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  1. antiproton

    [Solved] Modifying Windows XP CD files? (compress to a LZX format)

    It has been a long time since I did it but creating .cab files in the LZX:21 format uses makecab.exe. There is a GUI to make things easier called IExpress.exe. Both files come with XP and can be found in the \WINDOWS\system32\ folder. Making a CAB file in the LZX:21 format may require using makecab.exe with the commandline. Someone here is bound to know.
  2. antiproton

    January 1st 2019 / still 4%

    Same here. Classic start menu all the way. I saw an interview with Steve Ballmer at the time Windows 7 was released and he said 7 is an improvement over Vista because they got rid of a lot of old code. Such as? The interviewer asked. The old start menu. I thought, you id***, that is the first setting I change on a clean install. Well, we all saw what happened with Windows 8. The start menu dissappeared altogether. Apparently Ballmer had a tic about the start menu. Not long after that MS gave him the bum's rush out the door in the form of retiring on an accelerated timetable. MS if you are reading this, WE WANT THE CLASSIC START MENU BACK. ReactOS is looking better and better all the time.
  3. antiproton

    January 1st 2019 / still 4%

    Windows 10 appears to be a work in progress. Don't be surprised if MS eventually comes out with a "classic desktop" installer it sells through the Windows Store.
  4. antiproton

    End of POSReady 2009 patches, what to do?

    I have been using the linux distro Q4OS to go online with for about three years now. At first I only used it occasionally and XP the rest of the time but now I use Q4OS 75% of the time and XP 25% of the time. In addition to a 11 year old desktop I have Q4OS installed on a 14 year old Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop where it runs fine and is rock solid stable, more stable than XP ever was which is the OS that shipped with the 8600. I will probably always have at least one computer with XP running on it but not use it to go online with. That is a job for linux.
  5. antiproton

    A world of problems.

    According to the ASUS website both of those motherboards support XP and have XP drivers available. Just google the motherboard model number and find your way to the support site for each model.
  6. antiproton

    Where download Windows 98 updates?

    To answer your questions. I collected these updates back in 2007-2008 after 98SE went EOL. I am not a fluent Spanish speaker. I understand just enough Spanish to get myself into and hopefully out of trouble. Back in 2007 and 2008 Windows 98 CD's could be had for next to nothing so I collected a few. Tracked down updates to go with them. I have a few updates in Spanish for Windows 95b but that's about it. Nothing for ME or NT 4.0. I don't even have the post SP6a updates for NT 4.0 in English. If I ever felt the need to install NT 4.0 I would install SP6a and not worry about the rest. But then wouldn't Windows 2000 be a better choice? 95b_upd_Spa.rar
  7. antiproton

    Where download Windows 98 updates?

    If you have Windows 98 Second Edition these Spanish language updates may be of use to you. I collected them over 10 years ago. Even if you have the first edition of Windows 98, some of the installers contain the files for both 98 and 98SE and will install the files appropriate for your OS. 98SEupdSpa.rar Included in the archive: IE5.5 SP2 in Spanish (I don't have IE6 in Spanish) Most of the standard Win 98SE updates in Spanish. Those updates that are in English are in English because they were never released in Spanish or any other language, so I assume they are language neutral. Various versions of Windows Media Player, including MP6.4, WMP7, WMP7.1 and WMP9 in Spanish. Good luck.
  8. antiproton

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    Odd thing. I also have the Linux version of Firefox 52.9.0 ESR installed on a Linux box and haven't seen the nag yet on that one.
  9. antiproton

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    At around 18:00 hours on September 6 Eastern Australian time I got a message from Firefox stating Firefox 52.9.0 ESR was outdated and can no longer be updated. We all knew this was coming.
  10. Not necessarily. I don't see the yellow shield until I manually install at least one update I downloaded from Microsoft Update Catalog. Only then does the yellow shield appear with the rest of that month's updates.
  11. antiproton

    How to completely remove Internet Explorer

    @jbclem Did you try right-clicking on the .inf files and selecting "install"? It's been a few years. After reading about your experience I don't think clicking on setup50.exe installed OE. I believe I had to right-click the .inf files, msoe50.inf and wab50.inf.
  12. antiproton

    How to completely remove Internet Explorer

    You don't have to install IE6 to install Outlook Express. All you need is 2 or 3 CAB files from IE6. I recommend getting them from IE6 SP1. The two main CAB files are MAILNEWS.CAB and WAB.CAB. I installed Outlook Express on POSReady 2009 a few years back until the POSReady 2009 registry hack for XP made customizing POSReady 2009 unnecessary. There is a third CAB file OEEXCEP.CAB which I did not use and I am not sure what it does. If you know, please enlighten me. I extracted the contents of MAILNEWS.CAB and WAB.CAB into separate folders. Quite a number of the files had been updated since IE6 SP1 was released so I copied and extracted the updated files from an XP Pro SP3 installation CD and replaced the outdated files. At this point I am a little uncertain about what I did next. The MAILNEWS and WAB folders each contain a file named setup50.exe. I think I ran setup50.exe in each of the folders in an attempt to install Outlook Express and Windows Address Book. If running setup50.exe doesn't work then I right-clicked on msoe50.inf and clicked "Install" (and wab50.inf for Windows Address Book). It was either running setup50.exe or right-clicking the inf files. Beyond that, there were four post-SP3 updates released for Outlook Express the earliest one being made obsolete leaving three. KB978542, KB2423089, KB2544893-v2. These will install in the normal manor.
  13. antiproton

    Upgrading IE8 to TLS 1.2

    I extracted the files from the installers and none of the files in KB4019276 are found in the IE8 updaters. So cumulative IE8 updates don't update KB4019276. Not a recent February update, it has been available from the Microsoft Update Catalog since at least early November 2017. I compared KB4230450 and KB4316682 and all the files in both installers had the same version number, 8.0.6001.24078. The thing that is different about KB4316682 is that it is described as a "Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer 8" KB4230450 and the vast majority of previous updates for IE8 are described as a "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8" If we can take Microsoft at it's word, KB4316682 doesn't have any security updates built into it beyond those in KB4230450, so maybe it's about TLS 1.2 I had KB4316682 installed and KB4230450 wasn't among the updates offered by automatic updates this month. The only thing I haven't tried is to compare KB4316682 to KB4230450 file by file using a hex editor to see if there are any differences.
  14. antiproton

    Windows XP License

    In order to sell something you first need a buyer. I don't know the situation in Russia is but I don't know of anybody who would buy an XP license at this point. Get on to YouTube and search for "trash picked computers". Most of the computers you see will have an XP license sticker on them. Why would anybody pay for something they can have for free. Microsoft has already been paid for their XP licenses. None of the money someone is likely to pay will find it's way back to Microsoft. I have got half a dozen found computer cases in my shed with XP licenses on them. I would sooner give a license sticker away to someone who wanted it than to ask money for it.