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  1. Search for "Media Creation Tool" may get you some options.
  2. An interesting thought. The MacBook has the 32 bit Windows 10 version but has a x64-based processor. Just did the quit Insider task to keep the MacBook on 1809. I may be laughing quite a bit in the next few months. Which ever way the comedy flows. The Apple does some magic things with software.
  3. Win98????? Did it ever work???? The want-a-be Windows 10 October 2018 release is quite good when compared to Win98! Haven't forgotten the wasted hours from 20 years ago. Windows 10 for October 2018 if it does get released now is a better vintage of crap! The MacBook will get to live with the next released version of Win 10, the prerelease is already running on it. Just a Wisconsin farm kid who learned to live with the finer aspects of crap.
  4. As a matter of fact, it's a matter of crap. Windows 10 scenario: 1) It's not working! 2)Turn it off or restart it? 3)When it comes up again, it's working!? I've heard this story so many times on the Insider Forum, I just figured it was programmed that way!? It's a laugh! That's why it's fun. Comedy Central or Saturday Night Live just to put this computer stuff in the proper perspective.
  5. No, the toilet paper is kept next to the Windows 10 computer.
  6. At the resale shop people donated a lot of those $300 PCs that had a 12 month warranty. They would say at 13 months the unit would not power up. We couldn't make them power up either. So spend another $300 to get another piece of crap that lasts a year. Cheap crap that comes with Windows 10, double crap. However, someone donated a Dell Latitude laptop of the $2,000 vintage. The software, Windows 10 just quit working, so they got rid of the PC. That was a great piece of hardware that I bought for $40. Put an SSD in it and now it is the Windows 7 Pro work station here. Not all Windo
  7. Interesting cost comparisons. The iPhone 7 Plus with maximum sized storage had a retail price of about US$1,200 versus a refrigerator with freezer that cost about US$1,800. I expect the iPhone to last for more than 5 years technology and software wise. I saved for more than 2 years to get the money to buy it and also got a discount at the Apple store which helped. Wages are a little different in Arizona. I have a job as a custodian (Fancy name for janitor.) now and make US$2 per hour more than what I was paid as a computer technician at a public school here. Also, I can walk to work now
  8. Maybe it's just this area. There's an Apple store within 4 miles from here. Also, there is a SunMacs Apple club even closer. A lot of people have abandoned laptops and desktops and went to iPads. Most people around here don't go to unix because of the learning curve. A lot of people here like iPhones and iPads because of the ease of using Facetime. Yes, people do go to Costco to buy the low priced laptops that have Windows 10 on them. But then they hit the learning curve again. But it's the updates that are the zinger. Past experience has seen too many PCs have been left unusable
  9. Do you realize how many people will switch to Apple products when they try to get their PCs to cleanly update? A comparison of an Apple MacBook running Windows 10 to a Dell laptop running Windows 10 both about 10 years old and both running Insider 17760.1. The comparison time factor for update to 17763.1: The MacBook completed the update in 1 and 1/2 hours; the Dell laptop completed the update in about 15 hours. That put a smile on my face. It is fun when I smile. So yes, fun! [An that's no crap.]
  10. Some new crap to think about: Several friends have Windows 10 PCs that they ask me to look at. The PCs are of the 17134.285 released Windows 10 version. However, there is a new Windows 10 release coming out soon so I'm starting to prepare for "some new crap." Just allowed the MacBook to update from 17134.285 32 bit released version to 17760.1 32 bit Insider version that is in the area of what will be the new released version coming sometime in the near future. I kept the MacBook on the old released version so I could better understand the problems of normal end users. Now it's time to pr
  11. Crap: With all this "New" Windows 10 software a new question came to mind. How do you "Hide" an update that you don't want installed? Can you even delete an update before it installs? I seem to be missing crap control for updates. Maybe there is none? Maybe it can be removed from a download file somewhere? Just sorting through the crap. 75 degrees this morning in Phoenix, I think it's Winter arriving early.
  12. Looking forward to some new crap in October. At OS Build 17751.1 and slowly moving closer. The old Dell laptop took about 20 hours to finally digest the Update and complete to that Insider release. The update completed for other people in an hour and a half. Sometimes I just don't understand computers and the software.
  13. Because of "Dumb Luck", I've turned off OneDrive on the Windows test PCs. After reading the article jaclaz identified, I'm very glad. Talk about CRAP, this is right up at the top of the pile. Thanks for the information.
  14. Everything??? 5 browers running, 1 is Apple. Ghostery extention running, not Apple. Acrobat Reader running, not Apple. Malwarebytes running, not Apple. Stuffit Expander running, not Apple. Garmin Express running, not Apple. Microsoft Office running, not Apple but made for Apple. And the beat goes on, not Crap, just Apple. And Windows 10 Pro is running on an Apple computer, not Apple but Apple still runs it.
  15. Version 1809 is coming down the track. Are you ready for some new crap? Or is it, "Are you ready for some football?" Just some crap to kick around in the computer world.
  16. More crap talk. Old dog learns new trick! Yes, Windows 10 Insider Preview is a fun game to me. However, when I tried to create a DVD iso to use to update the "Fast" PC I got the message that there was not enough room on the empty DVD, 4.7 GB. OK, so it is just another game challenge. So for the first time ever I used a 32 GB thumb drive for the iso. Found that a program called Rufus was needed to make it happen. Rufus created the thumb drive Windows 10 Pro Build 17713. Then used this iso to update the "Fast" PC. IT WORKED! Then the "Fast" PC did a normal Insider update to Build 17735.
  17. Once I found FaceTime, never used Skype again. FaceTime just works. It's that user friendly thing.
  18. Perhaps it's low expectations? I'm amazed each time an Insider update completes without a system crash or restoring to the release it started from! It's the apps that I don't want running in the background as well as an app running at all when I haven't started it. Maybe it's those apps that are programmed to run upon the completed update that are so important there is no time to address the UI issues? Seems to run OK with low expectations and the security is great when the PC is powered off. Just talking crap.
  19. First Skip out of the chute is more like fertilizer, 18204 installed with no errors. Just a kid from the farm used to working with crap. This new crap may be destined for 2019? The old Dell laptop took it in stride. Still have most of the goodies locked down, like no background programs running and Ghostery on the browsers. First impression is that is some good crap.
  20. Insider "Skip Ahead" is back for a short enrollment. An opportunity to be on the "leading edge of crap." (And the beat goes on) Life is good.
  21. Is amount of time to update a factor of crap? The latest Build of Windows 10 Pro Insider, 17713, completed the update on Friday the 13th, 7/13/18. The update started on 7/12/18 and completed after about 20 hours with one retry question which was answered, "Yes."
  22. "The Taming of the Crap" A neighbor has an HP laptop with With 10 and yes, he thought that all his computer world was lost. The normal desktop was gone (The Sky is Falling!). Just a normal bit of crap. Tablet mode on a non-tablet PC. However, the OS had never been Userized. Win update had faulted trying to go to 1803 from 1709. Some original app software that came with the new PC was blocking the update to go cleanly. Housekeeping to clean out the offender fixed that. Brought in other browsers with Ghostery to start the PC lock down. Removed other outdated apps, ran Malwarebytes
  23. Interesting proposal. It brings to mind some of Tom Clancy's books that focus on a governmental "Net Force" that is directed to correct such allegedly illegal practices. There are quite a few voters in this country that plan to do some personnel changes in our government this voting season. Some of the current staff seems to think that such practices are under control of the highest bidder. In the mean time, spreading the word as you have is the start. Many people have already decided not to use the "Worst Crap Ever" as an operating system. I helped a friend stay on Windows 7 that ha
  24. An interesting evaluation of corporation and government tracks, libertarian is a word that comes to mind. With MS, the apparent solution is don't use the product or change the product so that it can't do the allegedly illegal software tasks. I like the thought that payment for the use of owned hardware is a viable concept. Keep an eye on the government elections this year. In the US trenches, there seems to be a change occurring. Similarly, that may be why so many people are changing the company that they use to get their computers. There also seems to be more software available to throt
  25. You are my hero! I only do serious Windows stuff on the Windows 7 Pro Latitude with the SSD. The Windows 10 PC only gets to stay up long enough to check Insider Mail and then back to secure mode, powered off. I have trouble understanding why anyone would want to use Windows 10 as a production PC but then many people don't understand why our production computer is an iMac with both Apple and Microsoft software installed (It just works.). Too busy to b***h but I laugh a lot. (US politics is comedy central.) Probably running Windows 10, too.
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