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  1. I agree. Since windows 8.1 has a start button it would be nice to have the option to use it with startisback. I think many users would like that option.
  2. Tihiy, are you going to make StartisBack+ to has the ability to use the original Windows 8.1 Start button?
  3. Go to Preferences -> Appearance and choose the first Start Menu flag - that's the original 8.1 button. It isn't exactly. the original has a little of animation when you move the mouse over it and the same color you have choosed foe the start screen.
  4. 2nd this... the button MS provided is fine, just don't like where it goes to I dont't think you understand me. Instead of windows 7 orb for example can we have the one that 8.1 already has and opens the start menu? I am just saying if startisback has a way to use the BUTTON that 8.1 came with instead of another orb.

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