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  1. Maybe there are a few hardcore users here who, like me, like the original notepad. The good thing about it is that it knows its own limits and transfers control to wordpad for larger files...BUT...who needs the question "...do you want to open it in wordpad instead?", of course you want to open the file since you just clicked it!! I count this as "bug", so to patch it you just have to hex-edit: At address (offset) 33A5: 6A 24 (A1 B4 50 ...) (My english version of windows 98 SE is lost, so this is the address in my localized version) change 6A 24 to EB 19 This bypasses the dialog and just opens the file in wordpad if the file is too big for notepad. And if you want to transfer control to another more powerful application, change the text "wordpad.exe" (search hex for 77 00 6F 00 72) and a few "Wordpad" (search hex for 57 00 6F 00 72) for something else with same number of letters, or use a resource editor instead...
  2. Sure it is, if you know what you need to hex edit in the first place! Haha, hex-editing is even trivial. I read some hesitation here because it's a .cpl file. Somebody said it could be renamed to .dll, which is the correct way to do (identical structure). Then you can work with it with your tool of choice.
  3. Somebody mentioned hex-editing sysdm.cpl...it's should be easy with the right tool since a .cpl file is exactly the same structure as a .dll file (which in turn differs just 1 bit from an .exe file)
  4. Another way is to make a modified setup-cd that fixes everything on install: I have inserted selected updated files directly into the CAB-files, also extracted files from some CABs directly under d:\win98 (like all net-CABs) to avoid "insert CD" during install. A few files are hexedited to remove bugs, I have made a tiny program to fix the large ram-issue during first boot while installing + inserting files not originally included in Windows 98 into system folders. I have also edited the bootfiles used on the cd to give choices during start up. So now I have the perfect setup-CD for my needs...
  5. Thanks! The SATA Patch is on my website http://rloew1.no-ip.com Haha, it's really good you have solutions for windows 98, but (and remember it's just MY opinion, so no offense) $100 is way too much for unofficial things. It would make me buy a modern Windows system instead, if I needed that functionality so badly.
  6. Problemchild, you won't be bored here for sure. The more you give, the more people will want. It's good the thread didn't die with SP3 "finnished"...new issues/questions/etc comes up, making it all interesting to follow.
  7. My suggestion is to write out the link where to download the latest service pack, everytime it's updated. It's a bit difficult to find out for new users...and on the first page is a link to beta4...confusing.
  8. Yeah, a native SATA patch would be great...how can we get it?
  9. Nope, I always did this on bitmap-format (.bmp).
  10. I did a lot of photo editing with mspaint (win 98) about 10 years ago. I noticed that when I did rezising of photos in xp, the quality was not as good as with win 98 (mostly shrinking 50%). So I made sure to never use xp mspaint for this. Maybe xp mspaint is better in some other ways, but I prefer win 98 mspaint because of this "discovery"...
  11. My wish for 2012 is a ROCK-SOLID unbloated 98 operating system.
  12. This guy made me laugh. Just joined in 2007, apparantly to fill up this forum with laughters... Cheers and Regards Cheers
  13. I don't know about you guys, but I much much prefer the original icons of win98. I really dislike the computer & recycle icons from win2000/me. Anyway, it's buggy...with sp3 I try to change the icons (right clicking on desktop...) to something else...you have to browse, chose a file and get a failure message before coming to shell32 images... For me it's not possible to move the close-program-window...and if you have an explorer window open behind it, and click on its 'x' and then cancel on the close-program-window, then the explorer window closes. Has this bug always been in win 98 ? There seem to be a lof of changes between beeta4 and final...risk of new bugs...unstabilities... But great work of course!
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