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  1. Cannot install Aero Glass

    Well it's not completely clear but a lot clearer than classic shell. I see that you use 8.1. Do you recommend any such skins? I don't like the highlight newly installed programs (which I normally turn off on new installs) and I am aggravated that you have to open the link to get that to go away. Are there any themes that don't have that?
  2. Cannot install Aero Glass

    Well that is kind of making it transparent but not the clear setting as it is in 7. Who do I get that?
  3. Cannot install Aero Glass

    Thanks those look better. Any idea why classic shell is making the start menu look like a dull grey that really isn't transparent?
  4. Cannot install Aero Glass

    I previously tried 1.4.6 but not the GUI. The really helps with the settings however I am having trouble with the theme djmagnifique pointed me to. It really doesn't look like 7 and I am getting a strikethough on many of the windows I open including the GUI. On top of that it seems to be cut off on the top and bottom. I'll take a look through that thread and see what else there is. For the record, and I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear, but I was referring to using other software for the Aero affect and not hacking the Aero Glass. Is there any other such software? I know that we can't discuss hacking software here. Also I may be doing it wrong but Classic shell isn't doing the start menu aero effect as but retaining the system settings.
  5. Cannot install Aero Glass

    Thank you for that however how do I implement it? I've never done this before so I need to know what to do. I've been playing around with the guide on the aero glass 8.1+ page but I'm not sure what to put to get it to look like 7. I'm noticing some transparency on the inactive windows but not the active ones and it doesn't look anything like the screenshot on that link. It looks weird and incomplete. Could it be conflicting with classic shell? The website never says anything about an annoying popup and watermark that can only be turned off by a donation. Is there a way to do this for free?
  6. Cannot install Aero Glass

    How would I do it on any version of 8.1? What about the watermark and the popup? I tried uninstalling the program and then importing that XML but still no aero but I am still getting the watermark and that information popup. Would someone please explain what is going on. Do I have to add to the registry because the program can't do everything on it's own?
  7. Cannot install Aero Glass

    So the most recent versions don't install on 8? I was reading that wrong. Now I have a watermark is the lower right hand corner of my desktop that says Aeroglass for win8.1 with a website and there is a pop up every time I log in. Also there aren't any Aero affects yet.
  8. I am trying to install Aero glass for win8+ 1.5.8 on a new install of Windows 8.1 embedded pro but I am getting an error message that the program does not support the version of windows that your computer is running. Please advise.