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  1. 22" Lcd Monitor

    The way I see it. If you are going to buy local at a Bestbuy. Buy the monitor, take it home and give it a try. From what I know they will let you return it within X amount of days if you're not happy with it. Double check on their return policy. If you were doing this online at newegg or your choice here. I would do all the research I could before ordering. Given the option to take it home and then return it if needed. I call this buy and try. I know most will not agree with this. Then again, if we all agreed on everything then we wouldn't be here now would we.
  2. As I understand it, the workgroup must be the same on all computers in order to see each other.
  3. Invalid CD Key?

    I've only gotten an invalid CD key after slipping the beta release of SP3. You didn't by chance do that did you?
  4. Dual Core questions

    Care to tell us a little more about your system? What graphics card are you running? How much memory? From what I know, COD2 can be very demanding on your PC if you try and run its setting on high.
  5. Case fan

    Here's what I have. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811999344 I have two of these in my case. One intake and one exhaust.. The original fans I bought with my case, just could not keep up with my cooling requirements. They were quiet, but having a couple of 8800gtx running in SLI need air, not silence. As long as the noise doesn't bother you, they will move a lot of air. Then again, they have a speed control on them. So you are able to slow them to 800 rpms if you wish.
  6. Apache question

    I use webmin on my ubuntu server. Not sure what OS you're running it on. http://www.webmin.com/download.html
  7. Do all Vista editions Require Activation & Wga?

    Not sure about WGA. Activation is required... If you're not connected to the net you'll have to use the phone to activate.
  8. Vista Key

    Not positive on this. I believe you can install vista for 30 days without using a key.
  9. Need to upgrade Video card

    That a alot to pay to stay with AGP.... Your link to your current card does not work so I can't say much about it.
  10. Call Of Duty 2 problems

    Not sure about the problem you are having..... Trying to run COD2 on integrated video is going to tough.
  11. For a few extra dollars I would.... I would say without a doubt that its going to be better than what comes on it.
  12. Vista System Rating Score!

    Here's mine.... Had this PC together for about a month now....
  13. Using GPS On a Plane

    As I understand it, electronics are to be turned off for takeoff and landings. You are allowed to turn them back on once you are in the air.
  14. How to: Change your DEFAULT Boot.ini settings

    I'm sure most appreciate the info you are sharing... However it sounds as if most (possibly me included) are not geekish enough to quite follow exactly how you did this. I can understand this confusion myself, most of us would use a separate HD or partition the one we have. I'll ask at the risk of sounding like an id***....(maybe late for that.) As I understand it. You create your stock(ish) XP and install it. This one has the modified TXTSETUP.SIF as you have mentioned. You've left all the default settings as is. Now, on your gamers edition of XP. You change all of your default locations using Nlite (great tool Nuhi) so they do not have any effect on your stock(ish) install default locations. This way you have installed XP twice on the same HD without either one having conflicts with the other one. Now, do you edit the TXTSETUP.SIF for both installs? I would assume the first one on the list is the first one you installed. Stock being first and gamer second by your example. I could be way off on this but to help make it clear I feel I should ask. Thank you..