driver version number is)/Win8_Win7_64/International/Display.Driver/ and then open nv_dispi.inf. If we look at this file, we see sections that list different Windows versions corresponding to 7, 8, and 8.1, but then we see this: [NVIDIA_Devices.NTamd64.6.3] ... %NVIDIA_DEV.2188% = Section185, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_2188 %NVIDIA_DEV.21C4% = Section185, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_21C4 And then we check under our [Strings] section to see what the hell these IDs even mean: [Strings] ... NVIDIA_DEV.2188 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650" NVIDIA_DEV.21C4 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER" NVIDIA_DEV.2204 = "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090" NVIDIA_DEV.2206 = "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080" NVIDIA_DEV.2484 = "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070" NVIDIA_DEV.2486 = "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti" And we confirm that underneath our Windows 8.1 section, the entire 30xx series is missing! So, this is my theory. We simply need to add these lines to the 6.3 section (or the 6.2 section if you're running Windows 8 vanilla): %NVIDIA_DEV.2204% = Section165, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_2204 %NVIDIA_DEV.2206% = Section165, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_2206 %NVIDIA_DEV.2484% = Section165, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_2484 %NVIDIA_DEV.2486% = Section165, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_2486 After this nonsense, just save the file and run the setup.exe in the parent directory as normal and see if it will finally install the damn drivers.
  14. People say there's a lot of telemetry but most of it's just regular Windows Update. Also, I'd be very surprised if 8.0 didn't have at least some of 8.1's telemetry. You can also quite easily bypass the stupid CPU block by installing wufuc onto Windows 8.1. And easier to tweak visually, that highly depends. I was personally able to make 8.1 look like both 7 and Vista.
  15. Did Microsoft patch out wufuc? EDIT: Doesn't look like it. Windows Update seems to work fine.
  16. I think I may have found a solution. https://www.ghacks.net/2017/06/30/install-only-the-driver-for-nvidia-graphics-cards/ This method bypasses the NVidia installer entirely and has Windows install the drivers for you instead. Also, I don't even think you need Bandzip for this. Just run the exe, and then when it extracts and opens the installer window, go to where it extracted the files and just copypaste them somewhere.
  17. What are you talking about? For the 3060 Ti, it clearly lists both 7 and 8 versions. EDIT: Oh wait... Search returned no results. But there's drivers for... Windows 7... What the f***, NVidia? Why... What????
  18. Are you sure you downloaded the right drivers? How exactly did you install them? Do you have a left over video driver installation? NVidia's driver site clearly says they support Windows 8.1 and even 7, so if it doesn't work, that's basically false advertising, which is a BIG no-no.
  19. - Syncing can be done through SyncToy, but I understand it may be a pain to get all your music off of iTunes. Best to get out of Apple's grip now though while you can. - Maybe for """AAA""" developers, they only want 10, but honestly, most AAA games suck anyway. - AMD has always been notorious for ***** drivers. That seems like a huge problem though. Have you made sure that something else isn't messing up in your system? - As to the Intel drivers, I don't know the context at all there.
  20. Well, all the Wifi 6/Bluetooth 5.2 cards I've seen say Windows 10 and Linux only. Now, it could be they're just saying that as they don't want to officially support anything other than Windows 10 and Linux using the card, but it will still unofficially work anyway. I doubt it though.
  21. Actually, I had Linux in a VM pretty recently with KDE and I got pretty far in getting it to look like Windows Aero. Transparency effects and everything. Now, I didn't get all the way, truthfully, but KDE is ridiculously customizable, so in that regard, there's a learning curve. Also, I wasn't trying hard at all either since this was just a VM install I was screwing around with.
  22. A couple things to note here. 1. Why do you need iTunes? Make your music library local if you haven't already and ditch it. 2. 7 is definitely on its way out, but 8 is still kind of a special case since it will be receiving official security updates for a couple more years still. The real breaking point will be drivers, but if people can still find a way to make Windows XP work in this day and age, I don't think that will be too much of a problem. As to Discord, I use that in a browser and on my phone anyway, so no big loss there at all. NVidia/AMD would be a big factor, yes, but the 30 series of current NVidia cards all support 8.1 and even 7, and I know at least with NVidia, they don't start dropping OS support until at least a new line is launched. They could have ditched 8.1 for this 30 series, but they did not, so that also gives 8.1 a few more years of life behind it. 3. DirectX12 has been a bit of a thorn in the side of legacy Windows users, but Vulkan is starting to catch up fast, and Vulkan is OS independent. Perhaps the biggest standards that 8.1 is really missing is support for the latest Bluetooth standard of 5.2 (meh) and Wifi 6, or 802.11ax (more of a problem, but also not a big deal). 4. Finally, even if all this didn't apply, it's still not all doom and gloom. Quite the opposite. There's a reason that Valve has been on a rampage with providing Linux support. They got mad at Microsoft a long time ago and didn't like being beholden to them (think it started with the bul***** UWX), so they're now funneling their money and efforts into Linux to give it a massive boost in compatibility. And it's helping. A lot. This is also probably why Valve dropped Steam support for Windows Vista and below. They believe in and want those people on Linux instead. Back in the day, Linux used to be frustrating to use, and compatibility equally so, but those days are long gone, and in some instances, Linux actually works BETTER than Windows. And even further, it's only going to improve. The kernel has shown itself time and time again to be absolutely amazing for old hardware while still retaining full support for the latest hardware and drivers, now easily auto-detecting what needs to be used and doesn't and seamlessly applies the correct drivers without any input needed. At the very end of the day, even if Windows 10 didn't suck, we all knew this was gonna happen sometime. OSes get old. New standards are developed. That's just what happens. But just because 8.1 will reach end-of-life sometime is not the end of the world since Linux is now the looming behemoth over Microsoft's OS division, and if Microsoft doesn't shape its a** up, that penguin is gonna start stealing a lot of f****** market share.
  23. Yep, it's confirmed. TV channels marked "copy once" by cable providers can only be recorded by WMC. v1.2 released. Changes: - N/A Removals: - N/A Additions: - Added v12 of Windows Media Center 64-bit for Windows 8.1 to restore functionality to record TV channels marked "copy once" by cable providers. - Added a bunch more Start button skins and a Vista taskbar skin for fun.
  24. But I gotta boot up a VM for that all overrrr again. That's workkkk...

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