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  1. So your using Rloews patches for full 3.3 GB of RAM for Win98? Its stable?
  2. Nice tools, i though that im only one who still keeps these things, they runs on XP too and i moved with my development package to it XP long ago. I wonder is there some advantage to use them on Win98, some incompatibility etc?
  3. Thanks, both activated with first attempt, bad its not still pleasant experience, too much stress and concentration needed - its probably longest activation key which i saw and wasnt just some hash to copy/paste..
  4. I checked both and there is for both right in the activation wizard message that Telephone activation is no more supported - regardless of selected country (its on the screen before selection).
  5. Thanks, I will try it, its always nightmare to write down the key, i hope that they will sometime sent it by sms or to email..
  6. Hello, when you have some problems with WinXP install people wiil say you reinstall it. Well in slowly started with migration, but got stack right on the start with MS sw. I installed legit Fortpage 2003 and Office 2007 some olds cd, in filled keys but both are still requering online activation and its not working, when i select activate by internet windows just close after while for both producs.. there is telephone activation, but i read o techpowerup that is not working too - https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/ms-office-2007-no-more-activated.219365/page-2 Is there some way how ho make it working?
  7. Is Steam still working for you, for downloading purchased games? I tried hacked version i dunno 1,2 months ago, but now its not working, i dunno if something wrong on my site, or some change in Steam API, or new hack needed..
  8. I met again that one monitor instead two problem, even with older drivers, so it seems to be not related to driver, but to mechanism how monitors are connecter, because of multiboot, im using some HDMI switch and detection of monitor is not typical.. So if some monitor is detected after boot later, it could be enabled only by Nvidia control panel and it seems that i that case, windows are not clever enough.. to update its monitor settings. Otherwise i find out that first driver for Geforce 730 is 340 and its already missing that aspect ratio corection, there are 2 options.. first that is not here at all, second is that is only hidden - quite typical for older Nvidia drivers. Here someone claims that at least with older drivers some cmd command can set it up: // Untested Create a shortcut and put exactly this: %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll,dtcfg setscaling 1 DA 5 then run it, the screen will flash once. Then reboot. This is the equivalent for enabling "nvidia display adapter scaling with correct aspect ratio". Works wonders here, using hdmi to Sony hdtv, give it a try! This ONLY works if you're outputting to Digital Flat Panel or HDTV device, don't use this code for other screen types. Im lucky for know because my main is clever enough to have that aspect ratio correction inbuild in its logic, but i saw lots of monitors without it, even some quite expensive ones.
  9. Ok i got couple of them for testing from various sites - no nice 1 place, so i will test them later: 335.04-desktop-winxp-32bit-english.exe 340.43-desktop-winxp-32bit-english.exe 340.52-desktop-winxp-32bit-english.exe 341.92-notebook-win10-64bit-international.exe 344.48-desktop-winxp-32bit-international.exe 347.88-desktop-winxp-32bit-international.exe 352.86-desktop-winxp-32bit-international.exe
  10. XP link is nicer of course.. i dont expected that it exist.. I dunno if it false detection but Avira (it has lots of false positives) claimed that download from this site has some malware inside, so it would be safer to download from other place. Also description dont look XP legid, there are mentioned games like Witcher III, which are not XP compatible for sure.. In v334.89 is first time mentioned Geforce 750Ti support, so guess it could support Geforce 730 too, because geforce 730 / 750 are actually low power Geforce 9xx chips, not normal Gefore 760-780 line chips. So its not big range and its quite possible that.. aspect correction was striped before these release, but if my memory works (big IF), i used this feature with Geforce 970, which is are firstly supported from 340.52 driver. There is also mentioned G-Synch support, if G-Synch really works with XP it would be great, but thing its Win7+, still much better than Freesych which is Windows 10 only. There is WinXP 32 bit archive on Guru3D but it ends with 306.63 so its not for me: https://www.guru3d.com/files-categories/videocards-nvidia-geforce-(xp-32-bit).html So now i would be nice to find some 330-353 drivers download pages, or be sure that https://www.afterdawn.com/ downloads are clean.
  11. I found some release notes collection, but it seems that at least release notes are Vista+ release: https://www.afterdawn.com/software/version_history.cfm/nvidia_forceware_display_drivers_vista-7_64 There is also list of supported cards, but if last one 197, its for Geforce 4xx series, i will not work for Geforce 730 for sure.
  12. Yeah, this is exactly what im looking for, but 179.24 really old, i dont even know if it supports Geforce 730, but i guess that is good start for search, with some internal divide mechanism we can find some newer. I onld need to find some good old WinXP archive archive, because when i searched older driver for my card on NV site i got oldest 353 and i need something older. I already have my own archive with all releases for Win98, i guess that i would need the same for WinXP, only hassle is that WinXP drivers are 10x bigger..
  13. Thanks for info, i will try 5.4.0 but it means that now up to date and future versions will not work.. we would only in fear when they will kill backward connection to older version, because of some security flaw, or API update. Teamviewer also somehow working with new updates, there seems to be new 14.2 version. I would like to really see some guarantee of WinXP future for next years as part of some long term like Linux kernel support promise.. but its just wish, until more people will get more sick with killing of compatibility and will get loud..
  14. Well, if would use XP 64bit i would mention it as something special. I tried 353 drivers and its working as expected, there are 2 visible monitors there is addional option in Nvidia panel for extended desktop mode . Now would be great to find driver version where i was broken. I made pictures to show difference (i hope that once would be MSFN fixed for Dropbox img links include..): https://www.dropbox.com/s/u37uxlcmnudgagp/Nvidia-2Mon-Problem.PNG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7hijnb38y21twjc/Nvidia-Problem2.PNG?dl=0 Other mising option, which i need what is not even in 353 driver is GPU forcing of aspect ratio 4:3 on widescreens, i need it for old games.. There is screenshot for this from newer windows, im sure that there was version, where it was worked fine.. I would with which version, actually started removing of features.. Here is picture, what i mean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9vae8yssm4k6psh/Scaling.png?dl=0
  15. Here is same problem: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/117094/control-panel-cant-display-extended-dualview/ Author seems to solved it somehow, but solution is not clean to me.
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