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  1. Hi there. Been using 360 Chrome Browser for a few months now. Seems OK for most things except some forums will render the topics but when you look again there is nothing to read again. Some days its fine. Also can't get YouTube Enhancer to work. Anyway I felt like I needed to uninstall the Chinese version I have been using and replace it with this Repack & Portable version as suggested. Its just that the Add Remove Program Option for the original version is almost all in Chinese instructions and I end up in a loop and cant uninstall it. Now I have both 360 Chinese Version and 360 Extreme Explorer in Control Panel as I thought I could overinstall the Repack & Portable version over or the Chinese version. Everything is working but I would like to start from scratch by installing both. I assume the recent 360 Extreme Explorer verion will uninstall successfully Thank you. Regards, BTTB.
  2. Kaspersky Free working on XP No off-line updates as far as I know.
  3. Windows 7, same machine. Nothing.
  4. 31 Handshake Failures 1 Detection (Host: www.tinyurl.com; Root CA: UTN - DATACorp SGC)
  5. Hello Guys Could someone provide a link to an English (UK or ZA) spell checker for 360Chrome. One that works while you type. Also, I have Enhancer for YouTube Version: 2.0.89 en_US [en-US] extension installed. Anyone have a workaround for the slow choppy video and sometimes crackly sound. Thank you. Regards, BTTB.
  6. 360Chrome 17 May 2019 Update The translated pages of the 360Chrome Forum aren't too bad if you scroll and read, it may help fix any issues you may have. To update your 360Chrome Browser, go to Customise and Control on the far right of your browser page, scroll down to Help and click About.
  7. Hello Guys I noticed this thread and installed Chrome 360 .... its only been an hour or two but I noticed 2 things immediately using this browser compared to MyPal, Pale Moon, Centaury or Firefox .... its memory allocation is better and my machine still feels useable even with around 20 instances of the 360 browser open in tabs. My NForce 3 AMD PC with its 14 year old XP installation is actually utilising over 3Gb now of the installed 4Gb of memory, whereas before with the known browsers listed above, if my memory usage got to 2Gb my PC would start to go slower and slower until I closed the browser and started again. I'm amazed, what happened?
  8. I haven't had the network tray icon in the task bar for many years. My XP installation is coming from 2005, cant remember when it disappeared but its missing, but I doubt it has anything to do with KB4134651-v2, KB4134651-v2 is a recent issue and for me took away the ability to scan from my Canon Printer to my XP PC harddrive, at least it wouldn't write the scanned file to the harddrive. Heinoganda's patched KB4134651-v2 sorted that issue out for me but the network tray icon is due to some other patch or in my case I simply don’t know. Would be great to have my network tray icon back.
  9. All I can say is what a super community of people and a special thanks to heinoganda in sorting out my scanning issue. I ran the small uninstall file provided by heinoganda, PC restarted, installed the patched KB4134651-v2, PC restarted and voilà my Canon printer can scan back to my XP PC again. Thank you so much, glad I joined this forum, will watch closer in future for updates and THANK YOU heinoganda, you are a star. XP all the way.
  10. Hello heinoganda That would be most kind of you....and probably safer than deleting the problem file. In ENU please. Thank you. Kind Regards, Gary. PS. I suppose after uninstall its not necessary to install the patched file?
  11. My XP is a very old installation (4 November 2005) and has been fiddled with a lot. Its nowhere near a clean install any more and has been patched a lot, imaged over a hundred times .... if you get the picture. It might even be some kind of record for XP. Could be that I installed those updates in one go using Ghosts update pack. I have only recently started using IE8 updates. I have no uninstall feature for the bad update file and heinoganda patch did not do the trick, he also said I need to uninstall the 2 KB4134651 updates first, which I cant. I need to uninstall the KB4134651-V2 file first, which I cant. Anyway, not a train smash, I can always restart the PC and scan from Windows 7 until MS comes out with a patch.
  12. I sent him a PM now. Thank you for your help. Will report later if it works and I can scan again from my printer to my XP PC.
  13. Hi Mathwiz, thanks for your reply. I’m in a pickle, says I cannot remove KB4134651 V2 update. Probably a simple newb issue to sort out but please if you could enlighten me. Will send @heinoganda a PM now for the customised patch. Thank you. Gary.
  14. Hello All. New member here. Super thread, thank you. Windows update working flawlessly for me using IE8 by the way. Thanks MS. Question: GHOst from Ryanvm.net said I should pose my question here in regards to his August update patch, so here goes. After installing GHOst's August 2018 patch everything is fine after install except I cannot scan from my canon printer to my PC any more, at least the file will not write to the hard drive and pops up the following error message. "cannot write file. Code 10,242,7" I Googled extensively and the one explanation that made sense came at the end of page 2 of this forum link > https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/Office-Printers/Scanning-problem-Receive-error-message-cannot-write-file-Code-10/td-p/48659/page/2 Now I know from reading GHOst's posts that he has excluded KB4074852 and I don't see it under Add or Remove Programs, so if its not that patch what else could it be? I can scan under Windows 7 but not XP since the August patch. Also reinstalled the whole .Net package to see if that helped, nope. Thank you in advance. Regards, Gary. Cape Town.
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