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  1. "create a very dangerous virus that will infect from Windows 9x to Windows 10 or hack the Microsoft site" Gosh, you're a creep. None of this is possible, site was closed for a reason - nobody used it.
  2. You can still use Program Manager in XP SP1 and (I'm 90% sure) copy it to SP3 - but on XP you can run at least… anything?
  3. I've changed HDD, installed 98 and 2000 - AoE works on 2k, but not on 98 ._.
  4. http://web.archive.org/web/20020126104430/http://blizzard.com/diablo2exp/ Single-Player PC System Requirements Requirements the Full Version of Diablo II Windows® 2000*, ME, XP, 95, 98 or NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 Pentium® 233 or equivalent 64 MB RAM 800MB available hard drive space (in addition to original Diablo II Multiplayer install). 4X CD-ROM drive DirectX™ compatible video card
  5. AOE requires 800x600, not 1024x768 (which I have), latest drivers from 2001, color depth is changed, Alt+Tab doesn't help at all, in dxdiag it's a problem with DirectDraw, but it passes all tests (?).
  6. I don't think it's a problem, but, well, I haven't tried Russian translation yet ;w; EDIT: Tried, nothing changed.
  7. It's already patched; I have both base game and an expansion pack.
  8. Yes, AOE2 works on W7 (if you kill explorer.exe), but that's not a point - when I use W7 laptop, my mother has only that 98 machine. Well, Kolekcja Klasyki version is already patched, isn't it? .-. Game automatically changes res and depth. Windows 98 is the best AV - how can I accidentally get a virus for 98 today? So, no, nothing should disturb. Game hangs after intro appears, I also tried deleting AVI folder - same thing. None default settings (well, it's only two settings - volume and resolution, 800x600 by default) can causes problems.
  9. Acer TravelMate 525TE, P3 700 MHz, ATi Rage M1 8 MB VRAM, 256 MB RAM, 98 was 98lited, DX7 When I start the game, intro movies appear and when it should show main menu, I get black screen instead and I need to kill the process via Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  10. I'd install 4.0.950 (95B if HDD size>2 GB) on this. You won't use 98 only apps/games - 3D Rage II is compatible with DirectX 5 only, web browsing is impossible on that and 95 has lower req than 98.
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