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  1. Hi, i have got a Seagate Barracuda 3000GB (ST3000DM001) which died the other day, and since i recovered some bricked routers via serial port, i hoped this also works for my hdd. there is no clicking or anything, just not available for the bios. is there a pdf or something where the pictures of the first post are still there? greets
  2. Hello and thanks for taking the time to click on and read this post, I am having a problem with Aero Glass for Win 8.x. (free version, I am not sure if this matters) I am currently running on Windows 10 Enterprise x64, v1.4.1. Installed using default settings. For some reason, I cannot display inactive frames in the currently selected window color. The check box, when checked, doesn't seem to affect anything. I could uncheck it, but clicking Save will just re-check it. Also, changing the caption color doesn't do anything, although the color saves in the settings. I have tried restarting the computer and running restart.cmd as admin, but this doesn't change anything. I've also tried running the GUI in admin, but that does nothing. Are these settings not available on Win10 yet? I really like the software but these problems prohibit me from buying it.