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  1. Hi JFX, Winntsetup doesn't seem to recognise the images install.swm from a sony vaio recovery usb. Dism reveals the images have no names, but they do have descriptions. Index : 1 Name : <undefined> Description : FOUNDATION IMAGE 1 Size : 14,264,405,102 bytes Index : 2 Name : <undefined> Description : PUSHBUTTONRESET Image Size : 32,068,376,490 bytes
  2. Thanks. How is it so fast at applying image from esd to partition?
  3. Newest dism versions can ( not build 16384 ). Trying to apply esd without newest dism . Apparently wimlib can do it, but I haven't got it to work so far. Probably I am using the wrong commands. http://sourceforge.net/projects/wimlib/?source=pdlp
  4. Yes, I am trying to do it without newest dism. Not everybody will have it, and it isn't in XP or pe3 usually. Winntsetup seems to be able to apply esd without 8.1 dism. The idea is to apply esd to a folder, then capture as a wim.
  5. Hi JFX, Thanks for latest winntsetup, it is working beautifully here. How do I apply an esd file? I tried wimlib 1.6.3 wimlib-imagex.exe apply "C:\install.esd" "1" "F:\TEST" [ERROR] Invalid resource entry (offset overflow) ERROR: Exiting with error code 20: An entry in the WIM's lookup table is invalid. Winntsetup latest applies it fine.
  6. Thanks. How do I get the gui to automatically use say 2052.dll without using commands? It doesn't seem to pick up Winntsetup.ini with -lng:1028 inside. There is already a Lang folder with 2052.dll Creating a shortcut with this as Target seems to work well: "%programfiles%\winntsetup_x64.exe " -lng:%wimlang% If there is no dll corresponding to %wimlang%, then it opens up in English.
  7. Thanks. How do we persuade it to use another language?
  8. Vista has disappeared from digital river. Makes it tough for vista users to repair/reinstall. All the win7 including sp1 iso downloads have also gone. win7 rtm isos.still there it seems. Just a touch inconvenient for win7 users needing to repair/reinstall. EDIT After much complaining in various forums, there are rumours it is a temporary glitch. Strange it only seemed to affect the SP1 iso and not the rtms. http://techverse.net/download-windows-7-iso-x86-x64-microsofts-official-servers/
  9. From Ed Bott http://www.zdnet.com/new-stats-show-windows-8-usage-up-sharply-as-xp-usage-plummets-7000020098/
  10. This is exactly what I have been trying to alert people to : Windows 8.1 review - Still stupendously stupid
  11. I have just installed 8.1 preview. I am back in Linux Deepin posting this. Maybe I will have another wrestle with 8.1 when I have the patience.
  12. I am getting 19 posts per page. I think it is one or one and a bit pages missing. If anyone has shadow copies - might be able to fish something out of there with shadowexplorer - I haven't got anything useful, sadly.
  13. I seem to remember we were on page 157. My last post #3093 is halfway down page 155. I have a strong suspicion a bunch of posts have gorn.
  14. The previous post to this one is from Formfiller dated 3rd June #3092. Have a couple of pages gone missing?
  15. Somebody at MS ( or the event organizer ) has a sense of humour. Made me laugh. A bit of levity is needed amidst the attempt to shove this awful thing on the unsuspecting public.
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