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  1. Yes i have tried the NTLite but the options are greyed out... it seems to me that it is not possible to remove those!?!?
  2. I would like to know if it is possible to remove Cortana, One Drive and Windows Store apps from Windows image. To remove them with nLite completely from installation image!?
  3. Thank you for your quick answer.... i just forgot to say that I want to create mail server internaly....virtualbox....my goal is to have internal mail server for my virtual network
  4. I'm a total newb with win servers and i wanted to know if i install the SMTP feature in windows server does that mean that users on my domain can create email accounts? I don't get it how does that work? I know that SMTP is a protocol (simple mail transfer protocol) so as i see it....that's not enough to create emails..... anyone please help!?
  5. I've integrated all of this so that is the reason why it's do big: IE11-Windows6.3-KB2953522-x64.msu 15,53 MbIE11-Windows8.1-KB2956283-x64.msu 7,23 MbWindows8.1-KB2843630-v3-x64.msu 0,82 MbWindows8.1-KB2862152-x64.msu 1,84 MbWindows8.1-KB2868626-x64.msu 1,86 MbWindows8.1-KB2876331-x64.msu 1,07 MbWindows8.1-KB2883200-x64.msu 224,82 MbWindows8.1-KB2884846-x64.msu 9,77 MbWindows8.1-KB2887595-v2-x64.msu 142,45 MbWindows8.1-KB2892074-x64.msu 0,66 MbWindows8.1-KB2893294-x64.msu 0,26 MbWindows8.1-KB2894853-x64.msu 4,67 MbWindows8.1-KB2898871-x64.msu 35,39 MbWindows8.1-KB2899189-x64.msu 14,04 MbWindows8.1-KB2900986-x64.msu 0,20 MbWindows8.1-KB2901128-x64.msu 5,01 MbWindows8.1-KB2902892-x64.msu 0,76 MbWindows8.1-KB2903939-x64.msu 47,17 MbWindows8.1-KB2904266-x64.msu 1,11 MbWindows8.1-KB2909210-x64.msu 0,61 MbWindows8.1-KB2909569-x64.msu 0,66 MbWindows8.1-KB2911106-x64.msu 65,80 MbWindows8.1-KB2912390-x64.msu 3,87 MbWindows8.1-KB2913152-x64.msu 0,48 MbWindows8.1-KB2913270-x64.msu 4,22 MbWindows8.1-KB2913760-x64.msu 1,26 MbWindows8.1-KB2916036-x64.msu 1,22 MbWindows8.1-KB2917929-x64.msu 2,13 MbWindows8.1-KB2917993-x64.msu 0,53 MbWindows8.1-kb2919355-x64.msu 690,78 MbWindows8.1-KB2919394-x64.msu 46,98 MbWindows8.1-KB2919442-x64.msu 10,22 MbWindows8.1-KB2920189-x64.msu 0,19 MbWindows8.1-KB2922229-x64.msu 1,70 MbWindows8.1-KB2923300-x64.msu 10,44 MbWindows8.1-KB2923528-x64.msu 0,23 MbWindows8.1-KB2923768-x64.msu 11,05 MbWindows8.1-KB2925418-x64.msu 34,17 MbWindows8.1-KB2926765-x64.msu 13,26 MbWindows8.1-KB2928680-x64.msu 21,02 MbWindows8.1-KB2929961-x64.msu 0,60 MbWindows8.1-KB2930275-x64.msu 2,06 MbWindows8.1-KB2931366-x64.msu 0,71 MbWindows8.1-KB2939087-x64.msu 1,19 MbWindows8.1-KB2939153-x64.msu 4,81 MbWindows8.1-KB2950153-x64.msu 0,37 MbWindows8.1-KB2954879-x64.msu 0,27 MbWindows8.1-KB2955164-x64.msu 97,38 MbWindows8.1-KB2956575-x64.msu 12,84 MbWindows8.1-KB2957151-x64.msu 10,06 MbWindows8.1-KB2957390-x64.msu 1,73 MbWindows8.1-KB2958262-x64.msu 2,14 MbWindows8.1-KB2959977-x64.msu 2,76 MbWindows8.1-KB2962140-x64.msu 2,42 MbWindows8.1-KB2965065-x64.msu 0,56 MbMy goal was that when i install windows on a computer that you don't need to download any updates at all. Is that possible anyway???
  6. i have successfully integrated all updates in windows 8.1 pro x64 image and the size of my image is over 5.1 Gb Is that ok???

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