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    Thankyou so much Kelsenellenelvian, Perfect
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    I have a windows xp sp2 cd, is there a windows update/hotfix package i can download to bring it up to date? or do i need to download them from microsoft and integrate them myself using nlite?? I know windows xp sp3 is out soon, would i be better off going this route (if its possible)?? Thanks in advance DaveB
  3. Same here!! After playing a bit more with this i decided to install MediaPortal to see what was going on, before doing what Dexter suggested. MediaPortal installed fine so i went to configuration to set up my TV-Card (Nova-t 500 DT) But it couldent create a graph and bda tuning space etc, for my device. So, once this has been sorted we could then at least move on to what Dexter suggested. I still think the tv-card needs more work before moving on. p.s Thanks Dexter for your time and effort
  4. Would it be possible to copy over vista media center to ws2008?? I copied the ehome folder over, but am guessing you need to do more than just this, maybe some services need starting and some reg enteries need adding. Anybody tried?

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