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  1. OK well let's say for example I have \Music\... where there are 1000 folders under \Music. I want every folder under \Music to have the list view. How do I change that?
  2. Is there any way to prevent Vista from automatically alphabetize files as you add them to folders? I really do not like that feature, at all. Also, in XP you can open a folder, set it's view (like list view with status bar) and you can go to folder options and "apply to all folders" and it will change every folder's view. I cannot for the life of me get this to work in Vista. Can someone please tell me what to do to fix this?
  3. Well see the thing is, I don't do PC games. So this onboard video has been doing the job great so far, but I'm also taking into consideration that I've only had this new build up and running for like three hours now. So, over time I'll see what is actually better. It's been very smooth so far. My resolution is at 1280 x 1024 @ 75 hertz.
  4. OK I got everything up and running. I received my Asus M3A78-EM along with an AMD Phenom II X4 920 today, installed it into my Antec Sonata III silent case, and everything is working like a charm. I think the Gigabyte motherboard was just bad. I like this onboard video, it seems better, faster than my GeForce 8600 GTS. The onboard sound is great too. I cannot believe how quiet this computer is. My old one sounded like a helicopter was in my room. Thanks for the help everyone, very much appreciated.
  5. Hey Trip, you are from Buffalo? Me too Go to La Nova's for me and hit Joe Todaro with a lead pipe. After talking to some people and reading things online, I don't believe that I fried my board, I think it was just a bad one. I RMA'd it, I'll post the resutls on my second try.
  6. OK thanks. So I just put the screws in directly, no need to put anything inbetween the board and the screw? Also, should I use the wider screws or the normal ones? Are the screws supposed to touch the little metal pieces around the hole on the motherboard?
  7. I'm building a new computer. I have a question about how to properly seat the motherboard to the brass standoffs on the case. The reason I'm asking is because sometimes when I build a machine the system will not boot, I think I'm frying some boards. Is it best to just screw the motherboard down, or put some sort of plastic or paper washers between the motherboard and screws? I heard that you do not want the motherboard "grounded", but not sure what that means exactly. If you look at the holes on the motherboard, there are little pieces of metal going around it, making it seem like the screw is supposed to touch that metal, but I'm thinking that's not right. Also the pack of screws that a motherboard comes with, there are two different types, normal looking screws, then ones that are a little wide (where it touches the motherboard), I've always used the wide ones. What is the proper method to use here?
  8. Does MSN WEB Messenger use the regular HTTP port (8080)? I'm asking because we can access the internet at work, but I don't want to get in trouble for using web messenger, they scan what ports we use here.
  9. I have a large excel sheet, with about 2000 lines. For example if it has to do with dates, then I have them going from oldest date on top, newest date at the very bottom. I want to reverse this so that the newest date is at the top. Is this possible? I have Office 2007, using a .xls file.
  10. I can't get my router to work. I'm at work, but if I remember correctly, I think it's v3 (it's about 2.5 years old). First of all, what is the correct order, do you turn on the modem or the router first? I never could get that straight. I've been turning on the modem first, then router. Computer cannot give me an IP address. Also, when I type in it does not go to the Linksys setup screen. Can someone give the exact steps to get this to work.
  11. I was at work and did not have time to search. I seen that other thread, forget it, it's way too complicated. I mean I wish you can just take the contents of the CD and put it on the flash card.
  12. Screen savers are in the \system32 folder and have a .scr extension.
  13. If you have a newer motherboard where you can boot from a USB port, I'm pretty sure it's possible to install XP from it rather then a CD-ROM. So if it is possible, how do you do it? Just take the contents from the CD and copy them to the USB drive?
  14. I have an Athlon X2 4800+, OC'd about 10%.
  15. I built a new machine two months ago, installed Vista x64, and hated it. I sorta want to reformat and put Vista x86 on. One of the main reasons why I did not like Vista is because when you move files into a folder, it would auto-refresh the folder and move the files from the end of the list to however you have the folder setup. So if you have the folder arranged by name and you drop files into a folder, it would auto-alphabetize the folder. Is there anyway to fix this? I really DO NOT like this feature at all.
  16. I need to get my MCSE. I already have my MCP, which are exam #s 70210, 70270 & 70290 (I believe). I got my MCP in 2001. My question is, those three exams I took count towards the 7 total exams you need to pass to get your MCSE correct? If so, what 4 exams left do I need to take? Tried searching many sites but can't really find the correct answer. Thanks for the help.
  17. Nevermind, I figured it out. Thank you though.
  18. Oh, there are like four spaces after the first set of letters, but I guess this forum auto-corrects extra spaces. So, let's ignore the periods: abcdefg.....blah blah blah blah xoxoxo.....blah blah dee dee dah ect ect Like that, where the five periods are.
  19. How would I divide one cell into two cells? For example, in column A, I have: abcdefg blah blah blah blah xoxoxo blah blah dee dee dah ect ect How would I divide this into two different columns? I'm using Microsoft Office '07.
  20. I just installed uTorrent. It seems to be working. It also seem a lot faster and lighter then Azureus
  21. I already reinstalled Java. I think the problem was somewhere in the \Documents and settings\user\Application Data\Azureus. I deleted that folder, opened Azureus, had to re-configure it. It hasn't closed out in a good amount of time, so I think that fixed it. * Update * Nope nevermind it's still disappearing.
  22. After a few minutes of running Azureus, I'll go to click on the icon in the task bar (near the time) and they icon will disappear. Azureus is the type of program that when you hit "x" in the upper-right corner it does not exit, it minimizes to an icon near the tme. Any ideas?
  23. Does OGG have variable bitrate capability? What about the ID3 tag, just like MP3? I like to put the album cover on the ID3 tag.
  24. FLAC is way too big. Even if I had a 1TB drive, all my music that I currently have in FLAC format would probably fill it up. I rip all my music at the highest rate VBR using Easy CDDA Extractor which uses LAME. It only takes like 5 minutes to rip a CD, I don't know why you would use something that's faster. The MP3s sound great. I will look into OGG, however, everything is "MP3", as in portable music players, car stereos, home DVD players, ect. If you rip everything at OGG then you will only be able to listen to music on your computer. Let me ask this, what are the benefits/differences of OGG?

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