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  1. @Vistapocalypse, I just now installed Windows6.0-KB4474419-v2-x86.msu successfully, rebooted, and haven't any issues, at least for now. The initial version of the update gives in the result the issues I mentioned. At least - on my computer. So good news :)
  2. JRE 9 and JDK 9 x86 - https://mega.nz/#F!gD41iCjQ!YMoTWKGtiJyym7bWDuj7kQ jre-9.0.4_windows-x86_bin.exe and jdk-9.0.3+9_windows-x86_bin.exe :)
  3. @VistaLover, Thanks for the file!) Already downloaded. I did not know it. In truth, I'm - the user, and appreciate the interface features. Mouse gestures and stuff. But I really thought that all unstable assemblies use a fresh engine, and stable ones always lag behind. It turns out that it is not. I've done it before This is not pirated software... I think there is no reason to ban it. But maybe I need to learn the rules better. I still give links to 32-bit Java.
  4. @VistaLover Excellent - thanks for the clarification! I checked the stable version 1.1 of the one that was on my hard drive without taking the latest build. I'm more interested in version 1.2.470.11.dev . Of course, any old browser has vulnerabilities and incompatibilities - but in a more recent build there are fewer ones - so it is preferable. And it is interesting to test the implemented features that formally should not work on Vista. uBlock Origin should be on GitHub - all versions. If you can not share this version of Vivaldi here - can you send it via e-mail? I wrote you a private message.
  5. Does this mean the immediate termination of the Telegram from this date, like Skype? Or - only the lack of updates - and the program will work until the next incompatible change - half a year, a year?
  6. Will it be legal if I provide here link to download the x86 version of Java 9? On MEGA. I will not break any rules and rights? After all, these installers (JRE and JDK) were originally publicly available to anyone?
  7. An obvious thought occurred to me and I decided to check it out. If Vista is compatible with Chromium 50, then Vivaldi at its base must also be compatible. I unpacked the installer 1.1.453.52 Stable - and put the files in the place where the already installed version of Vivaldi was located. And the browser has successfully launched I also assume that the latest test version of the browser that will run on Vista is Vivaldi 1.2.470.11 Snapshot. But unfortunately - links to old snapshots from the official site do not work - the files are deleted. And nowhere else on the network is there an installer for this version. If you have it or you know where to find it - please share it
  8. @Vistapocalypse, I installed the latest version from the site at the moment I reported this. Yes, I have these values in the registry.
  9. I've checked Krita. Version 4.1.7 is working on Vista (by unpacking method), Krita 4.2.0 - no. "The procedure entry point RaiseFailFastException could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."
  10. @Jaguarek62, @Vistapocalypse, understood. I have these updates installed.
  11. I'm a little confused, but on the site - https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4493472 - no update for Vista or Windows Server 2008?
  12. @Vistapocalypse, no, this update has passed my attention. I can install it and check AVG again. I can then delete through safe mode, if something goes wrong?) UPD. I just installed this update. Everything still works.
  13. @Vistapocalypse, Great Glad I could detect this update. But do I understand correctly - does it (KB4474419) change something with encryption of updates? And all the following updates until 2020 can not be installed without it? Thanks for the clarifying link!
  14. KB4474419 broke themes in my Vista (only classic win95-like style is available). Also it gives an error '"Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service". I'm rolled back and errors dissappeared.
  15. @Vistapocalypse, I have installed all the updates for Vista, including some of those offered for the server version. Perhaps because of this, the build number has changed? I would like to know the reason. Nevertheless, the system works stably, there are no incompatibilities or blue screens. I do not use resident protection on this system - any antivirus causes slowdowns. Instead, I configure the OS to work safely, disabling unused services, installing updates, configuring firewall. I carefully watch what programs I run. And I left UAC enabled. I check the system from time to time using the MSE - installed on Windows 7 on the same computer. Also the last time I used Dr.Web CureIt - it started up normally on Vista and did a scan. This is a non-resident portable scanner. And a year ago I used the AVG, and everything worked. It is a pity if now it no longer works. UPD. I just installed AVG Free. Everything is working. Rebooted - no BSOD. What update breaks antivirus? I installed everything mentioned in the forum thread that you gave, except for KB4474419 - it leads to errors and incorrect functioning of the services.
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