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  1. Vista updates and Feature-Packs

    Actually, you could let vLite do its job & then add the updates manually. Or you could add in the updates & then customise down your *.WIM with vLite.... I must be doing somenthing wrong. Can't get the cab file installed. I see that Vista already has pkgmgr in it, but also downloaded the one in the link above, and it is the same one. Here is the command I typed in CMD (run as Admin). start /w pkgmgr /ip /m:e:\temp\dreamscene\dreamscene.cab /s:e:\temp\sandbox Would like to get this installed as I don't want to install Dreamscene via update everytime I redo Vista.
  2. I played a bit with Vista build 5384, and most of my software and games ran on it, except some very old games. DivX 6 work fine, my Winfast PVR software also work, and my sound drivers worked 50%, only have stereo and Vista didn't even pick up my nvidia mobo and soundcard. I took off Vista because my Logitech Racing wheel didn't work under it. Now this weekend I tried out build 5536, and the installation is quicker and vista is more stable, but that is it. They went a step backward with software compatibility. My WInfast PVR software works only in WinXP compatibility mode, without it I only get a black screen. DivX runs, but converter gives errors at the end of a conversion and DivX Player is flickering the whole time. Deamon Tools doesn't install, in 5384 it worked. Quake 4 installs, but doesn't run, tried win98 compatilibilty, it starts then complains about opengl. So then took build 5536 off, installed 5384, installed all my software, tested it and it worked, Then upgraded to 5536, took 3 years (being sarcastic) to upgrade, then my performance score was lower, deamon tools gives errors now, can't uninstall it, but the funny thing is that DivX is still working. Now why didn't it work on a clean install of 5536. Vista looks great and much nicer than WinXp, but if hardly any old your old software is going to work in it, then Microsoft has some serious work still to do.
  3. what's your computer's performance?

    I get 3.4 in Build 5536. Then installed build 5384 and upgraded to build 5536, now only getting 3.2. Out of what is this score, 10, 10, 100???
  4. Logitech in Vista

    I have a Logitech Force EX Steering Wheel, and I don't see any beta drivers from Logitech anyware. My steering wheel has no force feedback using the default Microsoft Drivers and also can't customize any buttons in NFS. When installing the XP drivers, it sees it as a Force RX Steering wheel, and the logitech calibration software doesn't work. In NFS the controls goes crazy and you can hardly make any selections in the menus. Any one else have problems with Logitech gaming hardware in Vista? PS! This was one Beta2, got Build 5536 now, must still install & try it out.
  5. Vista Miscellany

    I like the new interface, but must admit that the new start menu is a bit slow when you quickly need to launch a program, it doesn't flow as nicely as the xp one. One thing I liked in the Longhorn Alpha was when you were in a picture folder, when you hovered over a picture, it zoomed the picture by about 300%, I see this feature is removed from Vista Beta1.
  6. Monitor broken

    I never had this problem with my old monitor and you can go into safe mode or vga mode, because even during post and boot up it shows these funny lines.
  7. Monitor broken

    I found the problem. Friday night I adjusted the OSD settings on my 19 inch Gigabyte monitor, rebooted for something and the screen went all funny again. I managed to get my monitor to factory settings again, and it worked. So my conclusion is that the OSD settings are very sensitive and it looks like the monitor's width and height doesn't like to be set to far. Just happy that I found the cause of the problem.
  8. Monitor broken

    My 17 inch monitor has been going strong for about 8 years. My monitor switches off after 20 minutes (Windows power settings in control panel). 4 weeks ago when I got to my pc and moved the mouse to get the pc to wake up, the monitor stayed off. It gets power, as the power light is burning, but nothing shows on screen. I unplugged it and left it for a few hours and even days, but still no luck. So I got my brother's monitor and it works fine. So conclusion if my 17 inch is broken. So 2 weeks ago I go and buy a Gigabyte 19 inch. For 12 days it worked perfect. On Monday afternoon I get to my pc, move the mouse to have the screen come on and something similar happened. The screen came on, but showed black & white lines (similar to when you choose a resolution that the monitor doesn't support) all over and you can't see a thing on the screen. I used different power cables, plugged the power into the wall and not through the pc that is connect the a UPS. Still nothing. Got a laptop to test the monitor, same thing show on the screen, black and white lines. The day (about 24 hours later), I switched my pc on just to make sure the monitor is broken before I pack it in its box to take back to the shop where I bought it, there the monitor works again. No how is this possible and what could be the reason for the 1 monitor to pack up from sleep mode and the other to show the lines but work again the next day?
  9. Office 2003 from Office XP

    Has no one seen this problem on Office 2003?
  10. Yesterday at work I got IT to bring me the new Office 2003 Professional Edition CD. I uninstalled Office XP and did a complete install of Office 2003 Pro. Now everything went fine, Outlook picked up all my old settings, personal folders etc. Now the problems. Office didn't create a Outlook Icon on the desktop, had to create my own shortcut. The overall look of Outlook is that nice standard blue, but the inside where is shows your e-mail, or even when you open an e-mail, its all grey, like the way Outlook XP looked. So it combined the look of XP & 2003. Now is there a way to fix this, to get rid of the XP look inside 2003. Office XP is running on these machines. This also happened on other machine where Office 2003 was installed over Office XP. The only time this doesn't happen, is when you do a installation from scratch, with no previous setting of any Office on Windows XP.
  11. Will a USB 1.1 PCI card work together with your USB 2.0 that is onboard the motherboard? I currently have a USB 1.1 Card installed in my machine, but disabled the onboard USB. Have not tried to enable yet, don't have time to fiddle with XP if the thing does crash because of it.
  12. Unstable nForce2 System

    Very interesting. I also have 'n n-force 2 mobo, and have a lot of trouble with my ISDN USB modem dropping my internet connection when doing something on the pc. Wonder if it also maybe has something to do with the nvidia n-force drivers.
  13. Isdn - Windows Xp Problem

    Okay, I still have this problem. My landline provider confirmed that there is no problem with my line, and my ISP has also said they have no users experiencing this problem. Now I have connected to the internet using Window ME, and I can go crazy, surf, type, copy, paste etc, and my connection stays connected. Try doing any of the above mentioned on windows xp, 2000, 2003, the line drops to 0kb/s and stays there. I have to disconnect and re-connect to continue surfing. Now why would the modem work fine on WinMe, but not on the NT platform?
  14. Isdn - Windows Xp Problem

    I have tried to search for ISDN modem strings, but can't any for my modem. Something interesting I have found out on my everyday hangout place, that two other guys in the VW Club of South Africa, has the exact same modem as me, and they experience the same problems as me. Here is the link if anyone wants to go and read: http://forum.vwclub.co.za/cgi-bin/forum/ik...st=0#entry36038 Now one guy says it must be drivers, which I don't believe is the case, as this problem only started like a month ago, and before that I had no problems. It looks to be our Telephone line provider (TELKOM), and not Windows or the ISPs.
  15. Isdn - Windows Xp Problem

    Hi guys I run Windows XP with SP1a on a AMD Athlon XP 2600+, with a billionton USB ISDN modem. I run DU Meter to show me exactly what is happening to my connection. Now the problem: When I connect to 128K, I can surf for a while, and suddenly nothing happens, the one line drops and stays on 64K. DU Meter show no incoming traffic. Sometimes the one line will come back and start downloading again, but most of the time nothing happens. I disconnect, re-dial, get the message saying no dial tone. Reboot Windows, reconnect, connect fine. Now the other thing I have noticed, when you nothing on XP, and let say for instance let Getright download all your files overnight or even anytime, I stay connected. But as soon as I do something on XP, like open a program, a minute or two later, you see the connection drops on DU Meter, and sometimes after that the line disconnects. Now what the hell can this be? SP1a? I even did a clean install this weekend, problem still exists.