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  1. @Dietmar Not the lenovo DSDT table. I meant just adding the missing ADR code for PRT4 into the HP laptops own DSDT table and see if it helps, that might resolve the 0xA5 0x0D BSOD you've been having.
  2. That's what the optional patch integrator script is for. or you can use dietmar's prepatched ISO.
  3. @Dietmar If you can load different ACPI table now, maybe try the DSDT modification you thought of earlier and see if it works? https://msfn.org/board/topic/183464-compiling-acpi-v20-driver-for-windows-xp-sp3-and-windows-2003-sp2-x32x64/?do=findComment&comment=1259789
  4. @Dietmar Try the acpi table patcher included with agfm bundled with Easy2boot? I recall that it worked for me when I made a temporary table fix for ACPI0007 and CPU power.
  5. @Dietmar If we can get this working it might help with that HP laptop thats been giving you trouble. Have you got a spare PC that you can use to debug this?
  6. @SEDANEH No, the lack of an IDE connector doesn't matter. You'll need to learn to use the methods we showed you, or you can use the ISO that dietmar made for you. We're willing to help you, just ask.
  7. @Dietmar I've made a my own custom HAL adding in ACPI table finding code into HalAcpiDispatchTable inside the HAL - I'm wondering if this might get us any closer to being able to boot XP with Vista RTM acpi.sys https://easyupload.io/ijwohe Still get a 7E BSOD with this but I'm wondering if it happens because of PmHalDispatchTable in acpi.sys or not, try it out when you have time.
  8. @Dietmar Looking at the logs, is it shutting down because it thinks the CPU is too hot? I'm probably misreading that though.
  9. @Dietmar I think you made a mistake? Both DSDT tables are identical.
  10. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Is there a reason length was set at 0x1A? wouldn't 0x20 (max 32) make more sense?
  11. @Dietmar In the meantime you can use upload site like https://easyupload.io/
  12. @Dietmar Now I get a D1 BSOD from ntoskrn8.sys itself. https://ibb.co/gM52pG2 most recent build. https://easyupload.io/pklgtx I'll stop for now.
  13. @Dietmar I thought I'd try and take another shot at porting NDIS 6 to XP. I got a D1 BSOD in netio.sys this time. https://ibb.co/q5VjMMh My most recent build if you want to try and debug, no rush. https://fastupload.io/pOM4uar97jSEMZn/file edit: looking at your last debug log from when you got a D1 BSOD i netio.sys I looked at the point of failure in a disassembler and from what I can tell I think it has to do with the hashtable functions that I stubbed, might try to implement.
  14. @SEDANEH we don't use nlite. nlite doesn't integrate these drivers properly, you should use the script to make a patched ISO or use the ISO dietmar sent you earlier.
  15. @SEDANEH You need to run Options Menu.cmd to apply the patches to your XP install media first. They're not included by default. I would recommend options 1,2,3,5 and 6.
  16. @SEDANEH No, the CPU doesn't cause this. Andalu posted that pic showing that it's possible to install XP on your motherboard, so your making a mistake somewhere in the process of making your XP installation media. Can you go through, step by step, how you're making your XP install media?
  17. @Andalu Can't see the image you posted. @SEDANEH If you're running setup from USB then use WinsetupfromUSB to make your installation media. works much better for XP.
  18. @George King PoFx functions were first implemented in Beta 8128, which is why I went for 8118 initially since it doesn't have those functions. @Dietmar has solved a 7E BSOD with a driver in the past with acpi.sys beta 5048, so it shouldn't be entirely out of the realm of possibility that he could do so again. Assuming dietmar's up for the challenge, I think he wants to solve the HP 255 G6 resetting in ACPI mode first though.
  19. @Dietmar Sorry for the delay, here are the QC6000M ACPI tables. qc6000m_acpi_tables.7z
  20. @George King What Incompatible Code did they push after 8056?
  21. @SEDANEH You can use the Optional Patch Integrator script to do that. If you want to learn how to properly integrate ACPI manually you can open the script in a text editor to see what it's doing.
  22. @Dietmar 8064 also 7E BSOD. It looks like storport 8064 and 8102 are identical.
  23. @Dietmar Here is the E2-6110 GPU driver for XP https://easyupload.io/g6r2hj
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