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  1. I rip a lot of MP3s, I always do VBR (Varial Bitrate) highest quality setting. They always come out fantastic. My question is, when you get a MP3 from somewhere on the internet, let's say you get two versions a 192 CBR and a 320 CBR or VBR. Sometimes the 192 version will sound better, more fuller, and louder. And it will be approx 3MB less in size. Is this due to the CD that it came from, or the ripping software that was used or something?
  2. Thanks for the Driver Genius suggestion, however that program downloads the drivers real funky (very slow connection or something). Anyway, the problem is solved. To get eSATA working on an Asus motherboard, you just have to enable "JMicron RAID Controller" in the BIOS. I set it to AHCI. I fixed this issue AFTER I already transfered 250GB worth of data over to my external HD via USB 2.0. DOH!
  3. I just bought an external enclousure. I know it works, I'm transfering stuff to it right now via USB. But the eSATA port on the motherboard doesn't seem to work. I tried two different eSATA cables, so that's not the problem either. I did notice one item in my device manager that is unrecognized. It's an unknown device. Does this board require a driver for eSATA to work? I installed the chipset drivers, and everything else in device manager is recognized, so I don't think that a driver is the problem. Please help.
  4. Yes yes, I meant keyboard, sorry. No, this is the thing, they USB keyboard works, BUT, it doesn't respond when the BIOS says "press any key to boot from CD". It does respond, however, when you have to hit DEL or F8 to get into the BIOS. Very weird.
  5. I have an old computer that I am trying to reformat. When I get to "press any key to boot from CD", it won't work cause I'm using a USB mouse. It just boots into Windows. When I try plugging in a PS/2 keyboard it doesn't work (in the mouse port either). I need to do a fresh install, but if I can't hit a button to boot from CD then I don't see how I can do this. I made the CD-ROM the first boot device and all other boot devices disabled.
  6. Where can I download KB911895 Cause my screensaver is affected by this. This update does not show up in my windows update, so I want to download it manually if possible.
  7. Alright I just went all through my BIOS and did not see any other option for a Floppy. I have a Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard. What option do I need to disable to get rid of A: in Computer?
  8. This website. And here is where it says it works on Vista. Get the program and see if it works for you. Restart after installing then go into screen savers and see if it's in your list.
  9. No according to their website v2.6 is fully compatible with Vista.
  10. Not mine, it keeps going back to my user folder. Well, I mean after a restart, it will change back to the user folder until I download something again.
  11. Why does Vista show that I have an A: drive in Computer, I don't have one installed. I disabled the Floppy seek in the BIOS.
  12. I installed the Serenescreen Aquarium screen saver, when I right-click on desktop and go to Personalize\Screen Saver, it doesn't show up in my screensaver list. Any idea why?
  13. When you go to download something using IE7, it Vista wants to save it to \*user*\downloads by default. How can you change this, I want the default folder to be the Desktop.
  14. OK this was the problem. Two days ago, after I first built it, I had taken the Crucial memory out and put in some junky PC533 memory. It did not work and I immediately left the house. I didn't monkey around with the computer again until last night. So last night I was messing with the BIOS, not realizing that the old memory was in, and I set it to 800MHz, thus explaining the instability..... Everyone has the right to knock on me LOL
  15. Hmmm, If it's SATA, why would IDE/PATA need to be set? I'll try it though. And you said that I need to make sure the jumpers are set correctly, everything is SATA, even the DVD Burner, so no jumpers. Update: This computer is acting real funny. I have the DVD-ROM in SATA1 slot and the SATAII HDD in SATA2 slot. I disabled RAID and IDE. I have the boot order like this: CD-ROM - Hard Drive - Disabled - Disabled. I know for a fact the discs I am using are bootable. I have XP SP2, XP64 and Vista64. Non are working. Just going to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner. When I boot and the CD or DVD is in it doesn't recognize it. The boot screen that tells you your RAM and what drives you have looks fine, all my RAM and two drives show up. Another thing too, sometimes I'll hit delete, it will say entering BIOS or whatever, but it only enters the BIOS sometimes, not all of the time. Any ideas?
  16. Yeah I think I missed that 4 pin 12v connector, I only remember plugging in the 24 pin connector. Can't wait to get home, will post the results. Thanks people. It booted fine! Thanks a million everyone. OK now I can't install Windows. I set the CDROM as the 1st boot device in the BIOS, then the HDD as the second. After the BIOS screen, I just get a blinking cursor in the upper-left corner. Help.
  17. I remember plugging in the 24 pin ATX (mine is 24 pin, not 20 + 4). I haven't built a computer in three years, so I'm not sure if I connected the 4 pin 12v and molex (5.25" power) to the bobo. Can someone post a picture of my motherboard and circle where these are at (I'm at work right now). That would be great if someone can do that, so I can see it and try to remember if I connected those.
  18. I have the power plugged into the Video Card, but I did not know to plug in the SLI power, I don't even know what that looks like. If I'm not running SLI, do I need that plugged in? THANK YOU for your help dude.
  19. I just switched power supplies to a 500w Ultra V Series (which I like better, more connections). It's doing the same thing. Is it possible to install the CPU upside down? I don't think so right? It can only go one way.
  20. I have an Ultra 500w power supply that I bought. I guess I'll have to try that to see if it works. No time, will have to wait until Sat night, dammit!
  21. I just built a new computer. Here are the specs: CPU AMD A64 X2 4800+ 2.5G AM2 65N CPU COOLER ROSEWILL RCX-Z940-SL ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe NF570SLI AM2 2GB (2x1GB) Crucial Ballistix PC-6400 800MHz RAM VGA XFX PVT84GUDF3 8600GTS 256MB HD 160GB WD 7K 8M SATA2 WD1600AAJS (OS Only Drive) CREATIVE XtremeGamer 70SB073A00000 RT CASE RAIDMAX ATX-612WBP 500W BK DVD_BURN ASUS DRW-1814BLT LS BLK When I tried to power it up for the first time, I had to hold the power button in for two seconds. Then it would turn on, all the case fans and the heatsink will spin, but it shuts right off. The LED on the motherboard is illuminated green. What am I doing wrong?
  22. I think I'm going to buy this motherboard (along with a Brisbane AM2 4800+). Instead of buying a Soundblaster Audigy, I was considering using the onboard audio. I know that onboard audio has advanced a lot in the past few years. All I do really is play emulation games (NES, SNES, MAME, Sega Genesis, ect ect) and rip music & DVDs. Asus's website rants and raves about this onboard audio, so, is it really good enough to skip the sound card?
  23. Search did not find any "vccleanup.exe" files. When I delete the string in the registry under safe mode, it starts normally. But it re-creates itself, so when I do a normal restart, I get the error again.
  24. The Symantec System Removal Tool cannot be run under safe mode. I also deleted the registry key while in safe mode and still got the error. I forgot to do a system search for the file, I'm going to try that real quick.

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