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  1. oh, well that makes a difference, i thought it was only the key3.db file that i had to copy, i had given up on firefox 9.01 and kmg74, but the new information you gave me, makes me want to go back and see what can be done again through experimenting. so assuming i understand, you install kernelex 4.5.2 ( older one ), then install firefox 9.01 / or kmg74, launch the web browsers so those files get loaded into the profile area as i noticed it wouldn't load until i actually launched the web browsers, once you have those files copied to a seperate folder, one for firefox and the other for kmg74 i believe, then one could uninstall both browsers and kernelex older version and reinstall the newest, then reinstall the web browsers and copy over the older .db files? seems like a lot of work, but i will try to see if i can get some different working results, i would rather use kmg74 ( if ) it allows printing, apparently firefox 9.01 and older don't allow printing? i thought of using opera 12.02 if it allows printing, however, i probably won't use any firefox from 4 - 10, as all of them for some weird reason have character encoding issues, the characters look like some messed up language, it also happens when typing in youtube, the characters you type are different than what you actually type. i had this issue before on different systems / at different times and at one point, when i installed any of these firefox versions, it wouldn't have the problem but other times or builds, it did, weird..., also, i noticed installing service pack 3 for office xp does not allow booting into windows 98SE desktop, it just gets stuck at the "please wait while setup updates your configuration files. this may take a few minutes" "completed updating files, continuing to load windows" i tried to uninstall office xp or do a repair install and none of these worked last time or this time, so now i am forced to reinstall 98SE from scratch again just from one goddamn problem, so apparently im just gonna have to avoid sp3 until someone else can give me a 100 percent working solution or safe solution, because i certainly won't want to reinstall for the 6th time.
  2. thanks, this information will certainly help find out possible solutions, however, i was gonna just keep posting here, i don't think it would matter because if someone was google'ing the problem or searching the forums, they should be directed in the right area or solution, i think it may actually be better here because then people can take a look at specific hardware / software / driver factors, though i could comment back on one of the other forums to confirm a solution to at least make it easier to know what the problem is and the solution for it, at least in my case. i might probably start fresh again and install with acpi enabled, although i was hoping if anyone can find me a "Better" or "compatible" driver for the unknown device i was talking about before attempting a re-install again, but the kernelex part you mentioned definitively is relieving in a way at least, i sometimes feel like it could be related also to how i install the unofficial service pack, but seeing that the specific problems i've had only occurred recently and / or in relation to using the newer kernelex, i do not think it's because of the usp. also, where do i find the key3.db files from a old profile and what would be the new profile?
  3. so i have been experimenting with this laptop for some time now, i have done a fresh re-install of the operating system like 4 times with 98SE. the laptop modem is EC214UA#ABA. i noticed some interesting results here and there. at first, i couldn't get the ethernet or pci card modem drivers to even install, but now up to this point, the only thing that seems to not work is the pci card modem. the laptop may have other unknown issues or faulty functioning. normal setup with acpi enabled allows proper restart and shut down usually. there is a unknown device with a hardware id of "PNP0C14". i could not really locate a proper source inf file on the internet except for like one called oem3.enc with driver version of 5.1.2535.0 which i have been using so far but i think it COULD be causing problems in the system but i really don't know. i mostly made this thread to see if anyone can provide a driver for me either through upload or browsing online for the unknown device that is acpi related with hardware id of "PNP0C14". although the laptop installs with the default acpi installed and shown in device manager with several entries related to it, for some odd reason, the battery status meter is not shown, i was thinking it might be related to the unknown device inf? and perhaps that could also affect maybe the modem or other things? installing 6.11.02 for PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4378 works in that it doesn't throw any errors, but i have no way to find out if the pci card modem actually works. i am using smbus version 5.10.1000.7, the older 5.10.1000.4 apparently causes the system to malfunction or not operate properly, as i noticed the ethernet only worked when i used the newer smbus version. i encountered some other weird issues like firefox 9.01 not displaying pages properly for the first time related to security / certificates, but internet explorer 6 sp1 worked fine, i do not know if it was because of using the newest kernelex package and uninstalling / reinstalling, but i didn't have that issue before, it also wouldn't load google.com for some reason either, i tried using the old method i had with kernelex 4.5.2 initial package and then adding the updated files manually, which required me to do so in safe mode and then in command prompt for one file that couldn't be copied in windows at all, but no difference, firefox 9.01 still operated odd and also slower, like it wouldn't load everything and if it did, it would take forever. i tried to do the same in trying to get k-meleon 74 to run and it wouldn't work, it only worked that one time where i installed the full kernelex 4.5.2016.17 update but the problem with that update is that it gave that weird error i posted in the other thread on last version of software for windows 2000 mentioned below - it was able to launch k-meleon 74 with goanna 2.2, but wouldn't pass the homepage, trying to press enter or go into any url would just do nothing, same thing with firefox 9.01 but with internet explorer 6 sp1, for some strange reason, it didn't have that issue and worked fine, even though it is less functional than both of those other two browsers.
  4. i'll pm you after this one last post if necessary as i needed to clarify one thing, there is no need for me to first install kernelex 4.5.2 ( main program with older files ) and replace the files with the one you mentioned, i just checked right now in the kernelex folder in the windows folder and it already has all the updates files listed in that separate update you listed, the difference being that they all become installed automatically without needing to manually do anything if using the ""KernelEx 4.5.2016.17" package which as indicated before is the full kernelex program with latest updates already included in it. i can only confirm on these things, i have not tested actual functionality, i probably would need a different system or do a complete re-install of 98SE, possibly with ACPI disabled, without derailing too much from the post as it is indeed mainly for windows 2000, i will stop here and post further comments on the 98SE thread on backporting newer web browsers to 9x with kernelex, so please, if anyone has any updates to any of these related stuff, please post them there if using 9x systems.
  5. but isn't that just an update and not the actual kernelex program?
  6. can you please tell me what kernelex version you use / which one you downloaded, like i was pointing out earlier, it is confusing to find out which exact updates to use. i currently have a package on hold named "KernelEx 4.5.2016.17" which apparently is the latest kernelex and all previous updates all in one, and i also downloaded the package with the name of "KexBeta.17", the "KexBeta.17" package differs from the existing one in my archived contents in that it reads 4.5.2016.17 when you hover over the verify application file vs 4.5.2016.16 with the existing file i have in my archive but also the archived one i already have does not have "VKrnlEx.vxd" in the newer package and i think some different file names. my bigger question is what is the purpose of the packages with verify in them if the "KernelEx 4.5.2016.17" is supposed to be a full package with all updates already in it?
  7. well i did some changes here and there but encountering different issues, i am working on the compaq presario m2000 laptop ( EC214UA#ABA) with 98SE installed and before, i was not able to even get the pci card modem or ethernet to install, but now i have, which i suspect may have to do with using a newer smbus driver, 5.10.1000.7 vs 5.10.1000.4 that i was using before. i have not tested the modem, even though it has a wdm and voice modem entry, as for the ethernet, firefox went to google but gave an error listed below - "could not initialize the applications' security componenet. the most likely cause is problems with files in your application's profile directory. please check that this directory has no read/write restrictions and your hard disk is not full or close to full. it is recommended that you exit the application and fix the problem. if you continue to use this session, you might see incorrect application behavior when accessing security features". i had installed "KernelEx 4.5.2016.17" full installer from the link provided by "ABCDEFG" in the other thread, when i set k meleon 74 with goanna 2.2 to 2K sp4 MODE for kernelex, it was able to lauch, however it also gave that earlier that i mentioned above, as a result of both, i can only get into the homepage but no further than that. i noticed that before, i used the initial kernelex 4.5.2 installer + the verify 2016.17 update which was a entirely different package than the ones i saw provided in the other thread which i thought was odd, also the release notes, after applying the full installer 2016.17 kernelex, it only lists up to like 2015 or so, which i also find weird. i am not sure what exactly the problems are, i think it could have to do with a combination of both software / driver and bios related issues, causing hardware / driver / software problems.
  8. hmm..., well i just tested k-meleon 74 with the goanna 2.2 web browser and it didn't work / launch on 98SE with kernelex 4.5.2 installed, mentioning failed to initialize. perhaps what you meant on k meleon working on windows 98SE with kernelex was the non goanna 2.2 combined browser / and / or an older version?
  9. nice, i actually tested it out right now on windows 2000, although extended kernel was installed, youtube videos worked fine and all content on the page loaded fine, has a 720p option to watch videos in hd which isn't bad or auto / 360p. i will need to test it on windows 98SE next with kernelex, the only things left are NT4 and windows 95, there is of course an existing NT4 api project in the makings to allow newer web browsers, w95 supposed for later.
  10. i was wondering how that most recent updated test binary of k-meleon 74 you listed compares with firefox 31.8.0 esr, more specfically for youtube as another forum member posted saying youtube worked on that k-meleon 74 version you listed but on windows me? i noticed just recently that apparently not all videos will play on windows 2000 with the extended kernel using firefox 31.8.0 esr, it mentions a html5 related error, i only tried two videos, one displayed the error message and the other didn't and played fine. i was wondering if that k-meleon browser would work on windows 98SE with kernelex? it would be nice to use that k-meleon browser on windows 2000 if it doesn't require the extended kernel, that way, one can substitute the extra space for other official updates such as in my case of having all contents a bit less than 670 MB after burning on a cd, i realized the only program i only really needed more modern from the extended kernel for windows 2000 was the web browser firefox 31.8.0 esr, i don't think i needed anything else per say.
  11. yes, i would agree, after a ton of experimenting and frustration, i finally went back and installed windows 2000 again ( 3rd time ), although the laptop trolled me this time and for some reason, it wouldn't successfully install the unofficial update roll up, despite it working last time i experimented with it, however, the sound driver worked this time, although i installed using in the setup way, rather than just pointing the device to the inf folder from device manager, strange but at least all the hardware works now, the sound working this time could have to do with maybe formatting / wiping the hard drive properly before re-install, because the 2nd time i installed, it seems that i didn't start fresh like i should have. the unofficial update rollup probably didn't work because i might have skipped something and / or didn't restart the system when i was supposed to, basically messing everything up in between.
  12. well i've been hitting many brick walls with no available solutions from google searching. i can't even get the d*** laptop to flash to an older version by using uniflash 1.40, complains about that error above, cannot flash if memory managers (e.g himem ) present. i tried to use the winphlash method but unfortunately, dell doesn't provide a bin or rom file that seems to be needed, and google search will not help with the related errors, worse enough, as i was searching dell's site, i have this message pointed out by dell below "There will be some occasions when the BIOS downgrade will not be allowed due to BIOS dependency, meaning the current BIOS has changes that cannot be downgraded. If you are unable to downgrade your BIOS, please contact Dell Technical Support for further advise, using the details supplied in the link below.", so that it would seem that there is a chance you can't even go back, the only other ways i haven't tried on the top of my mind is installing windows 7 32 bit really quick and run as administrator but it's unlikely that it will be different and if it doesn't work, then the above statement might just be the culprit, the other solution would be to boot uniflash on it's own, i do not seem to know how to boot it on it's own, i have to use 98SE boot disk first and then run uniflash 1.40 from within dos, perhaps that could be the reason why i have that himem error. i think that from A05, the ACPI changes, according to the text document history of the bios updates of dell inspiron 1000, could possibly be the reason i can't get it to work on 98SE or other systems, perhaps that either A04 or A03, or even A02 would allow proper functioning IF you can even downgrade the bios in the first place, and even then, where would you find these updates as i have no idea where to find them or if they are available.
  13. yeh, i was thinking maybe an older bios may help, dell's official site only has A07 as the oldest available, however, based off a google search, one person listed A02 bios from the site in the below url, mentioning that they wanted to flash to A06. i have not been able to find older bios updates yet, ironic they had mentioned the dell inspiron 1000 being the worst dell laptops ever, and i would agree on that so far. https://forum.level1techs.com/t/scrapping-i-found-more-s***-yay/104804 i just tried to downgrade the bios from A08 to A07 in DOS prompt and it started beeping loudly a little, i wasn't able to remember the exact error message it also gave while it went to some weird screen with some red borders, i think it said something to do with flash memory problem? i used "A07I1000", the other bios update versions seem to be for windows only and not in dos mode. update: the error message when trying to flash the bios is Cannot Flash If Memory Managers (e.g. HIMEM) present.
  14. i am using the latest bios a08, i have 512 MB ram installed, i never encountered issues with 512 MB ram on windows 98SE, i even successfully installed some systems with 1 GB ram without needing to edit the system.ini from before. the laptop does not come with a mini pci slot, i ordered a rtl8185 based cardbus wireless adapter that supports wpa2 with 98SE driver and can be used with odyssey client 4.56 i believe ( i did not test this yet ) for this specific card. i did try windows 95 and windows 2000, windows 95 did not have a sis 650 gpu driver, although i think no such driver exists, i tried the oldest one i found which i think is supposed to be for the "Regular" sis 650 or desktop version, regardless, i do not have w95 installed currently nor do i plan on installing it anytime yet. this thread was mainly on how to get the laptop working on 98SE, although i was gonna mention things like i just did now too. oddly, everything worked fine on windows 2000, except for the sound, despite installing the exact pci ven hardware id and device manager indicated it as working, the volume icon was missing and sounds wouldn't work through testing in the sound control panel app due to being greyed out and the volume option to place it in the taskbar were greyed out, in windows 95, the sound worked fine, so that's why it was odd, the usb controllers installed in windows 95, although i did not test it all the way to get the unknown device to be reported properly later on from reboot which is a common issue i have had with many systems using the unofficial usb update xusbsupp. the laptop isn't very favorable for 9x and legacy support due to lack of many hardware such as the mini pci slot, no serial or parellel ports, i was aware of this before obtaining it, but i thought it COULD still work fine on 98SE as still an ok option, but unfortunately, it ending up being a very difficult system to work with it. i always start installations on clean wiped hard drives, and i mentioned that i already tried without the setup switches, regular setup does not allow hardware detection to fully complete and freezes around 16 percent. i even tried to see if i can try NT 4.0 server operating system because apparently there is a sis m650 gpu driver for it and sound, ethernet and modem drivers available, but i wasn't able to get past the part where it says setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration, it would just hang there for a while. overall, i think the bios just is poor or has many limitations that can't be changed / fixed, at least not practically. the laptop did originally come with xp and it worked fine when i first obtained it. i know that the sis 650 chipset itself is supported under windows 98SE as i have tested many systems in the past with no issues, but this particular one is picky apparently, and i do not believe it is due to faulty hardware as hinted out earlier, however i was hoping maybe someone could make sense out of the specific issues i am having and see if there is any hope or solutions in getting things to work better for 98SE mainly, but possibly for other OS.
  15. i have just finished experimenting with the dell inspiron 1000 laptop on 98SE and i was not able to get it work properly. this particular laptop requires extensive work in order to possibly get it working properly, i was not able to achieve this so far. i think the laptop uses the sis 961 southbridge chipsets? normal setup will not continue, running "setup /p i" does not work either, i had to use "setup /p b" and i had to click no for detection of system bus, i pressed yes to all other devices in the prompt mode and setup was able to successfully install. however, upon booting to desktop and viewing device manager, several devices of course were missing in device manager such as all the other devices such as pci ethernet controller, pci card, etc. i went ahead and updated the system all the way till the chipset driver part, excluding other stuff like usb, etc. trying to add new hardware listed ACPI as available, although trying to install this caused system hang on reboot, removing it from safe mode allowed to reboot successfully without it trying to keep reinstalling. i tried to research further solutions and came up with an update online as preventing ACPI from being detected / installed on dell systems for 98, i applied it with the name "runmea01", rebooted system, then tried add new hardware again, next, next, yes, and in the details list, it showed advanced power management support and plug and play bios instead of ACPI, although i already had advanced power management support, i installed both and clicked finish. upon reboot, 98SE detected several new devices and successfully installed them until PCI bus in which it froze the system. rebooting went straight to PCI bus again and same problem. i went into safe mode and it showed all the new devices, i do not have the pics, though i'll see if i can upload the earlier ones before detection of newer ones, i tried to change some stuff here in there in device manager in safe mode, rebooted but still faced with the PCI bus problem, it became too much for me to keep fiddling with or find a fix or solutions to all the problems so i stopped there. so i was wondering if there can be a solution to this if i were to experiment again on this laptop or another system with similar problems, i was thinking that maybe if i installed the "runmea01" update and then tried to manually add the PCI bus before adding new devices that windows automatically detected, and then go into safe mode and see if i can uncheck / check settings for the PCI bus, and go on from there would yield better results? i was also thinking whether it also would be better / if it's possible / necessary to install with prompt mode and acpi disabled at the same time? combining "setup /p b" and "setup /p i" that is. i do not know how to do it myself or if it can even be done in the first place.
  16. i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a performance difference between using ndis4 and ndis5 drivers in windows 98SE, i just checked the ethernet package that is supported for the ethernet adapter of this laptop, i am currently using the ndis5 driver version "" but i am seeing extremely slow ethernet download speeds, the highest is about 40 KB/s, i thought that maybe the cpu, ram or gpu were the problem but i suspect it may actually be the ethernet driver. btw, i did test youtube on firefox 9.01 and it worked, although extremely slow / and freezing due to the possible causes i just explained. i think that maybe a different driver may give more significant performance increase for the ethernet, i tested a newer one that seemed to cause a code 24 or error mentioning to try changing the driver i think, i discarded that driver and so i don't remember the exact version, but it was a ndis5 one that listed 98 in the inf. google does not seem to bring any direct explanations for difference between ndis4 and ndis5. also, i could locate any driver to download that has the exact hardware id of the ethernet which is "PCI\VEN_100B&DEV_0020&SUBSYS_54003C08", i left out the "rev" part.
  17. well now that i have had windows 98SE installed on the laptop, it has better support, i was able to get "everything" to work except for the pci card for modem and pci network controller for intel pro 2100 3b wireless adapter that have the code 29 error in device manager as pictured below. this laptop has poor support in general for various operating systems, i checked a manual earlier before getting the laptop and i assumed it would come with via twister graphics and / or the prism 2.5 mini pci wireless adapter as that was mentioned in the manual but when i received it, it didn't even have internal wifi antennas which i found odd. i had to install with acpi disabled, "setup /p i", and it was able to successfully finish setup, without doing so caused the system to keep freezing at around the 16% mark for the hardware part. i don't think installing in a different way would fix the code 29 issues or could it? i would assume that if the bios is the problem which is being indicated as such, then you wouldn't be able to alter what is going in windows unless you were to get a bios update which is unlikely there are any and it's too much work to find one, yet alone see if it would do a difference, considering i already installed the bios, probably not the best to update the bios now anyways. another issue is not knowing whether or some things worked earlier such as the unofficial service pack 3.63, during install phase, towards the end, the wait or end task error popped up, i choose wait several times, but it wouldn't progress, i selected end task and it said the unofficial service pack was finished and prompted to restart with yes or no, but then the other wait and end task already restarted the system at the same time, so i wasn't sure if the service pack installed 100 percent properly and if this affected the system in any way, this system was the only one i ever had an issue like this. i also had to install the vga display adapter in the have disk way or else in invalid operation or related error would occur if changing vga display adapter without using the have disk way and manually selecting the rs200m gpu. gart9x installs by running the setup, the cursor blinks a few times and stops after a little, and you can find out it installs the necessary drivers by checking device manager, then for me, i restarted the system and installed the gpu and all worked fine for that portion. if there is any hope in trying to get it to work properly while currently installed or maybe re-install with a certain setup switch or other solution for the code 29 issues, please let me know, btw, i tried to manually assign free resources for both pci devices with the code 29 errors and it wouldn't change anything, i even installed the driver for the pci card modem and it just sits there with the code 29 error.
  18. so i am about done experimenting with windows 95 on the hp pavillion xt115, i am gonna be preparing it for 98SE, there were too many incompatibilities and problems on 95 OSR 2.5 for practical usability or support. but i was gonna go ahead and still give some info on the experimenting. i did not test the ethernet, version "5.00.0124.0" as it was supposed to be working for it's hardware id of - VEN_100B&DEV_0020, however, i noticed the device in device manager wouldn't detect the inf, it may have to do with needing to manually add the entire hardware id path to the inf, however, i went ahead and used a different inf, which included only an ndis4 sys file and the inf file, but not ndis3 files apparently, the driver installed and listed as working in device manager but i did not test to confirm it actually works. the audio worked "partially", i used a specific package that had several big files like gm.dls, "pciven_10B9&dev_5451" is the audio id, the audio worked partially due to the volume icon missing and an error complaining about it missing when i tried to manually check the option in the multimedia control panel app, i had the same issue with another audio device before, though i do not remember if it was the same hardware id and / or same OS. sorry if i dont have driver versions, just a lot of work to go back and forth with things, but i do remember that the original audio driver i used, it didn't work at all and caused a error related to out of memory issues, i did not try the newest driver for the audio which appears to be somewhere in 2001 for some of the files in the package. cardbus for o2micro 6912 caused code 29 error and the same happened to the extension for the toshiba mini pci wireless card "PCMCIA\TOSHIBA-Wireless_LAN_Card-E5D7" that requires installing ac50 of the 1410 cardbus controller, sorry for giving abbreviations or shortened names but im just assuming people know which devices i am talking about. usb controller wouldn't install for the ali controller with xusbsupp ( maybe caused by the via pci bus management fix that i wasn't supposed to install? ). smartvsd.vxd error when trying to run hdd health 2.1 wsc guard 4.0 gives error message "your operating system is not yet supported by wsc guard", latest version of comctl32.dll i had was 5.81 prior, wsc guard 4.0 lists 5.82.2600.0 in dependency walker 2.2 x86, i did not test 5.82.2600.0 odyssey client 4.56 installed but on reboot seemed to hang endlessly on the windows 95 splash screen, odyssey client 4.56 listed comctl32.dll 6.0.2600.0 in dependency walker, when i tested by overwriting comctl32.dll in dos mode to 6.0.2600.0 that i downloaded off some random dll site ( probably not safe ), upon rebooting, windows hanged and wouldn't load all the way and said system is busy when pressing ctrl+alt delete. i suspect either 6.0.2600.0 is simply not properly supported in windows 95 and / or the dll file i used was a virus? when going into safe mode to check earlier when i didn't have 6.0.2600.0 comctl32.dll and had only installed odyssey client 4.56, when i wanted to open the odyssey client app in control panel, it gave the error message "odyssey client manager user interface could not be loaded. error code: 0x80040154" "VisualBasic6-KB896559-v1-ENU" installed on windows 95 but even though it said successfully installed common controls 6.0 at the end, it seemed to not install anything! i tried to manually register the comctl32.ocx and mscomctl32.ocx files in various ways to which i thought may work and instructed from a few sites ( as a noob in general of course ), but it wouldn't work and would just give an error saying bad file name. other than that too, the radeon 7000 ve driver 4.13.9003 would not work as an alternative way of getting the igp 340m to work ( the laptop uses the igp 340m gpu ) with hardware id ending in 4337. i did test two different igp 340m drivers with no luck, also the host bridge rs200m had a yellow exclamation mark
  19. via pci bus fix part 2.zip you were asking why i would install the via update on a motherboard that does not have a via chipset, that's a good question but that's why i'm here to know whether or not what i am doing is right, i put it in my checklist because i thought that because it mentioned usb controllers and i had experience with having a via 3108 usb controller in the past with rs200m chipset, i thought it was needed on this build, however, in this particular laptop, it seems that it WAS different and used the ali usb controller and not the via usb controller, hence, making that update i installed either useless or possibly damaging. i only realized just now the usb controller was ali and not via. ali being the older variant of nvidia i believe. oh and the hardware id of the ali usb controller is "PCI\VEN_10B9&DEV_5237"
  20. im gonna see if i can upload the via update in two parts via pci bus fix part 1.zip
  21. i am using the hp pavillion xt115 laptop ( rs200m chipset ) on windows 95 and i am having problems with getting the usb controller to work. after installing xusbsupp, upon reboot, when it tried to install the driver for the controller, labeled ali pci to usb open host controller, it would just freeze the system, could not move mouse cursor, and i had no choice to go into safe mode and uninstall xusbsupp and was able to reboot normally. i was wondering what could be the issues, i tried testing with the usb legacy option in bios enabled and disabled and it made no difference. i was thinking there may be some conflict with the "via pci bus management fix" update that i use, i believe it is only for windows 95 up to osr 2.5 and windows 98 first edition only, the readme just says windows 95 and 98. but yeh, i installed this update before i proceeded with xusbsupp.
  22. thanks for the info, all i wanted to know or be shown is the sort of the same way that other guy had done where he posted a picture of the dependencies in the window, so i can conclude on what i need to do to get those programs working on windows 95 / NT4. i feel that the way that guy did it or showed me is the most straightforward way in the first step to know what needs to be done. the part you mentioned on the common controls thing certainly helped as a starter, but like i just mentioned, i was looking for the window that gives the list of dependencies as shown in the other thread on fable lost chapters. also, i checked "Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Common Controls" which i believe is the same thing you mentioned, and although it doesn't mention windows 95 in the "support" list, i was thinking it might still install on windows 95, as it has the w95inf16.dll and w95inf32.dll files in it, sort of the same way adobe reader 5.1 did not list windows 95 in the support list, yet will still install on windows 95, although i never tested it's actual functionality, i kept 5.05 to be safer. with the common controls thing, i am not sure if i was referring to the same exact thing you mentioned but it seems to be related or installs visual basic 6.0 related files, i was thinking in my head, well, windows 95 does support visual basic 6.0, but the comctl32 part seems to be the part that is uncertain. windows nt is actually listed under the support list for ""Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Common Controls", i do not know if i had this when i tried to install wsc guard 4.0 on windows NT 4.0, but that's a whole different story because i had other frustrating issues in NT4 having to do with permissions, like the program wouldn't finish installing and would complain about not having proper privileges or something like that which i never got a solution to. but here is another thing below from Microsoft that seems to be self explanatory on the functionality of common controls and what it may be: This package is provided under the terms of the End User License Agreement and is intended for the following customers: Customers who are Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and/or Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 licensees. Customers who are not licensees of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 nor Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 but are using older versions of the two Common Controls.
  23. i was wondering if someone can explain to me why i have the errors i have with dependency walker 2.2, occurs in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions when tested on windows 7 and windows 10 64 bit. i am simply trying to check some programs, and it is the installer file "WSC Guard 4.0 WSC Setup", as well as "OdysseyClient" which is odyssey client 4.56. i am a "noob" in general to using dependency walker and all i wanted to know is what dependencies those two programs use, but when i try to open both files, it returns an error of processing issues, specifically saying "No Dos or PE signatures found. this file is not a valid 32 bit or 64 bit module." error, at least one file was not a 32 bit or 64 bit windows module." i went ahead and googled these errors, browsed many sites and forums and could not find any clear solution from anyone to the problem. so i guess my last question was if someone can do me a favor and see what dependencies these two programs need, someone did this for me a while back in the thread below for a game, and so i was hoping someone can do the very same thing, my goal is to find out what these programs require that otherwise would not allow them to install or run properly for windows 95 / NT4. i do not have the link to the odyssey client 4.56 but i do have the wayback machine one for "WSC Guard 4.0 WSC Setup" , first you have to go "https://web.archive.org/web/20050902090217/http://www.wirelesssecuritycorp.com/wsc/public/WPAAssistant.do" and then in the downloads section, click wsc guard to download wsc guard 4.0.
  24. i am sorry i can't answer your initial questions, i am also not familiar with kmeleon web browser nor have i tested that specific version you linked to but judging at a first glance, it seems that it's pretty counter intuitive to have a browser that can't work properly ( at least for youtube ) without having javascript disabled, even if it's said to be more "modern". i know this may derail from your questions but referring from what i said in my earlier post, it would probably be better to get a later firefox or opera version to work properly on 98SE such as opera 12.10 or firefox 21, rather than a mess of the other "custom" compiled browsers that are being distributed, i am not trying to exclude kmeleon, but there are some things unclear on it. i was gonna even bring up windows 95 in this as it seems that not many people do much experimenting on windows 95, i have not tested what appears to be the latest retrozilla / firefox version? it's confusing enough, there are so many different types of web browsers, kmeleon, firezilla, retrozilla, seamonkey, etc, and distribution of them seems to be somewhat unclear / disorganized.

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