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  1. Second problems is even you did have it way you like, MS can ruin it with update. Openshell seems to fail after every major update, MS Metrofies UI more after every update. I really hate whole idea of feature updates. I do not want to worry did I lost my start menu after updating OS. And I agree Windows 10 build wont matter. It is same trash no matter the build and I generally run latest if need run somewhere (not on my network).
  2. Ironic is that sometimes those small front wheel drive sedans do better on forest than SUV since lightweight and wont get stuck on uphill. I am not allowed adjust my workplace computer outside color scheme, wallpaper and sounds. I cannot even run browser not listed on software center. Well I can with admin rights, but workplace policies are workplace policies and I follow them. I would want to tweak my work computer or install my own os, but it is not my property. On my home in other hand I customised and personalised computer to meet my needs. I got picture of forest near me or pictures from nearby lake as wallpaper. I got back to photographing after moved into new area that had potential to take good nature pictures. Good old Canon Powershot G6 does the job. I also changed color schemes and sounds to ones I like and tweaked all way it pleases me. Also changed my favorite screensaver (3d flying objects). I could say my computer is part of my personality now. Many times old technology does job better than new one. And lot of old quality technology is worth money and effort to fix. There is reason why I use older or simple technology. My cheap Casio f91w watch been keeping time just fine and likely will keep in on future. My old nokia and siemens phones will be kicking with me for long time as long as got batteries, quality CRT monitor or monitor overall can last long time with proper maintenance. Sadly there seems to be lot of fight against old technology. Every time someone asks on forums (not MSFN) if CRT or old computer is worth something answer is scrap it for gold or throw into trash. Many times seen even 21" tritrons or diamondtrons to be recommend scrapped despite having zero issues. I personally love CRT monitors. They can do oddball resolutions, lack native resolution allowing soft image even on lower resolutions, got better colors. Flickering issue can be solved by using higher refresh rate on monitor, most cannot see flicker on 75hz and mine does 100hz. Screeb burnin is no longer issue as it was in early CRT days. Late 90s/Early 2000 crt monitors got no such high risk for burn in as long as uses screensaver and wont leave monitor viewing same image 24/7. I use screensaver with 5 minute timeout period and monitor turns off after 20 minutes if left pc unattended. Also computer is off when not home. There is benefits on lcd too, but it is not true that CRT are worse in every way. What made it worse was article titled "CRT televisions got fire hazard" (roughly translated too english) that was only talking from few Finlux and Salora CRT TV that had faulty coil and many though meant all CRT monitors and televisions. Those two were defective to begin with. Same way there has been attempts to try get peoples scrap their old reliable phones and buy brand new ones. Some said to me that "buy those brand new nokia classic phones if do not want smartphone." Those new "classic" nokia phones are cheap foxconn low quality devices. Original nokia phones I got were assembled in finland. Even casings were molded here from plastic ordered from europe. New ones got cheapest and weakest plastic on world, got Kaios instead of series 30, 40 or 60 that is literally web browser based OS. New ones also has issues with keypad buttons failing. As long as GSM network remains on I got myself backed with reliable old phones. Also driving schools these days tells to buy as new car as possible with as low kilometers as possible ignoring any of known issues on that models. For example some Mazdas with Motorcraft VVT gear are cheap sport cars, because that gear will break before 100k that can result engine be unusable for good. Nobody seems to teach consumers do your own research before buying, but that would not be good for companies that want you buy new stuff I could swear most of it has been done by companies to make peoples buy new things instead of wise consuming. I like manuals too. I started driving on same day got licence with automatic gearbox, since allowed me to focus on traffic and other until got enough confidence. Now I prefer manual, more control, uses less fuel, more reliable. Automatic gearboxes got shorter lifespan than manual gearboxes. Opels (GM) until around 2002 automatic gearbox life expectancy is around 300 000km when torque converter starts dying. I know that is not bad lifespan to automatic, but manual can do much longer. Honda automatic transmissions are worst there is. Hondas with manual gearbox are super reliable. Manual gearbox mostly need fluid and if need replace parts it is usually clutch. Your old man truck like most old trucks with manual gearbox are most reliable there is. They are built for tough use and will last almost forever if maintained and taken care it is widescreen, but luckily VLC 0.8.6 can force aspect ratio 4:3 so will fill display. It wont even look that bad on 4:3. How many times you left headlights on because did not notice beep? I did many times. I sometimes forget turned light switch into on position when been driving long during dark and is day when reach place and if place I park is noisy may not hear beep. Luckily never ran battery flat. Wonder if some of that got to do with VW poor wiring? Something is faulty component that can burn light bulb. I seen VW with issues on ecu display (clock range and other stuff) and side airbags due wiring. Also mechanic may do short term fix to profit more. I know some mechanics even like to pull intake hose from engine to make your pay expensive engine repair.
  3. you can get away with using Windows 98 without chipset driver if you got ACPI disabled (/p i flag disables pnp bios and acpi). Also need 98 compatible audio card and gpu. Not most optimal, but will do the job. Though I prefer supported hardware under Win9x well Microsoft pulled EXFAT update for Windows XP from their site and removed all traces of it. I had hard time finding Finnish version of update and finally did. I got no server space right now to store publicly accessibe them so I keep multiple copies of them backed up and share if someone needs them. As for drivers Nvidia removed their Windows 9x, NT4 and XP driver archives from site making finding drivers harder. All sudden product magically drop XP support. Best example was Happauge WinTV solohd tv tuner for computer. 5 years ago site said it supports Windows XP, but recently that mention went away. What made it more conflicting was few of their different region sites claimed Windows XP support and there was support for Windows Media Center Edition 2005 according another help page on their site. I emailed to company asking if if there is support for it using conflicting information as proof. Answer I got was this "Hey not supported and never has been supported. Also XP is out of support so we do not answer questions related to it" Support did not even read my message where asked why there was information claiming does and does not on current site. Also their site had XP compatible driver from 2015 for tuner. I bought the tuner and connected it into XP machine and tried offical driver installer that failed to detect card. I looked INF file with notepad++ and compared hwid to one listed under device manager. Only different was at end after PID. I changed it to match my tuner and driver installed just fine. Also remote works and channels tune under DVBviewer under XP. I am using it to watch/record channels and read news and weather off teletext (on CRT of course). So company went trough all trouble trying wipe information from XP support, changing hwid so wont work by default. Rarely see company that does not want my money
  4. Well Finnish language is different depending on provinces. Every place use different wording. And learning it is hard since we do not use similar grammar rules as other languages. In English for example there is the, an, a, but we do not have any of those. It is rather confusing language and only way master it is if been using it whole life. Good thing is even computers and AI translators fall short on it so easy to detect machine translated sites. And yes I am native Finnish and been living there my whole life. And no we do not take sun on -40c or fight against polar bears despite internet claiming that. And claim is true. We do have many words used with slight changes. For example revving is revittää in finnish. Ok I get back to topic too now I do not have experience with exact chipset, but with one that is near same. Q35 chipset with core2duo works with Windows 98, but you need enable IDE mode to SATA drives and change IDE mode to legacy. If board lacks that option use legacy since it should do the same. Before installing Windows 98 copy all install files from install cd win98 folder into c:\windows\system\precopy . That is default path Windows 98 uses to search for files if cd is not detected during phase 2 of setup. In my experience setup has to be started from CD/DVD drive in order make Windows 98 detect drive later on newer chipset. use following setup switch "/p i /im /is". In english Windows 98 this is setup.exe /p i /im /is and on your depending whatever is name of 98 setup executable. Those switches skips pnp bios detection (acpi wont work on that chipset) and scandisk. After setup you can use either univbe or Windows 98 compatible pci e (nvidia 6xxx, 7xxx atleast). On my tests was very stable after disabled acpi
  5. My point was not if Patriotic act was bad or if Snowden did right or where I live. My point was many may not understand consuquences of something before it is too late, since do not do proper research. That was just first thing that came to my mind. And knew from resistance against it trough news and some articles when was made.
  6. speed bumps are only that slow down. If you do not slow down to them, they slow car speed to 0 for good. Those are used near schools here. Sharp ones are stupid though, good luck crossing them on low drivetrain sedan that got few peoples onboard. I did manage hit drivetrain to sharp ones on 2008 passat (was not mine just drove it) even had speed under 20km/h so not nice at all. Luckily did not ruin anything but could have had it seems to apply whole Europe apparently. Here we have same. Though most of cars I driven had no option to turn off headlights, expect dim them on park mode (light switch centered).
  7. safest is to have any vurneable component removed. If cannot hardening it. By disabling all scripting and other plugins on IE (javascript, msjava, activex, flash) and only leaving allow applications to execute (if windows xp and newer). Even if you do not browse internet on IE, some programs may embedded ie contect, for many free utils used to have ad banner before MS intergrated ads to OS level with advertising ID. In theory those could be used to inject spyware if scripting is enabled so disabling them does improve security. And I agree with newer Windows bundling unwanted stuff by default or even disallowing removal of them. If they are so bad you need force them on in order to have user keep them doesn't that tell lot from quality of product? infinite scroll is stupid since makes harder find information. Second is contect variable based on algorithm. If I try look for something and then come back to page, site order could have changed and I cannot find other stuff wanted anymore. As for phones, they have been designed to be addictive. I noticed on workplace phone it started beep from old notifications if did not pick it up for some time even had read those messages on laptop few days before. Feels like it wants me to check it, which I wont because it was not SMS notification tune or ringtone. Perfect online banking site to me would be this: No javascript. If javascript is enabled, site would deny access prompting user to disable it because security risks, site would only have bank accounts, loans, transaction history, way perform transaction (used here to pay bills or transfer money to other person bank account), credit and debit cards. Nothing else is not needed in my opinion. No need ads or prompts everywhere to get loan all the time. You should get either Fortemedia FM801 based soundcard or ESS Solo 1 soundcard to it. Both of those are cheap, relatively easy find even today, got game port and even got dos emulation. I recommend ESS Solo1 more out of those two. I got both of them I am more surprised how Mozilla diehards are defending new UI so hardly. They say anyone who do not like it does not understand how good it is or goes to personal attack. Same to Microsoft. Most sad defence attempt was back in 2012 when Windoze I mean Windows 8 was released and many power users were not happy to new UI. Microsoft released old video called "Windows 95 usability testing (1993). First though was interesting see early Windows 95 beta, that had not leaked, then realised it was used as argument to silence any who criticised Metro UI on Windows 8. That as argument was very lame since video was from 1993, two years before Windows 95 launch. Windows 3.1 before it was quite hard to use compared Machintosh Finder. That point Microsoft was doing usability tests with two groups. One was normal users and second power users. Video they used was from normal users and was used to take notes what need to be changed. Some of those findings can be read on Microsoft Windows Chicago Reviewers guide (this site has summary of it and was only place could find document on). When Windows 95 came public, ui had changed a lot and was much more clear and made more sense than before. So yeah using that video as argument is perfectly good since power users complaining about UI changes done to new Windows which made it like Microsoft BOB, expect Microsoft Bob had no ads and could run 486 and was never meant to power users. Well most peoples it is no issues since watching cat videos or playing candy crush does not require proper UI. I agree on this 100%. For me rule is always let any lightweight (pedestrians and cyclists) go first even if you do not have to let them by law. Car hitting to them does bad damage to them and can kill them. Many times I stop on on crossing to allow them pass I keep hearing horn behind me like I would be doing something wrong. It is not required, but not illegal either (unless someone can show me law that makes it illegal) and can help on busy areas. I drive with both bicycle and car and do not want crash on either. Many peoples wont know, but car has thing called brake pedal that slows car down and it can be used on crossings. Well atleast I am happy to live outside town. There is little to now traffic, since living away from main roads. Next to me is pretty much only forest and river and most walk to visit stores, shops or bar. I only visit town for work or some special shopping. Funny that rents are lower here because nobody want to live outside center of city, even it is much more calm area. And it even got good bus connections, bicycle roads etc. I like to cycle and walk on forest, where no traffic or anything else.
  8. Well many wont understand importance of freedom or law before it has been taken away and is too late to do anything. Many said Patriot act was good back when came and said critics do not want safety, but after Snowden revealed surveillance of normal citizen and lot were upset, but that point was too late to do anything, stopping it was no longer easy. Same can happen if Section 230 is banned. When peoples realise consuquences it is too late. This is not about whatever something I do is morally ok if things I write are true, rather about not allowing single entity decide those. Something totally ok and true today may not be it tomorrow even if it is ok morally and is real truth.
  9. I ended up messing around with two "new" game controllers (Logitech F310 controller and extreme 3D Pro Joystick) on Windows 98 and had positive results on both. Logitech F310 (directinput) worked out of box if toggled it swtich to dinput mode (makes it detected as rumble pad2), but had lacking joystick and button support on games. I tried install logitech software for Rumble pad but did not detect it Logitech F310 (Xinput), This one was bit tricky to get working. When controller was on Xinput mode it detected as Xbox 360 controller so tried use ported driver from this board without luck. Managed not detect and even cause BSOD. Then tried this from vogonsdrivers and worked without issues. I had manually force it though then worked. I know could edit INF, but that will take time and will limit compability. Also it works without issues despite I got no nusb installed. Only use some old USB drive driver if need to use USB hdd or flash drive. I tested controller on XInput mode on Viper racing, Croc Legend of Gobbos, Croc Legend of Gobbos 2, Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers and Lego Island and had no issues detecting analog stick or analog triggers (expect Lego Island where was limited controller support) Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick that I bought as spare in case my old reliable Microsoft Sidewinger 2 starts acting up. Logitec site and box claims it works Windows Vista and newer. I however remember seeing it on sales long ago with Windows 98 support. I bought one brand new from store and connected it to Windows 98 PC. It found driver out of box (hid gaming device), all buttons were detected, I have tested it so far on Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator WWII European series and worked out of box. Atleast on here both of those controllers can still be purshaced off store shelves, so I leave my experience with models before someone uses their money to incompatible one. Happy to be able find new controllers to Windows 98 on market still
  10. Was messing around in Internet archive and found this https://wayforward.archive.org/. First I expected it to be one of those "how technology will make my life so much better in 25 years", but it was not that. It was very well made dystopian image from internet on future. Just enter any site there and watch what will happen. Internet has gone from decentralised information network to more centralised (few giants left) and recisted place, making preservation and many other things too hard. I am happy that Internet Archive took their opinion on this, because lot of peoples are not aware those issues.
  11. Well blame it on my rally english . Most of words I say way they are pronounced and many times I end up writing sentences in way or order written in finnish and end up using it on english. Here you can use ihmiset (peoples) that way on sentences. If professors on universities are allowed do that mistake I assume it is ok to me . And I do not care from grammar that much as long as understand UNLESS it is offical writing or report and not some message or forum post. Or perhaps I learnt not to focus on small problems like that
  12. combine that with stupid peoples who blindly rely on driving assists and sensors. I had one near crash with Tesla roadster. Driver was likely on assisted driving mode since was tapping her phone and not touching wheel. She was behind yellow triangle meaning I had priority pass it first, but car pulled front of me. Was able to stop luckily before hit, but was too close call. Driver dropped her phone and went panic when I slammed horn to warn from impact. If you are so focused to your phone or anything else on car since rely on driver assists that you are scared when hear horn, you done something terribly wrong. Peoples have reached point where they blindly trust electronics since "computers never do mistakes unlike humans". Computers are coded by humans and contain human mistakes. I am not saying all are bad and useless, traction control and anti lock brakes are useful here on cold slippery winter and helped me few times when took off or braked too hard on ice, but I do not trust them blindly and understand they can malfunction. Humans are not perfect, but neither are machines. And human got something computer wont, ability to question learned things. Sometimes creativity is only way solve/survive things If their device would tell them jump off roof they likely would because computers cannot be wrong
  13. well modern standards break stuff. Web browser as application platform started push again in recent years. This time mostly by Google and instead of ActiveX it is Webassembly. Whole idea of something lowlevel running inside web brower by default sounds huge security risk to me. Wonder if Webassembly can be used as HDD formatter at some point like ActiveX. And I have seen site expoloiting ActiveX script to format HDD. Reason why I hate those web standards, ActiveX, Webassembly so much is because they result poorer less compatible code. WASM is easier than C but C can be better optimised. Also you can choose what applications you install on hdd, but if application got runtime on browser it will be harder to block it. Then there is support question. There any many intraweb management sites still uses activex and have issues running even on internet explorer 11 properly without tweaking. Some point same will happen to WASM sites when peoples admit it was mistake to create to begin with.
  14. https://blog.lockdownprivacy.com/2021/09/22/study-effectiveness-of-apples-app-tracking-transparency.html in short tracking transparency does not make different in amount of tracking apps can do on iOS 14/15. They can still identify devices with IP address, free storage, battery level. I said when that rolled out it is not true and whole privacy thing was marketing trick, but nobody listened me. Companies do not care from your privacy, anyone who claims is lying. They want profit as much as they can to increase shareholder value. Privacy on these days is marketing trick. Google and MS does same. Both Chrome and Edge offer tracking protection, but let just ignore that both are propieraty and send your data to company to be used for advertising. Would be nice to see company that would be honest that they are tracking you and selling your data and you cannot trust them since that is reality. Best way to somewhat digital privacy is digital minimalism. Not having any smart appliances (my UPO oven cooks food just fine without internet or computer features), using minimal amount of services, if use some not use their app rather on VM with browser so cannot tamper host files easily, blocking webassembly, webgl, javascript and only allowing javascript and even that only when really need to. Email does not matter since all providers can monitor your messages unless use PGP on client when they cannot see contect of message only sender or reciever. And if you self host email on VPS server, server host can backup virtual machine memory and virtual drive for analysis In short there is no way to 100% privacy and anyone that claims so is lying
  15. same happens on me.̣ After refresh no issues. Was first assuming my firewall was acting up but then happened on cellular connection
  16. You are not only one. I got same issue on any browser. Also sometimes it does not want to save editing to comment on status update
  17. that is good age for laptop. Old dells were built like tanks. 2005+ were too but displays suffer from white dots. Also seems notebook intergrated graphics support MPEG accerlation so can watch dvd.
  18. as far as I am aware HGST and hitachi are owned by wd now. Hitachi branded hdd wont exist and HGST Is enterprise grade brand
  19. WD black 3.5" is good one without CMR. Toshiba has SMR on many disks, but avoid cheap p300 ones. Here is list ones to avoid from toshiba if do not want CMR source. I do not know from seagates since have not been used them for quite time. At the end there is no many hdd manufactures anymore, so you may have Seagate or WD/Hitachi drive rebadged from some companies. Also unless you plan RAID array do not use NAS drives, they rely on RAID controller ECC and can cause major issues
  20. I also unplug primary hard drive since depending os it may try write boot sector into them and that broke stuff on me
  21. You need travel back to 2002 to find model. I used wayback machine to find model which is Dell Latitude c400. It matches your pictures and charger plug matches. I might be wrong but that seems same thing. That plug look similar what Digital Equipment Corporation used in their notebooks in late 90s. Newer dells uses big barrel connector like Compaq/HP.
  22. did you install Direct X 9? On my driver tests old directX was main reason to crashing. 61.76 can bsod even when trying open DXDIAG or anything that tries to read GPU, I need try 77.72 on mine since only tried 81.96
  23. It is more like what Microsoft wants. Many software devs are Microsoft partners and Microsoft gives them certain support guidelines. Good example of no support is AMD zen and AMD zen+ and Zen2 that claimed Windows 7 is unsupported OS, but I have been able to run Windows 7 on Zen and Zen+ using OFFICAL AMD usb driver for Ryzen and Zen2 cpus works too if modify usb driver. Same happened on NVME drives that all sudden were never supported on Windows 7 despite there is NVME patch from MS to generic support, that disappeared from web. Then for XP was all sudden XP never support Exfat drives (offical patch disappeared from MS site), it took forever to find that patch for Finnish Windows XP, but eventually did. Then last example is being Happauge USB Tv tuners. Back in 2015 their site said supported platforms being Windows XP-Windows 10 then today site claims only supports Windows 7+. Also they got Windows Media Center edition support site that says all tuner models are supported on Windows WMC edition 2005, which is Windows XP. I emailed their support asking if it can be used since conflicting information on their current site and their response was XP had never been supported on those tuners. Well I bought one and after changing single 4 line of code at end of hwid on inf file (Version 5.2015.1030.34035) driver installed just fine and even IR remote worked under XP. So again lies. I could list million examples but you get the point. Microsoft has contract with companies and they want companies only support their platform and only ones they decide. More I wonder why everyone are fine with that MS has not gotten proper lawsuit with proper penalties from it, or why ms never got proper penalties from any consumer harm they did?
  24. yes I know and that it is another problem. What if Blizzard would go bankrupt? Nobody would be ever be able play them again without modifying files. Same can applied most steam games. That is going to make game preservation harder on future. I guess in 20 years peoples wont be able play todays game like you can play 20 year old game since online depencies. There is some expections like starforce DRM games and secureRom games that I had issues running proper even back then, but for most parts those titles are usable on old or new HW from original disk or backup or disk. I sorta wish GOG like approach where games are DRM free and can download them to pc and install on offline as many pc as you want and can keep version you want, but sadly gog patched games many times breaks compatibility with original OS too if classic title and most of them like Doom cannot be installed to my old 486 from diskettes like my original 1994 or 1995 copy can be, I need new computer to extract and transfer over to 486 from emulator folder. I am not saying modern patched cannot be option, but also offer original one if user want We need back times when games were DRM free, were not tied any launcher expect maybe optionally could have server search client, games were supported on original platform during whole lifecycle. And addition to that I would want that games would be available on physical media that can be used fully offline and digital copies could exist too that can be downloaded for offline use with or without client, giving end user freedom to choose what he/she wants. But sadly public interest is not that since most users have no issues, putting up with DRM, 20 different game client, using latest MS os etc so will unlikely to happen
  25. tested vlc again and seems it no longer lags for some reason. I guess 1280x1024 screen resolution was too heavy for in last test. Now got 800x600 as desktop reso and no issues playing same file I am using winamp pro, office 97, filezilla, photoshop, premiere then retrozilla for email and web and lot more I wont list here. Also got tls 1.2 patched netscape but prefer retrozilla since netscape 9 was rebranded firefox 2 (well gecko is from netscape originally). I can listen music, write emails, browse web and write docs same time no issue. Office 97 is very good software despite being old, it is more stable than office 95. Also got adobe premiere and photoshop to edit pictures/videos from my Canon Powershot G6. Imaging works using TWAIN, but TWAIN sucks real bad so I use usb CF card reader for transfer. Also that way can tranfer pics from my Nikon coolpix l29 pocket camera. Funny how 700€ digital camera from 2004 still got better image than some cameras today (3072 x 2304). I actually have maxium amount of ram 815 chipset will detect and it had fastest ram it can do already when got it. Machine was originally custom build ordered from POMI (Pohjanmaan Mikro OY) in 2001. I was used with to make 3d models to cnc and machine and possibly control it so that is why had such beefy specs (Pentium 3 EB 800mhz, Gigabyte GA-60MM7, Nvidia TNT2 M64 32mb, 512mb ram) compared other machines on facility that were mostly Pentiums with 2d video card. I got hands to it when saw it one place and asked if can have it and after they security wiped hdd,I got to keep it. I saved this powerhorse from the being recycled Later on it lifecycle I replaced 20gb hard drive with ssd, swapped it to bigger better airflow chassis, replaced cpu and gpu fans with noctua, added arctic 80mm high pressure fan to intake and 60mm noctua to back to keep it cool also added ESS Solo1 pci sound card for dos support, and replaced dying psu with new seasonic S12II-520. Then got 98lite with Micro shell for maxium performance Been investing lot of money and time to this thing, but all been worth it, I do not see this as waste of money rather investment. Here pics of it and monitor setup (downscaled to vga and gif to save space). Black tower on side is my first pc with Pentium 4 478. I got kvm hooked to them

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