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  1. I use an addon for firefox called "glassmyfox" which works very well. The developer has one for thunderbird too called "glassmybird" which I haven't tried but might be worth a try. https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-us/thunderbird/addon/glassmybird/
  2. From a post by @412070391 (which was scrubbed with the msfn server crash):
  3. Just my 2 cents, part of a developer's interest is the fun and reward of their work. I have noticed for other useful projects in the past, too much negativity (nagging, repeating the same complaints, etc) rather than taking the time to thank the developer for their work often leads to the developer (understandably) losing interest. For the development and updates of AeroGlass, I doubt Bigmuscle has any help and he probably has other commitments too, so we should be grateful that he is still working on it despite MS's updates constantly breaking it. Also, I very much doubt the donations come close to paying for his work, so it is still to a large extent voluntary work on his part. The April update was released on the very last day of April, only 2 1/2 months ago (not 4 which seems to be quoted regularly here). Bigmuscle has taken longer than this in the past, at a time when more people were posting on the forum and yet fewer of them complaining. So perhaps we can return to the OP topic and thank Bigmuscle for his continued work and for his latest release, no matter when it does come out.
  4. I think the confusion was because the pop-up boxes are to gather info that is helpful to the developer. You still need to manually copy and paste the details (if asked for when dealing with a particular issue). None of the pop-ups nor Aeroglass in general will forward any information behind your back.
  5. The console is built into the debug versions in case you need to give detailed feedback. This will go away in the final release, in the mean time you can either minimise it or move it to another desktop. Closing it as you have found will just restart dwm and bring it back.
  6. The experimental build was last updated on Jun 17, so is clearly still in active development. Many thanks to BigMuscle.
  7. You using #506 Yes, I downloaded 506.7z from "Beta #506 (32bit+64bit) (Updated on 17th November 2015)" on the TH2 page. I tried downloading it again to be sure, and I have rebooted each time. The datestamp on the DWMGlassxx.dll files are both Nov 17th in my C:\AeroGlass folder. Edit: I have Windows 10 Pro build 10586 x64
  8. Still getting the watermark on vlc fullscreen here.
  9. With build 333 is the watermark appearing on fullscreen apps (tested on vlc full screen) an intentional new feature?
  10. There is a link on page 2 of this thread (post #40)
  11. Many thanks. I'm using build 333 (which I think is for 10525) - if the same-colour isn't a new feature of that build then I'm guessing this is a windows 10 change (probably the introduction-of-colour feature there). Apart from that, 333 seems to be working good for now with 10586 (apart from the unreleased symbols issue others are having which wont be fixed till they are released)
  12. With previous versions win10 + aeroglass had a different colour for the titlebars to the taskbar. With the latest TH2 version of aeroglass and the recent release build 10586 they are now the same colour. Is this win10 or aeroglass that has changed this and is there a workaround?
  13. One possibility would be the caption glow effect which doesn't seem to work on the win 10 default or the win 10 based themes so far
  14. Good question. I have not checked the difference between frame and accent color yet, but I may inspect it for the upcoming release. Hopefully it will be implemented as an option rather than a change, some of us like the two different colors
  15. Is there a version of this or the default black one which includes caption glow?

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