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  1. Hmm, maybe this: http://toastytech.com/files/cruzerwin95.html Ah, and the USB supplement can be installed on the original Win95B as well.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! That is a very good point, oscareczek. I've checked the games I intend to install and yes, they all should work fine in Win95, and they require DirectX 5 (which matches the video card). I don't intend to do much browsing, but I would like to use an internet connection to download some utilities from websites such as http://www.mdgx.com. I.e. websites designed for old browsers, perhaps not even using CSS, only plain HTML. So I guess even IE5.5 on Win95 would work. :-) What about the USB mass storage support though? I guess I need Win95B osr2.1 or Win95C for any kind of USB support. But then I would need an alternative to MrMateczko's link. - http://www.technical-assistance.co.uk/kb/usbmsd98.php
  3. I'm installing Win98SE on a Pentium I (200MHz, 64MB RAM, 4MB ATI 3D Rage II) It seems there are many update/upgrade packs available and some of them partly overlap. (Auto-Patcher, wupg98en-AFL, 98SE2ME, U98SESP3, etc) Could anyone here recommend which patches/packs to install and in which order? Some info on my plans/wishes: - Change SYS files to create dual boot option to pure DOS (for DOS gaming) - Install some Windows 98 games as well (DirectX needed, probably not 9.0c, but that would be fine) - Use Windows to download some game patches/system software (simple website browsing+download) - Use Windows to read USB flash drives (mass storage support would be useful) - I don't know if I really need KernelEx stuff. However, if it will add support for a browser that will run on this hardware, that would be nice.
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