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  1. I have a Windows 7 "Home Premium" 64 bit system and I need to upgrade it (in situ) to Windows 7 Professional (or Ultimate). Can someone please tell me the Cheapest/Safest way to do this. I would assume that I need to purchase an Anytime Upgrade Key. First investigations suggest that this is not a very cheap option though. Thanks, Graham.
  2. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to achieve, you can still relocate your documents folder quite simply:- From Explorer: Select your "Documents" folder Right Click Select Properties Select Location Change to another location as required. Graham.
  3. Downloaded mine from MSDN ("Top Downloads"). Graham.
  4. Oh!, by the way, W2K8 installs much quicker than Vista Graham.
  5. Thanks for the links aviv00. Not really a fan of Aero etc, so won't be rushing to install it. Good to know it's there though. Not into (PC) gaming [YET!!!], so can't comment on performance. I'm very tempted to use W2K8 as my desktop client OS. IMO the performance boost over Vista is impressive (at least with my setup). I need to see whether I can port my more important apps to W2K8. Graham.
  6. Thanks aviv00, I don't know this product. Do you have a link to it? Graham.
  7. Thanks Neo, this is the first one that I tried. It refused to install saying that the platform was unsupported . I have however managed to force AVG Enterprise (Beta) to install (even though a message came up again saying Server 2008 was not supported). I had big problems configuring it to allow the network connectivity that I need. In the end I had to totally disable the firewall and "Web Shield". When I have more time, I will try again to re-enable these components. I haven't seen any virus signatures etc being updated as yet. don't know whether this is a feature of the "beta" version or because its an unsupported platform. Graham.
  8. Had SP1 installed for a few days now, can't really say that I have noticed any improvements as yet. Will keep looking though. Running on quite old spec Toshiba laptop so maybe this is the underlying problem.
  9. Same with me. I manually installed a handful of Vista Asus MB drivers without any problem. Graham.
  10. Can anyone recommend a good AV/Security package for W2K8 (preferably free!!!) Graham.
  11. Just installed 2008 64bit as a dual boot alongside Vista 64bit on an AMD 4600+ Asus MB system. Purely subjective at this stage but W2K8 appears to run about 2X faster than Vista. So far very pleased with W2K8. Not having Aero and all the other media stuff etc built into Vista probably helps. Graham.

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