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  1. Dism++ works fine for installing updates in Vista
  2. After importing the starter-final.csv file it displays only the updates that are in the csv file. Untick the KB937286 .psf ( it is number 145 in the Starter list it displays ) , because wpl gets stuck trying to download that one. Then click download.
  3. The "INTEGRATE" function is for integrating updates into install.wim Cab files can be installed into a running system with a couple of commands in a batch file. There are a couple of suggestions on the thread below. The exe files such as ie9 and nf35 can be run manually. Attached are the lists for the 64 bit editions, which I created in the same way. Vistax64-dl-links.zip
  4. You can import the .csv file into windowspatchloader. Then it will only download what is in the list.
  5. I used windowspatchloader http://www.satloader.net/WindowsPatchLoader_v1.1.3.zip to make a list of download links from Vista Starter which had just been installed, then updated via WU. Might be useful to somebody. There is file listed in the csv and the text with a .psf extension ( windowspatchloader gets stuck trying to download that one ) http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/updt/2008/04/windows6.0-kb937286-x86-en-us_3b802969583d81edab326fcb29273d4416d4beb6.psf starter-final.zip
  6. Where was it before you moved it to desktop?
  7. zvsscopy seems to be working on vista https://www.z-dbackup.com/download.html#vss
  8. Fetched the mpam-fe.exe and ran it . MSE was reluctant to show any changes. After rt click and unblock, ran mpam-fe.exe again. Couple of mins later, mse picked it up. Seems fine. Seems only kb447419 is required. I guessed it would only need kb4474419 because I had done this previously
  9. This is what it showed on 8th August. I didn't download the definitions myself, so mse must have. I installed mse. Then rebooted. Not more than a few mins later, I installed the kb4474419. Possibly it downloaded the mpam thing before I installed kb4474419. Then mse was able to install those updated defs it had already downloaded . I don't have any other theories. The os was freshly installed on 8th August, so there was only that one incident of mse downloading the defs.
  10. Yes. On 8th August, it downloaded and installed the definitions by itself. On 9th August, it refused. The only post 2017 update installed is kb4474419. Is it possible it downloaded the definitions, before I installed kb4474419, and only after installing kb4474419 it installed the definitions it had previously downloaded. Maybe, because I installed mse first. At some point, I will go and fetch from the link you posted and see if it will work that way.
  11. @Dylan Cruz Mse is not working on my vista system today 9th August. It was fine yesterdy. Gives a message that it cannot install the definition update. Perhaps MS have nobbled it.
  12. Thanks Daniel_k. I have got your adaptation of win8 usb3 stack working in vista boot.wim
  13. winfuture.de have a vista updatepack. Last upated to 2014. Looks like a 7z self extractor. The little executable reads what is in the .ini and offers to install them. It also resumes after reboots. Maybe somebody clever can make something similar with more recent updates included - perhaps to april 2017.
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