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  1. Sound stuttering?

    27gb HDD free, 256 mb ram :X It stutters with both, when Windows loads and goes duh duh nuh nuh duh daaaaaaaaa, it stutters there too.. It did not do this on a previous install of Win2K or XP
  2. Windows 2000 Advanced Server x64

    Yeah, that's how I found out about 64 bit Win2k
  3. Windows 2000 Advanced Server x64

    Ah, I see.. I confuse x64 and ia64 sometimes.. I was not looking to 'acquire' it, just some kind of info on it, other than it exists.. Like screencaps.. Thank you though
  4. WS2008 for next version?

    It should, as Vista SP1 and WS2008 share the same core (NT 6.1)
  5. Media Center on Server 2008

    Vista SP1 and Server 2008 are the same, its like comparing XP Home to XP Pro, you can install that same Service Pack to both, but they just have different features. In fact, Vista SP2, will also update WS2008, just like SP2 for WS2003 can update XP x64..
  6. Cheers

    Hello all, I'm jojobrituk, I live in the United States, I like Windows XP/Mac 10.4, music, books, and a bunch of television programmes.. TV: Deep Space Nine (awesomest programme ever!!!!!), Enterprise (only series four), The 4400 (why did it have to be canned?), New BSG, Veronica Mars, Firefly, Angel, Buffy, Dark Angel, Wonderfalls, Tru Calling, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Hex, and a bunch of other stuff I can't recall now.. Books: His Dark Materials (Northern Lights/The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass), Sally Lockhart (The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the Plate, The Tiger in the Well), Deep Space Nine series eight relaunch, Harry Potter, The White Mercedes/The Butterfly Tattoo, and some other stuff... Music: Dido, Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Madonna, A Perfect Circle, HIM, Nickelback, Anastasia, SOME Disney, and etc.. Anyways, yeah, that's me, so like yeah...
  7. Windows XP Wireless in 2000?

    I knew I had seen something like this a while back for Windows 2000, and I was looking for it again when I had tried using 2000 last month, but I just decided to go back to XP..
  8. I cannot find really anything on this, other than the fact it exists and was released, but I have not seen or heard of anyone actually using it. Does Service Pack 4 even have a version for it? I'm just kinda curious is all..
  9. Sound stuttering?

    Hi, Whenever some kind of sound plays on my computer (XP Home SP2), it about 50% of the time starts stuttering. I don't think it could be Windows, as I only usually have like 2 or 3 IE7 windows open, so I'm thinking it could be the drivers, my sound card is COnexant AMC 2 Channel Audio with driver version 2005-12-01. Any help is greatly appreciated
  10. iTunes 7.6.1?

    To anyone who has Server 2008, could you please test iTunes 7.6.1 on your machine? I want to update the wikipedia entry... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITunes_versio...n_compatibility If you are x64, download the x64 version, if on x86->x86 version. If need be, you may have to edit the MSIs with Orca like here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...48
  11. Windows 98 System Sounds?

    Hi, I have looked almost all evening for this, but can someone upload the complete Windows 98 system sounds for me if possible? XP's get tiring :X
  12. I've edited the installer files for both 2.5.1 and 2.6.1 of Microsoft Reader so that they will now install (and run) on non UMPC/Tablet operating systems. Why run 2.5 or 2.6 over 2.1.1? Well, 2.6 (at least) has some supposed security improvements and a GUI update. Why include 2.5? 2.6 was designed for UMPCs, and thus stretches the ebooks to full screen no matter what, while 2.1 and 2.5 float in a window or in full screen. Plus 2.5 and 2.6 are higher version numbers hehe than 2.1.1. What OS do I need? I know XP works, but I dunno if previous versions will work. I may be able to create 2.1.1 for Windows 95 if anyone has it to test, and/or needs/wants it. Oh, and the files, since I dunno if anyone will want them, I will wait to upload them unless someone wants them.