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  1. Hi Guys I hope some of you could help me with a question Im about to move 900+ users (winXP and Win2K machines) from domain A (W2k3) to domain B (W2k3) New domain B is in place and im using ADMT to migrate the AD accounts etc. My plan was to use USMT to migrate their local profiles. Its easy enough to run a scanstate, join new domain and then a loadstate manually. This works fine, I would just love to automate this. The goal is to have as little user interaction as possible. Any ideas how to script this? The usmt documentation is rather limited about the batch process. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Thanks for this great tool. Can't wait to try it out. I have a question though: I have a working RIS setup which after the installation will launch a few runonceex jobs and reg files through CMDLINES.TXT How do I preserve this setup with RISULT? In the documentation it says I have to create a CUSTOM.CMD file and call scripts from that. But can I just leave it the way it is now and proceed without all this custom.cmd stuff? Thanks!
  3. Multiple physical machines

    Hi indy I got WinPE legally (through a Microsoft Software Insurance contract) so im really excited about giving it a try in the near future. The plan is to deploy Vista through WinPE next year. regards and thanks again Drakhan
  4. Multiple physical machines

    This was exactly what I needed. That was some kickass help there indy. Im in awe Im really excited about trying out the powers in WinPE. Had any experience with WinPe and installing WinXP etc?
  5. Multiple physical machines

    I see your point but how will you eg. install lets say a specific application (not a driver) for a specific hw model with RISult? Thanks
  6. Multiple physical machines

    Thanks a lot. I would prefere a simple script that would do what I originally wrote. Its very important for me not to be dependent on another persons work like RISult, RyanVMs or Bashrat's driverpack. So if anyone can help me with a simple script like described in my original post i'd be more than happy.
  7. Hello guys I have a working RIS setup which I have used for years but over the last years the amount of physical machines has grow too much to keep making a new image for every new physical machine. What I have done so far is just to create a image for eg. a IBM T43 and then one for a Dell D610 etc. After then installation I install the different custom apps for the specific model through a runonce bla bla bla. (Like special WiFi or audio drivers for the Dell etc) What I would want is only one image and then somewhere in the process I need a script that will identify the model type and then install the specific drivers for that model. Its not a problem for me to have all the drivers for both models in the i386 folder is more for those special applications that have to be installed when the OS is running. (eg special powermanagement tools for an IBM etc) So basically I need some sort of script that I can call from eg. cmdlines.txt that will identify my hardware model and then launch another script named after which hardware its running on so the right apps will be installed. (Its not like I have just the IBM and the Dell its more like 20 different hardware models) Hope this makes sense. If any of you got some ideas I would be very happy
  8. Thank you very much. I will try this right away.
  9. Hi folks I have made a unattended Windows XP image with sysprep and everything. Works like a charm so thats nice. Im having one problem though When im trying to add some graphic drivers for a Dell D610 with a simple bat scrip (setup -s) it hangs forever due to Windows own "Found new hardware" Wizard. It simply pops up in the front and it seems that my bat script is ignored untill I manually remove the "found new hardware" wizard screen. Dunno if I made myself clear but feel free to ask Thanks in advance.
  10. Do you smoke

    Im not a smoker but I plan to start next year.