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  1. [Desktops] 2003

    It means that it takes 712KB (room) on the hard disk
  2. Sound or No sound?

    No sound please lol it's disturbing my quietness
  3. Windows XP

    I can just suggest you after all these manipulations that you should go to the Windows update website to download the last patch concerning compatibillity with more cd burners for the Windows XP integrated burning program. Your drive is probably not recognized by your default Windows XP installation, i suggest you to apply sp1 patch and all patches that correct compatibility issues, including windows xp compatibility program. Good luck to you and tell me if it works. I think it should help you.
  4. Happy b'day Crispy :)

    Happy Birthday Crispy May you have all you want, be happy all your life
  5. Your Connection Speed

  6. shutdown/restart wtf

    - If you have Easy CD Creator 5 installed, uninstall it and use another burning software or apply the last patch !! - Right click on my computer than properties, than advanced, than start and recuperation (3rd option) You deselect all the options in the second menu. Then ok, apply and so on. - If you still have problem, go in your BIOS menu and disable BIOS Video cache and BIOS memory cache able (easy to find just try all the entries, can't give you the exact menu cause it's different for all the motherboards) - You could have an IRQ problem too. Go in My Computer's properties and check if there are IRQ errors.
  7. best fire wall eva

    ZoneAlarm Pro 4 cause it's the simply the best, it has blocked 36000 intrusions since install, never had problems with it, blocks everything, is really flexible, easy-to-use and has a pretty and useful interface, cotaining all the informations you need A must have for everyone (i'm not an employee of Zone Labs don't worry lol)
  8. Whats your ISP?

    My internet service providder is Wanadoo (cause i live in France). It's the main provider in my country. I actually have DSL 512Kbits/s (i pay 45 € per month) and unlimited, but i'll switch to Free ADSL 1024kbits/s unlimited for only 29,99 € per month.
  9. How often are you on the PC?

    I stay 12-14 hours in front nof my computer I like it too much. I can't say i have a life but i like how i spend my time : developping my website, surfing the internet to find useful informations and tips, increasing my knowledge about computing, managing my network, helping my little brother to do things on the computer, and so on And i'm preparing myself for the computing high school, will be hard but i'll handle it I like computing too much, i can say it's the thing i like the most in the world
  10. How often are you on this forum?

    I'm logged on on the forum approximatively 10-12 hours per day, i check this site every 30 min like AaronXP to know all the news and the news topics on the forum I have this website (the news page and the forum page) set as web elements on my desktop, so they synchronise every 10 min So i can say that i stay on this website as long as i stay in front of my computer
  11. 800 mg TDK cds nero and windows xp helpp

    Hi I think i know the solution of this problem (i must speak english becouse we're on an english forum, the best one ) First i suggest you to download the last version of nero Burning Rom on the official web site (it will be free for you) Then try to burn, if it doesn't work, that means that you'll have to upgrade your burner firmware to a newer version. Just wait a few days and the manufacturers will release a firmware upgrade to allow you to burn 800Mo CD's. It's the only solution But it will work Just wait a few days, becouse 800Mo TDK CD's are new (i have 5 of them, i'm waiting for a firmware upgrade for my burner Yamaha CRW2200E 20x/10x/40x) if you have more questions, just ask them It was a pleasure to talk to a french man
  12. DVD to CDR

    I would suggest you to use DVD Rippack (http://rippack.bheller.com). It's very very simple to use, try last version v16.1 You should try this prog to convert your DVD movies to one, two, three, and so on CDs
  13. free firewalls?

    I think the only problem with ZoneAlarm Pro (the normal version is a little crappy, it doesn't have much functions, but when it's free, hehe, it's not as good as when you pay ) is that it takes a really long time to load at startup with windows and is not fully compatible with windows XP (sometimes there are bugs, like bad performances, or even crashes, but it doesn't happen often). But ZoneAlarm Pro has been tested many times by lots of magazines, websites, and so on. And it appears to be the best to block outside intrusions and hackers. For example mine, who is installed on my computer, has blocked since install 56847 intrusions So it can't be bad I really would suggest you to take the free version if you don't want to pay, the other free firewalls are not as efficient as ZoneAlarm. Really.
  14. also becca sig

    The second photo is more beautiful Pink rulez as a background And the car rocks (i love BMW but i better like big invincible american cars hehe)
  15. fav antivirus

    The best antivirus and firewall for me is : Antivirus : Antivirus Profi Packet AntivirusKit 12 Pro, cause it is using 2 engines to detect viruses : KAV (Kasperky Antivirus) one (detecting ALL the viruses in a list of 6989 during a test on a very serious french website) and RAV engine. So dual detecting engines = a lot of security Firewall : ZoneAlarm Pro cause it's the best I've never had problems, no quarantines cause the antivirus managed to clean all the infected files