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  1. Hello, i have multiboot Z370 chipset system, so i have several USB3 controllers - VIA, Intel and Asmedia, because Intel USB3 is not working with WinXP. I found out that for some reason my mouse wheel is not working when its connected to VIA USB3 controller with Win 10, when i connect it to Asmedia controller its working, with Intel too. Im using Microsoft USB3 drivers for all controllers. Mouse is Genius - Navigator 525, in Windows 10 is detected as HID compliant mouse. VIA USB3 hardware ID: PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3483&SUBSYS_34831106&REV_01 Is there any way how to fix it?
  2. Hmm, for some reason its not working for VIA USB3 and im using VIA USB3 because it has also front panel USB3 header. I can somehow help to fix it with some more info, let me know.
  3. I found original PAE package with USB drivers from Dibay, i used all USB files, but problem is still the same.. From Win2003 server, should i use 32bit or 64bit version for these files?
  4. I not have 2003 server disk, could you upload this file, here pleas?
  5. I dont have such file on whole XP partition. Im not now by that machine, but im pretty sure that i installed this one: https://www.techspot.com/drivers/driver/file/information/16820/ But all older drivers back to 4.00B first one for USB3 from VIA behaves exactly the same way. Its this card: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Pci-express-Pci-e-to-USB-3-0-19pin-Header-Card-Adapter-for-Win-7-8-10-XP-DH/362003396926?epid=17003521658&hash=item544915793e:g:zp8AAOSwnK9ZOmHR:rk:2:pf:0
  6. Im not sure, as i wrote i installed it while ago, how to check it?
  7. Hello, i figure out, that my VIA 8xx USB3 controller is not working with PAE (64 bit for more RAM) patch from Dibya (i dunno who is original) author, with non PAE boot its working fine. Its a while (2,3 years) when i installed a patch, if im not wrong there were some USB patches too,.. Were is newest version? Is VIA USB3 working for someone with PAE (64bit), Who to check is installed USB patched for PAE or not etc?
  8. I tried this with Geforce 6600 no change, PCI-E Gen1 Videocard is simply ignored a system is booting from Gen3 - Geforce 970. I checked response of GB support from 1/2 of year ago: Try to use some more recent VGA. It may be some compatibility issues between new motherboard and 10+ years old graphics card. I thing that they do not give a f*** unless someone will sue them, or some big Youtube will make big point of it..
  9. Ok, i checked WIndows folder for problematic files: Vdhcp.386 Vip.386 Vnbt.386 Vtcp.386 Vtdi.386 But there were only in Windows\System folder, when i deleted them i not got Ping: transmit failed, error code 10091 so its probably something about mess in networking files.. I tried USB to LAN, adapter on other computer where Broadcom 5721 NIC is working and i have some problems there.. Ping transmit failed 10043 with files, 10091 without them.
  10. I update previous post, there is some suggested solution, but i will not able to try it until end of week..
  11. Windows 98 has SFC? Files has to be somehow moved, otherwise such error wouldnt be possible.. Sorry, im not guy who is reinstalling because of some icon what moved from original position
  12. I think than my problem is not NIC specific, is something wrong with whole networking, i really dont want to reinstall.. its last option, it would be days before i got system configured as i want. I there should something to diagnose, something to try to refresh etc. There is similar erro and even someone with same problemr: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/10216605/PING-transmit-failed-error-code-10091.html // No real solution. http://forums.windrivers.com/showthread.php?24504-RESOLVED-Windows-95-NIC-problems // No real solution. Someone is telling that is Winsockets something.. but not real answer, my guess is that some system file, or configuration is broken, drivers and network setting look ok, all was replicated from same machine, even from originally same installation which was cloned, but something broke.. DOS-NDIS, i heard with its worse that native Windows driver, its right? What about performance? Update: http://ftp.uma.es/Drivers/TRED/3COM/3C90XX/DOC/TCPI0043.HTM // This seems to be solution, im not by machine with it problem, make it sense for you? Its fix for Win95 so, im not sure, if it will work for Win98.. It could happend, during installation, i got some freezes during it, so maybe files are copied in Windows directory before they are moved to Windows\System and i got freeze between.. Error code CAUSE: The error code 10043 indicates that the TCP/IP stack is not initializing. https://www.techrepublic.com/forums/discussions/error-10043-using-ping-on-95-machine/ Similar suggestiongs, but not verified. Otherwise Win95 are affected too.
  13. I may use some TCP optimizer it the past, but its not explain that network is now not working at all..
  14. Hi, i have problem with X58 MB networking, i tried 3 different NIC - PCI-E one (Broadcom 5721M), PCI one (Realtek 8139), USB Lan (Assix 88772A i has Win98 driver) one.. which i are proven to work with Win98 in other machine. But always get: Ping {hostname} // unknown host ping {ip addree} // Ping: transmit failed, error code 10043 I never get network login screen after NIC installation reboot. In network panel is: Client of MS network TCP/IP // I tried Fixed or Dynamic IP adress, DNS.. Gateway setting, they are fine. NIC No exclamation marks in System, or on NICs. When i open Control Panel Network and click ok, i always get Dialog to point path to svrapi.dll, i insert path, file is found - i got reboot dialog, but after reboot its the same. I tried to copy this file from Windows 98 clean installation too, is the same. With other OSes NICs are working fine. Any clue, what can be wrong and what i should to do?
  15. I tried to select best MB for multiboot system, but there are compromises.. so my MB has Intel LAN (Win7/10 + MacOS compatible), instead more compatible Realtek one. As far, as i know there are not Realtek external PCI-E Gigabit cards, which are compatible with Win 98, so i have to use additional Broadcom card for Win98 /XP.. i would be nice, i could use it only for Win98.. Less cables switching, or i have seems to Win 98 compatibile USB LAN Assix 88772A.. its only 100 Mbit, but with it could save 1 PCI-E slot (for multiboot system you have never enough slots). I also not sure if Win98 will work on this board (longsthot), so if i would have Intel Lan driver for XP - i could live without cable switching.. I have other MB with Z97 Intel Lan too, here i dont have Win98, so if Intel LAN would work i dont need cable switching at all.