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  1. pathwayus69

    Windows 98 Hard drive Cloning

    So I picked up a Compaq Presario 1200 laptop. It has the original os install on it, but the hard drive sounds like its on it's last leg so want to make a clone of it. I picked up a pata to usb adapter so far I have tired Easeus partition master 13.0 and Gparted in linux. Copy partitions over to the new drive then install it into the Presario and all i get is "no operation system found. The drive show up in the bios and if use the boot disk form windows 98 boot disk and run dir for both partitions it show all the files. I have also tried "Fdisk/ MBR" to replace the Master boot record but still no luck.
  2. pathwayus69


    Thanks for the info I will try that out
  3. pathwayus69


    Thanks i've used them a bit but am not crazy about there website layout. Also have been using http://vetusware.com/ but there download rules sucks. Ill give that try my old 98rig and i will also try the me and see if that works.
  4. pathwayus69


    Seem like i was able to use it a few years ago, but just got to working on my older rigs and well some times it not as easy finding older software. The way it goes i guess.
  5. pathwayus69


    I've been trying to use oldaopps.com for a while but none of there files will download. I've tried different web bowers, computers, and different internet connections. Anyone one else have problem? I know there oldversions.com and one other but i don't have the link to it. What sites is everyone else using. Thanks for the input.
  6. pathwayus69

    Compaq 5008us best processor

    Did the bois update last night, Still don't like hard drives over 128gb which isn't a big deal I can throw the 250gb hard drive in a external case.
  7. pathwayus69

    Compaq 5008us best processor

    After doing some more checking. It is a 810 chipset. and the processor is code named coopermine. The bois is less then helpful as it doesn't give the version. Just a date which is 03/05/2001. Which is older then what is listed in the link you sent to me. It also look like it will fix the issue with the 250.gb hard drive not showing up right. I'll see if i can get more info off the board its self. Thanks for the help so far going to installed the new bois in a few, also driver guide has be awesome for getting this computer back up and running.
  8. pathwayus69

    Compaq 5008us best processor

    So I pulled out my first computer and have been restoring it to run old games. As far as I know it a socket 370 800mhz Celeron. I was thinking about picking up a 1.4ghz Pentium Ill socket 370. Found one page that says it only support the 800mhz celeron. Compaq/hp website hasn't been very helpful would welcome any input.
  9. pathwayus69

    New to the forums and a few questions

    Thanks for the link tried adding some of the updates to kernalex but still no luck, i half to be going about something wrong am just not sure what it is.
  10. pathwayus69

    New to the forums and a few questions

    Thanks for every one help so far. Today i installed 98 on vmware for a test bed. I have installed. I have KernelEx installed along with U98sesp3. I tired to install firefox 17 and the install goes fine but when i try to run fire fox i get this error. The MSVCR100.DLL file is linked to missing export Kernell32.DLL:InterlockedPopEntrySList. I have download both Dll files and add them to the system 32 folder but still have the same error. I'm going to try and install Opera 12.02. Any input would be welcomed thanks.
  11. pathwayus69

    New to the forums and a few questions

    Yes it has a card stuck in the pcmcia slot, D-link AirPlus G DWL-G630
  12. Well i picked up a old toshiba 2065cds labtop some time ago. It had windows 98FE on it so I updated it to 98se but couldn't get my net work card to work on it so i formated the hard drive and installed windows 2000 but found it was to much for the labtop to run so i packed it away and forgot about it till I ran across this forum and was shocked to see that people still use 98. So i pulled the labtop back out and have started the 98se install. What I would like it to be able to do is get on the web and load teamspeak so i can see who is talk while am gaming. Am also doing this because i was told it should just be throw in the dump and couldn't do day to day task well I think it can and am going to prove it. . I also download windows98sesp3 look like there a lot of updates and hot fix's. I would welcome people input on what web browers they use and any other app that 98 can run. P.s. Every thing i learned started on windows 98se back in high school.