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  1. I have a VBS script, if anyone is interested, that does all the XP, Vista, and 7 Windows Updates including Net Frameworks, and does all "CAB, EXE, MSU, and MSP files. It also detects which ones have already been installed and ignores them. .and it works in XP, Vista, and 7. It has functions for searching subfolders as well. Very efficient. I'm not sure if anyone has posted this anywhere or not, but I feel its a better installer than the installer available on MEGA. I found it in a forum a year ago or so and I use it for all the Windows Server 2008 updates that work on Vista both x86 & x64, all versions. I am more than willing to share this. You will not require WSUS Offline Update as long as you know what updates you need and have already downloaded them into a folder. Since that MEGA account has been kind enough to supply these updates for Vista users everywhere, I feel strongly that this script should replace that existing one thats in there, since this does ALL updates that you have downloaded already. I am brand new today here and this is the reason I signed up, to provide this updater to everyone. It is free, with no permission requirements whatsoever..it is just an amazing *.VBS script. My apologies if this script has already been uploaded or if anyone else knows about it. But if not, ENJOY! Many thanks! Update: Wanted to add that the interface you can run with a windows command prompt, but it does not provide a realtime view like the one on MEGA. It creates MicrosoftUpdatesInstall.log instead right in the root folder and I always just make a shortcut to the log file on my desktop and doubleclick every once in a while to view the progress. If anyone could make it to watch the updates in a command prompt in real time, have at it, and please don't forget to share! InstallUpdatesh.Vbs_.vbs
  2. I have moved this post to the appropriate forum, my apologies
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