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  1. understand...never thought I'd use the old 98 again, but have a need to resurrect a couple old midi programs. thanks antiproton, went back thru the junk box, and yes the disk is an upgrade, code OEM, found the code, now if I can get it to recognize the Gina soundcard, I'll be in business ;-)
  2. Doncha hate when you skip a post cause ya don't need it, discover you DO need it, and can't find it again. Someone posted an OS edit that will allow loading Win98 and bypass the code request. I have Win98 upgrade that won't recognize my activation key. ARRRGG!
  3. I'm a 70 year old enthusiast, having started with MSDOS 3.0 up thru Win 10. Also Mac 7 thu OSX whatever. Lately got interested in all these old games lying around..a couple (Meat Puppet, and Seawolf) will only run in Win 95. Been trying to do that, but getting 95 to run on a 10 year old computer??? This group ROCKS!
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