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  1. I don't really like the interface of WMP11, it looks out of place on an XP machine. So I use WMP9 + KLite codec pack. But, finding album info is impossible since the URLs are dead that WMP9 uses, WMP11's work fine still, can anyone figure exactly what the original metadata URLs are, and maybe have a way of patching the exe or registry to use the current ones? I don't really like having to type in album info myself, and I like WMP9's UI so not upgrading to 11 anytime soon. Thanks
  2. Would it be possible to add it to the browser dropdown too on the start menu, as well as setting it as the default browser as option? Sounds pretty nice tho If you want to upload it, use mediafire or google drive IMO
  3. @roytam1 I'd like to see the KM builds become official, perhaps when you feel it is stable enough (in my opinion, the builds are very stable on testing XP), provide some sort of installer script to make things easier/more official for others, rather than just a 7z archive? This'd work on multi user systems etc KM-Goanna works well on W7+ too as a light web browser, so it'd be a great contribution. Perhaps get in touch with Dorian or someone about it I mean portable versions are fine too but eh... and I'm not asking for auto updater. Those break things...
  4. Fresh install of XP, IE gives a ton of errors everywhere. Seems most if not all certs are invalid, I'm going to try this. Maxthon gives the same or similar issues, which uses Windows crypt dlls.
  5. Does MCE 2005 support WPA2 and wireless connections out of the box after installing drivers for WLAN (I have an Atheros AR9285)? Just wondering. Also, is SP3 installable at all? EDIT: There's 2 CDs. How do I put them on USB as one or should I simply install 2004? Thanks
  6. Well that's cool. I'll try some things later, maybe even test with XP too with some things. An 'extended kernel' or wrapper thing for Vista to make it use 7 functions, which could be probably easy to port, would be a great idea... just there's not enough demand I guess and I can't do anything as I barely know PHP lol
  7. I need to quit being a moron for once in my life...

    1. burd


      whats going on? i dont see any issues

  8. I've followed most of that guide and got the RAM usage at a minimum idle of 322MB, and a rough average of around 406MB idle, I'm aware Vista handles applications RAM a d*** lot better than XP (even out of the box) does thanks to Superfetch and other things, but it just needs tweaking a little for services I suppose compared to XP. I also bought a 2GB RAM so that should help further. Should I increase the paging file size to 4GB in that case?
  9. ^ Unless you want to use Vista, there is no reason; that's exactly why I dual boot XP/Vista in my Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA! I've also ordered 2GB RAM for the little netbook which should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday! Only cost £13, managing retro tech so much easier than modern :)
  10. Hi, I'm running Vista on a netbook from 2009 with the following specs: Intel Atom N270 @ 1.6Ghz 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 149GB SATA HDD (74.5GB for Vista and 74.5GB for XP) Intel 945GM Chipset & GMA for specified Chipset (think 950?) It's usable, but slightly sluggish - even a bit more sluggish at even FCEUX NES emulator than XP. Plus Vista is using about 400-500MB RAM when idle. I'm using an ISO that was updated to April 2017, Ultimate to be precise. I've installed WiFi (AR9285) and Intel GMA drivers. I want to keep the sidebar and Aero Glass on (I use the former be
  11. What exactly does that do? From a quick search it appears to be for W2K and I haven't seen any results about Vista, but I'll be intrigued to try it when I get Vista installed here. And another question: has it been tested with iTunes (any version that'll work with iOS 11)?
  12. THIS. Hackers almost always find a way through, and using your noddle is the best way to be safe. ^^
  13. I think that a lot of programs that block Vista and allow 7, but still work, would be possible get around this... Does anyone know if there's ways to spoof the OS as being Windows NT 6.1, while actually being 6.0, to programs' install process - and is there a list of what works and what doesn't? Thanks
  14. Hey, @Mathwizthat sounds like a plan that'd work in theory
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