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  1. You're probably trying to install AOL Shield pro which is based on a new version of Chrome. Xp only works with the firefox 52 version which you can get here https://getonline.aol.com/xp-vista/
  2. I tried, no luck ): The latest version that I have gotten working is 53.0.2, even 54 beta 1 won't work with the patches.
  3. I extracted the core folder from the firefox 53 installer and patched all .exe files with XomPie. You just have to install it and it adds xpatcher.cmd to the send to thingy when you right click and it only needs the kernel32 patch so you hit 1 and enter and then it just works. This won't patch any system files. XomPie: https://github.com/tumagonx/XomPie/releases Working Software: Firefox: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/53.0.3/win32/ Extract, then patch all .exe files Sugar Sync: https://filehippo.com/download_sugarsync/3.9.5/ Install, then patch SugarSync.exe
  4. Well I finally got xp x32 to work, however I installed windows server 2003 and used xpconverter to make it a workstation and made a few registry changes to make programs think it's windows xp sp3 which helps a real lot, before I couldn't install AMD catalyst or AVG and now they work just like they do in xp.
  5. Actually, the Resident Evil remake does work on xp, not the official steam version, but some cracked versions do. (example: fitgirl repack) You could also play the gamecube or wii version.
  6. Everything works! Thanks again for all of your help.
  7. Is it possible to install it somehow?
  8. Alright, I have given up and installed windows xp x64 and the first driver i tried worked.
  9. No idt control panel in it, only AESTCtrl.cpl which is just audio filters (none installed though) and even then it doesn't install that for me, its just in the same folder as the driver.
  10. Again, says it works, looks like it works, works with aux and HDMI, just not the speakers.
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/file/db5ggb8f1bdosqo/logs.zip/file
  12. Sorry for the late reply, but I gave up on this for a few days and reinstalled xp because I had so much stuff leftover from how many times I tried to install an audio driver, but anyways, that one from the hp site does not give me the control panel, but the control panel on my previous installation would give no message.
  13. On win7 the sound works straight out of the box. The idt control panel doesn't work on xp tho.
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