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  1. Hi Everyone, Long time no see, to say the least! Well, having let this drag on since May without much update or contribution - Bashrat's recent realisation that life is overtaking free time has finally caught up with me too. When I was working in my last job (pre-May 2006) I had enough spare time to devote to RISult and the attention to detail it required. In February or March that year I finally decided to bite the bullet and recode from DOS to VB. However, I hadn't reckoned on the job change that was approaching. I was offered a greatly improved post and salary at a different company and so moved employer with much enthusiasm. However, it soon became apparent that this was an all consuming not-enough-hours-in-the-day affair, without the project time I was used to. I thought I'd be able to work through this initial position and end up with the time I had previously. Regrettably, 7 months along I'm still far from realising this and have had to reserve any development purely for urgent in-house scenarios. I haven't got the reliable or fully functional VB app I'd intended and so have, regrettably, decided to call it a day. Even the code I have now does not work acceptably with Bashrat's new utility. Because of this postion, I have decided that there will be no further public development of RISult from myself . I've looked very briefly at Roguespear's new app and that seems the logical way forward. From previous conversations I know he has to the knowledge and skills to deliver first rate RIS solutions so would advise anyone still using RISult to investigate this. Thanks to everyone that made use of RISult, sorry for letting you down and good luck for the future, Andy ps I will still be around on MSFN from time to time, just not coding too much!
  2. Hi Guys, I've not disappeared entirely... I've just changed job and am busy setting up RIS there, along with a new RIS dev server I've bought for my home. The end result is that I am looking at the new BTS installer and want to get it working with RISult ASAP. I will keep you posted but it's not quite ready yet. I'll post here as soon as I have more news. Cheers, Andy
  3. Hi, I've got a Dell PowerEdge SC430 with 2GB of RAM that I want to install an evaluation copy of server 2k3 x64 on. However, whenever I try I always get the same result. At the end of the first part of text-mode setup, just before the drive partition/formatting options usually appear, the PC bluescreens with no specific information given. I've tried different RAM, various BIOS tweaks and always get the same outcome. If I use server 2003 SP1 (32bit) then everything works fine. I've downloaded the media twice and burnt it on two seperate machines using different media but with no joy. Am I missing something? The mobo doesn't have HW RAID, but could I need another mass storage driver? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  4. Hi, You answered your own question. Just create as many customised copies of ristndrd.sif files as you like. As long as they're in the templates folder and they have the .SIF extension, everything will be fine. The actual file name is not important. Cheers, Andy
  5. Hi, You may well be right. I'll look into it as soon as I have a new host. I have no control over my old host for the moment, as I've just changed job in the last two weeks, and my previous host was my last employer... (also hence my lack of appearances/activity/updates). Thanks for clearing that one up. Cheers, Andy
  6. Hi, I haven't got the time to completely trouble shoot this at the moment, but it could be related to the previous issues mentioned in this thread. I suggest that you install the latest stable version of 7-zip on your PC, then copy the 7z.exe from the 7-zip program folder over the copy in RISult's ...\BTS folder. Then re-run RISult. Let me know how it goes. Cheers, Andy
  7. Hi all, Some of you may know that I've got a new job, and so my current employer will no longer be able to host RISult for me. As such, I'm doing a couple of things: 1. Changing from .zip to .7z compression method in order increase compression efficiency. 2. Looking for new hosting. The download links for RISult may therefore be changing shortly, so please be patient. Thanks, Andy ps - There will be more drastic changes in store when Bashrat releases his new utility...
  8. Hi, Check out the FAQ on creating your own driver pack: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=56824 Also, I would concentrate on just integrating the driver, rather than the asscoiated utilities too. The unofficial 32-bit driverpacks thread contains a HP printer driverpack (originally put together by myself), which has, amongst other things, the driver you want within it. Good Luck, Andy
  9. Hi, That's weird, as the only file that's used AFAIK is 7z.exe. Anyhow, I'll investigate and see if I can't reproduce. Cheers, Andy
  10. Hi, You shouldn't have to install 7zip on your RIS server, so something's else must be wrong. I suspect this also has something to do with the other errors you're getting. Can I check that you're using: Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise SP1 (RIS server) Windows XP Professional SP2 (client) You are using vanilla XP file sets (i.e. straight from CD) and not nlited, etc? That you have read the instructions enclosed with RISult. Also, can you please copy the 7z.exe file from the z-zip program folder to the RISult BTS folder (overwriting the existing 7z.exe) and then uninstall 7-zip through Add/Remove programs? This will show whether it is the 7z.exe file itself that is the issue. Cheers, Andy
  11. Hi, Correct. RISult does the extraction, you don't need to. I can't think why it's not working for you. Could you please try going to the 7zip homepage and downloading the latest stable 7zip? Having done that, extract it and drop 7z.exe into the BTS folder (overwriting the one supplied with RISult)? It may be something I've somehow missed with the version of RISult I've included, though I used it last week without incidence. Hopefully, that should be the end of it. If it does fix the issue for you, I'll update the RISult download ASAP. Cheers, Andy
  12. Hi, Can you try downloading the BASE pack again? It sounds like it may be corrupt. I've not seen that error before. The BASE file should be in the BTS folder. The DriverPacks should be in the DriverPacks_Store folder. Failing all of the above, try re-downloading RISult in case that got corrupted somehow. Let me know how it goes, Andy
  13. Hi Pete, Yep - you're right, I should have spotted that one! OEMPreinstall=Yes is what you needed. Glad everything worked out for you. Cheers, Andy
  14. Hi, The problem is that the script can't find robocopy. The quick answer is to copy the robocopy.exe to system32 (or somewhere else in the path). If you can't find it in DP Base then you can get robocopy from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit (if memory serves) which is a free download. Good luck, Andy
  15. Hi, Do you mean text mode setup network/mass storage drivers, or GUI mode drivers (i.e. Graphics, Sound, etc).? Also, can you confirm whether a missing $OEM$ folder was the reason for your build issues, as stated in my previous post to you? Thanks, Andy
  16. Hi, This isn't much help, but all of our PCs default to the local computer instead of a domain after build has completed. So it may be standard behaviour. Can I ask - do you need to log on with credentials other than local Admin? If not, then you can do the logon through the SIF file only (as we do). Cheers, Andy
  17. HI, No problem. I use "cmdlines.txt" too. Just place cmdlines.txt into the \\...\Custom\$OEM$ folder before executing RISult. By default anything you call in your cmdlines.txt will default to this folder as the path, so if you're referencing a file through cmdlines.txt that's not located within $OEM$, make sure you get the path right. Custom.cmd is not required for such a customisation (I used to use it for big changes such as dynamically compiling and slipstreaming the recovery console). Good luck, Andy
  18. Hi Pete, This is driving me crazy. What I don't understand is that you've confirmed that "cleanup.cmd" is present in \...\RIS_Install\$OEM$\$$. If this is so it should definately get copied to C:\WINDOWS (that's the purpose of Microsoft's $$ folder). In the SIF file cleanup.cmd is executed via: [GUIRunOnce] command11 = %windir%\cleanup.cmd Given this it should be found. The only reasons it wouldn't work is if: 1. You don't copy the $OEM$ folder (along with the i386 folder) to your RIS server. The $OEM$ and i386 folders should be placed within the same folder on your RIS server. Can you confirm this is so as it is now my number one guess why things are not working for you? See RISult_Instructions.txt for more information if required. ** - POST-INTEGRATION TASKS - ** When RISult is completed you will need to perform two further tasks: 1. Copy the i386 and $OEM$ folders from RIS_Install back to the appropriate folder on the RIS server 2. Restart the BINLSVC service on the RIS server (type "NET STOP binlsvc" THEN "NET START binlsvc" at a cmd prompt) 2. You don't have cleanup.cmd in \...\RIS_Install\$OEM$\$$ (but your previous posts show you do). 3. You don't have permission to write that file to that location and/or to execute it. But you say you do. Can you think of any other reason you'd get: C:\WINDOWS\Cleanup.cmd Windows cannot find 'C:\WINDOWS\Cleanup.cmd'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and then click search. I feel the reason for this anomolous error is at the heart of why your drivers aren't installing, as well as the other file not found issues you highlighted. If we've still not got this then I'll post one of my SIF files for you to try. Please let me know what you think. Andy
  19. Hi, I strongly suggest that you have alook at Microsoft's TechNet articles on RIS. It is important to understand the differences between RIPREP and RISETUP as only when you know this will you be able to get a good understanding of how to process. Good luck, Andy
  20. Hi, If you want to go the BartPE route, check out: http://tomspeirs.co.uk/bartpeonris.htm It's instructions on how to get it all working via RIS from my colleague. We use it here and it works very nicely indeed. Cheers, Andy
  21. Hi, I'm glad (for your sake) that you're using RISETUP because as you say, RIPREP is a PITA. I had similar experiences with older Broadcom 57xx drivers. You should be able to use up to date generic drivers from Broadcom's site if the Dell variant fails. I administer many Dell boxes and it's all I use. Good luck, Andy
  22. Hi, Can you supply more information please? Specifically are we talking RISETUP or RIPREP images? Also, have you updated the Broadcom gigabit drivers used in the i386 folder (for RISETUP images) to the latest 8.48e version (they can be downloaded from Broadcom's website). Be sure to follow the instructions for modifying them for RIS use (see Broadcom FAQ or http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=72703). I'm no RIPREP expert, but I reckon if that's what you're using then you may have to reimage. Cheers, Andy
  23. Hi, I'm a little stumped. I'll have to go and perform a RISult build just to convince myself that there's nothing wrong with my application, though it has been working fine as far as I can tell. I'll get back to you when I can confirm everything is ok. *** EDIT Just built a RISult image and all drivers installed fine, no errors etc *** I can only think we're still missing something about the way in which you put your build together or that there's some level of access/permission that you do not have on your finished systems, which is preventing the build from finishing correctly. Can you confirm that your %systemdrive% is C: and how many partitions you have on your completed machine? Cheers, Andy
  24. Hi, Can you confirm what type of RIS install you're trying (RISETUP or RIPREP). Can you also confirm if you're using a vanilla Windows CD to create your RIS image, or an already modified unattended CD/DVD? Cheers, Andy
  25. Hi, Can you post more details of your system hardware? Also, do you use Bashrat's driverpacks? Andy

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