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  1. @Dietmar From what I've read from your links to Linux patches, Bay Trail is crazy (half baked ) design and differs from standards. Don't think we can fix these issues by patching acpi.sys.
  2. Unfortunately, I'm almost 100% sure it's not. Probably related to GPIO, again. Related code in DSDT, HDA device: Virtual GPIO Controller may change HDAD variable: As GPIO code is not properly parsed, may result in malfunctional devices. Hmm, it seems that Method (_E02, 0, NotSerialized) // _Exx: Edge-Triggered GPE may not be executed at all? Can't find any document saying that XP supports this?
  3. It's not a DSDT modification. You need to change default BIOS settings (EFI Setup variables, AMI default setting and IFR default setting) because Enable IO MWAIT Redirection it's not visible in BIOS Setup. The same way with Enable TCO Timer (fixes ACPI timer), don't need to patch FACP table. I'll send you the files later.
  4. @Dietmar I've managed to get XP working on my Z370 by BIOS modding without patching a single file. Here is what you need to do: - patch DSDT table (fixes ACPI A5 errors); - Enable TCO Timer (fixes ACPI timer); - Enable IO MWAIT Redirection (fixes CPU C states).
  5. @Dave-H Sent you a PM with acpi compiled with the latest patch for your Flex 10 laptop, thanks to @Mov AX, 0xDEAD
  6. Yes, but you need to read ACPI specs (pdf) to understand the number of fields of the structure, their size etc. You can't just copy and paste.
  7. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I missed that, yeah, it varies a lot, especially laptops.
  8. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD ACPI 5.0+ code is usually used in code related to GPIO, I2C and SDHC devices. What if we skip/ignore these devices, by comparing string names in _HID/_CID/_DDN against I2C, GPIO or "SD Host"/"SD Card"? These devices seem to be linked to each other.
  9. @Dietmar Now I see what you mean. You can't jump over a certain device because sometimes other code may have references to it. For example, in your Flex 10 DSDT table, if you skip Device GPO0, it is referenced in Device (SDHC), something bad may happen, Unless you skip all related devices. In the case of your Flex, GPIO/SDHC/I2C.
  10. Dietmar, you need to add that code to amlinew\parser.c and compile ACPI.SYS.
  11. @Dietmar Do you have any of these "problematic" flash drives?
  12. I'm downloading the ISO, will send you a PM with the file in 5 minutes.
  13. Then there is an issue with the ported drivers on older OSes. Nothing I can do about it. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to affect newer hardware, haven't seen any reports like yours. Kind of, but there are issues. Eventually, ports stop working and system must be restarted or even powered off in order to get them working again. Sadly, no.
  14. @Dietmar With @Mov AX, 0xDEAD's instructions, a detailed log would be nice in order to properly fix that issue.
  15. @Dietmar That's the same error you've dealt with before. Flex 10 has a Mini PCIe slot, right? Don't you have something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller-1000Mbps-RTL8168C/dp/B00B524102?language=en_US With it, you could do some debugging.
  16. I'm sure it's on purpose to prevent installation of unsupported OSes. That's sick. @Damnation Can you install Win7 on your TR?
  17. Nothing strange with the ACPI tables. Try ACPI v4 compiled from this post. What about the original release of Win8 (not 8.1)? Try it and see if it works properly at USB3 speeds, without the HCSwitch driver.
  18. With enough testing, do you think we can add the new _OSI to our "official" source?
  19. Please do one last test. Install Win7 and the Modded USB3 from MDL. Do not install the Intel USB3 HCSwitch driver. Can you dump the DSDT from ACPI tables using RWEverything? http://rweverything.com/download/
  20. Thanks for clarifying that. By the way, with the latest fixes, I don't get any more crashes with Port 60/64 Emulation on my H310 board. I've even added the all _OSI strings (up to "Windows 2020") to ACPI and no problems so far.
  21. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Was playing with Win7 SP1 WDK, compiling ACPI for both XP and 2003 environments. Server 2003 as target OS seems to be a little more optimized and sections/data are packed tightly together. Code is 99.999% the same, except for these:
  22. If Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) version 1.11 was installed, try to install Intel USB3 driver: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/22824/eng/intel(r)_usb_3.0_extensible_host_controller_driver_5.0.4.43_v2.zip

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