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  1. It's finaly fixed. I had to delete all of Win XP, REINSTALL it and then: 1. Install VIA HYPERION PRO v524a, all options should be installed. 2. Install NVIDIA 93.71 video driver and restart. After that all other drivers. I didn't want to post too soon, i played Call of Duty 2 and played the whole Russian campaign without any trouble. I'm gratefull to anyone who attempted to help me with it.
  2. 2ND UPDATE ON MY PROGRES: I have downloaded and installed the driver from your link, it's 93.71 and it does allow me to boot to desktop. However the driver caused 2 types of errors to show up and the PC is still useless because i f i do anything, it will restart. I have captured the errors: Explanation: 1st error is when Desktop shows up it's the picture with 3 opened windows and icons on desktop. 2nd error is the one that i had to recreate and then captured it with my phone because 3 seconds after it the PC reboots, so i couldn't paste it in Paint. It's the nv4_disp error (white text on dark blue background). I recreate the error by trying to run DxDiag, opening any game or trying to open NVIDIA control panel. I have checked Device Manager, no conflicts anywhere and driver is properly installed. Thank you for the effort, upvoting. Any other ideas?
  3. Somebody help me, i can't believe this is happening on Win XP PROFESSIONAL SP3! I can work in it for a limited amount of time, the more things i open, the less i can see, it's without video adapter driver. However if i print the screen and paste it in Paint, the picture is clear. We must find a patch/hotfix/video driver for it.
  4. You refer to Win 98 SE? Yes it works, in the past i used to limit RAM to 511 mb, but it works fine wit 1 gb. I use HIMEMX memory manager v34. UMBPCI also works. I played Call of Duty on best graphic settings for few hours without a single problem in 1024x768 32 bit color. Win 98 SE RULES i got mine pimped up for gaming. That same graphic adapter just won't accept any driver in Win XP Pro SP 3, like it's cursed.
  5. Driver was downloaded for the 2nd time, both downloads work fine and there's nothing wrong with registry, freshly installed Win XP Pro SP 3. However i think that the driver is too new for this adapter, no matter what NVIDIA claims. I'm thinking of downloading some older driver, but i ain't sure which one and dont know where from. The hardware and BIOS are all around year 2005 so the video driver should probably be from around 2006 or so. I don't think NVIDIA really cares as i have been reading about people having troubles with NVIDIA video adapters, it's all over internet. Is there a way to invite someone here to this topic, some MSFN member? Thanks for your effort, upvoting.
  6. That's EXACTLY what i'm doing, Win 98SE for most of the stuff and on another Hard Drive Win XP Pro Service Pack 3 and when something REALLY won't run on Win 98 SE, even if i use KernelEX like Call of Duty 2, then i switch to Win XP Pro SP 3. One question: when you installed Unoficial Service Pack 3 for Win 98 SE, did you lose the ability to read "help" files?
  7. I agree, rloew, i absolutely agree. Not to mention the amount of bloatware included with new systems. That's EXACTLY what i'm doing, Win 98SE for most of the stuff and on another Hard Drive Win XP Pro Service Pack 3 and when something REALLY won't run on Win 98 SE, even if i use KernelEX like Call of Duty 2, then i switch to Win XP Pro SP 3. One question: when you installed Unoficial Service Pack 3 for Win 98 SE, did you lose the ability to read "help" files?
  8. I know that, man, Windows 98 SE is working fine with (82.69 i think some unoficial driver), i never tried and i wouldn't ever try to install Win XP drivers in Windows 9x or vice versa. By the way all NVIDIA drivers are 32 bit, like my Win XP Pro SP 3. I followed the NVIDIA procedure but it just won't work for me.
  9. I'm using a PC with 2 Hard Drives: Hard Drive #1= Win 98 SE and Hard Drive #2 = Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. I choose in BIOS which one to boot. Hardware: Processor: AMD Sempron 2500+ Curently set to 1.400 MHZ Motherboard: GIGABYTE K8VT800 - 8237 chipset Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 128 MB RAM: 1 GB in 1 stick CD/DVD: SONY CD-DVD ROM DVD-RW Monitor: Samsung Sync Master 753s I have tried to install these versions of NVIDIA Display driver, however none of them work properly: 71.89, 77.72, 93.71 and 307.83. Version 307.83 gives just a blank screen for 20-40 seconds and then restarts the PC. Other drivers give just the corrupted picture or black screen and 93.71 restarts PC in loop. When there's no video drivers installed everything works fine so hardware's fine. All versions of drivers have been tested on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, none of them worked. Then a guy said he's using Win XP Pro SP 3 and NVIDIA 307.83 and it works for him. Then 3 Days ago i did a fresh full install (Formated the hard drive) of Windows XP Pro SP3, and i'm unable to get any version of NVIDIA driver to work so i figure that i should install something BEFORE i install NVIDIA drivers, (Patch, Hotfix... ...something like that) but what? I have Driver Cleaner Professional Edition installed and from SAFE MODE i cleaned all that has to do with NVIDIA until there was nothing left. PC now works normally and asks me for a video adapter driver when it boots. Anyone has any idea how to solve this? In the meantime i've switched to my favourite system, Windows 98 Second Edition. UPDATE ON MY PROGRES: The 307.83 driver is installed and just before desktop should show up, a black screen shows up. I'm able to get to desktop only in VGA MODE or Safe Mode WHILE DRIVER IS INSTALLED and i'm unable to access NVIDIA control panel in Windows Control Panel neither in Safe Mode nor VGA mode. Video adapter is properly installed (checked in driver details) and has NO CONFLICTS in device manager. But it just won't let me boot to Desktop normaly. While in VGA mode if i try to set higher resolution or higher color, i immediately get the black screen and for about 30 seconds it restarts the PC. I downloaded "NVIDIA POWERMIZER MANAGER" v1.01 and when i tried to open it i get the error: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."
  10. Hello everyone, i'm posting this here because i'd like answers from those who really know. System specifications: Processor: AMD Sempron 2500+ Motherboard: Gigabyte K8VT800-8237 Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 128 MB RAM: 1024 MB, 1 STICK Hard Drive: Maxtor IDE 40 GB CD/DVD:SONY CD-DVD ROM DVD-RW (SATA) Most of hardware including the motherboard was made in China. I have found that Gigabyte motherboards really don't like NVIDIA video adapters. So i decided to ask here what should i do because everything works fine without updates, drivers and service packs so i figure the hardware is fine. I'd like to know what to do AFTER Windows setup and after i limit RAM to 511 MB: 1. Which patches should i get and in which exact order to install them (first to last) also before or after some or all drivers or service packs? 2. Which service packs should i install (i'm not sure because some claim i should get the latest while some say i should get a Service pack 2 2.03 Dutch or Danish version)? Thank you in advance.
  11. Open up the PC and clean all dust without damaging anything inside. Then check out whether ANY CAPACITORS on ANY components have leaked and/or look like bulged. That's the first thing you should do. You probably have Pentium 1 or Pentium 2. If capacitors are fine, proceed like this: While you still have Windows ME, do these: 1. download AIDA 32 to find out which drivers you need. Then download and install them. (Win 98 se and Win ME versions) 2. to plug in USB you need a driver. Download Rloew's free USB driver, you need to establish some connection to the device which contains all the drivers, patches, utility... when you have it all, burn it to a CD to have it ready. 3. Format the C: partition and try to install Win 98 SE again. Shoot me a message on your progres.
  12. Hi ragnargd. Tried the 77.72 driver for Windows XP, (it's got Win XP Service Pack 2 installed). The driver froze the system immediately after loading Desktop. I have also tried 93.71 driver and this one doesn't freeze, it turns monitor on and off and the screen is often unreadable so it's useles. I'm not using widescreen, i'm using Samsung Sync Master 753s, 1024x768, 32 bit color. Any other ideas?
  13. Hi jaclaz, what's up? I used AIDA 32 to figure out what hardware i have in that new rig. You were right, i went to GIGABYTE'S website and found that my board is K8VT800, rev 2.x with 8237 chipset. Also have tried 93.71 driver for Windows XP, they don't work properly. Right now Windows XP Service Pack 2 is on it, i'm keeping it maybe for 2-4 days more, to test it. Thank you for the effort.
  14. Hi all. i just bought a used PC. System specifications: Processor: AMD Sempron 2500+ Motherboard: Gigabyte K8T800-8237 Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 128 MB RAM: 1024 MB now (can be upgraded up to 3072 MB - 3x 1024 MB sticks) Hard Drive: Maxtor IDE 40 GB CD/DVD:SONY CD-DVD ROM DVD-RW Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (i bought the hardware to build a Windows 98 Second Edition with unofficial upgrades to year 2016). I'm looking for proper drivers for NVIDIA GeForce 6200 for both Windows 98 SE and for Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. I'm also looking for motherboard drivers for Windows 98 SE. Thanks in advance.
  15. Lone Crusader, thank you for your interest. Here are the files: AUTOEXEC.BAT: C:\NTFS\NTFSCHK.EXE /F /S C:\DOS\CD-ROM\SHSUCDX /D:MSCD001 /L:X CONFIG.SYS: SWITCHES=/F /E DOS=HIGH, UMB FILES=90 LASTDRIVE=Z BUFFERS=11,0 FCBS=1,0 STACKS=24,256 DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEMX.EXE /NUMHANDLES=128 /VERBOSE DEVICE=C:\DOS\CD-ROM\GCDROM.SYS /D:MSCD001 /C1 DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\setver.exe SET PATH=C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;C:\;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM;C:\DOS;C:\DOS\CD-ROM;C:\DOS\LOCATE;C:\DOS\UMBPCI_E;C:\MSD;C:\DRIVERS Rloew, thank you for interest. Does your modified "GCDROM.SYS" work with these hardware? PCI to SATA Adapter: Silicon Image Sil 3112 Revision 2 BIOS version: 4.2.84 Date: 01.19.2007 BIOS is flashable, but not under Windows. PCI to SATA adapter is currently linked to: CD-DVD ROM CD-DVD ROM: TSSTcorpCDDVDW 224DB Firmware: SB01 TSST - (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology)

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