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  1. Could someone help me to restore HYPER-V removed with install_wim_tweak? Maybe I can extract the packages from another WIndows 10 or maybe there is another method... Please help, I need it for work purpose!
  2. Unfortunately, not yet. The easiest integration method i can think of is all-users install and os capture into install.wim. Well, is there any guide to do that? Because I never integrate application into Install.wim. I believe the installer will modify something on registry to start the menu.
  3. Thanks Tihiy, my first step will be bought the 2 or 5 licenses key. Then, I would like to integrate into Windows 8 image using the classic $OEM$ dir. Just a question. Is there any silent installation switch? Like "setup.exe /s"
  4. Guys, is it possibile to remove the arrows for each application present in start menu? I believe it's the list of the latest files opened with these application, but this slowdown the Start Menu. I tried to uncheck the Recent Fields but without success... Thanks Lucas
  5. johnhc, thanks for your fast reply, I only integrate SP3 on a fresh Windows XP Pro "SP0" using nlite then install it on VirtualPC using my genuine serial. After a lots of test and a lots of Windows installation I discover the problem, thanks also to newsposter but too late I running nlite on Windows Vista 64 Bit. Ok I know, there are tons of posts that alert us to "do not run nlite on vista", but there are also many other posts that claims victory on f*****ng vista os. I tried to set as "Windows XP SP2 compatibility" and run nlite as Administrator as msfn users, but no lucky! Maybe tricks doesn't work on 64bit.
  6. Hello guys, I'm trying to slipstream SP3 into a ORIGINAL Windows CD using nlite. ORIGINAL cd means oginal (and genuine) version from 2002 year, no service pack, modification or update was applied to this CD! Slipstream seem goes ok, but after installation on first screen (logon screen) I got a strange error: "Can't login license error" or something like this, and then caome back to Login Window! That's strange because with nlite I only slipstream SP without apply anything else, and of couse I'm using genuine key! Did I need to integrate SP1 and THEN SP3?? Or can I integrate directly SP3?? Can you please help me? Thanks!
  7. Ok... Find a different solution... Just copy all .ink files into following directory: ....\$OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch Then apply regitry setting using CMDLINES.TXT... It Works! Thanks are flying to Mihai_m !!!
  8. Thanks Mihai_m, but please can you explain me how to copy .Ink file into quick launch folder during installation?? Then I also modify registry setting to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Streams\Desktop] To apply those settings to all user!
  9. Thanks! Tested it with cmdlines.txt method but "show desktop icon" is gone, I can see only Internet explorer icon on Quick Launch....
  10. Hello, I just nlited XP + SP3, plus some tricks!! It works very well.... Now I've a question?? Is there a way to enable "Quick Launch Bar" ??? I double checked nlite config, but I can't find anything for activate it.... Did I miss it??
  11. smsc

    Slipstream SP1 fails

    Same problem here... Using: - vLite-1.1.6.b - Vista Ultimate ITALIAN language - SP1: Windows6.0-KB936330-X86.exe Got following message: "Failed. No changes were saved"... Is there any log??
  12. Ok find out a method... Just run MUI package (exe file in vista) and then we got .cab file..... It was so simple!!!
  13. Thanks for your reply baywatch... But I don't understand what u mean! I've exe file and then?? If I extract with WinRar I got several file and directory but not lp.cab... Where is my mistake?? can u please explain how extract and got lp.cab? Thanx!
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