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  1. I love the revolutions pack too, Its awsome. I agree most people like to be asked if someone can use thier work, most cases they will its just a curtisey thing. Your skins are great though, very good work. And someone had already mentioned this but there is more themes on the RP website too. P.S --- Some people have put reviews of the win9x family on youtube, Most of them said the win9x was dead or outdated, I cleared this up though. We may get some new members cause I had mentioned MSFN and the great programs here. Who knows maybe if enough people join it would speed things up. The more the merrier.
  2. Oh, well I seen you have a link to U98SESP3 01-04-2012. I clicked it and it has the updated service pack that says it just came today, I was thinking about trying it.
  3. Thanks for working on this, I see theres been alot added. Has any tests been made yet ?
  4. My best method I use for partitioning hard drives is to use a live cd, either of windows or linux. Linux has some good tools and can take less time to download if you get a small distro. My win98se cd wont format my hdd, dont know why it might be scratched. So I use the live cd to format then pop in the win98se and let it install under fat32. I use fat32. You can make multiple partitions with many programs, be sure to read them and follow the instructions closely though, but dont be afraid to experiment. Install win98se first because I dont think theres much multi-boot support for 98. The Linux distro of your choice should have one, so install linux last. Best of Luck UPDATE -- Also make sure windows 98 partitions are formatted in Fat32 not Ntfs names. And Linux Under the formats of ext2 and ext3 (others include reiserfs, xfs and jfs) Shane
  5. Yeah most of us here know the tricks and settings to prevent any type of attack. I used to use tinyxp and didnt need one either, I think after so many years being on the internet and learning computers has taught me which places are good and which are bad. I stay away from any strange words or websites and I do just fine
  6. Joe you make some good points, java console is really a pain to try and get working. I got this error but havent been down that road of trying to fix it if it can even be fixed. 2, XP emulation does need to be more stable like others. I agree these are good topics to work on fixing for more performance. Shane
  7. This problem usually happens when java is incompatible with your browser or the browser is outdated. This happens to me when using facebook with opera or firefox below 3.6 or so. When trying to hide posts on facebook the options tab would not let me view the options. It was always too small to select anything. I have not found any solution because I never took the time to try, I just used a different version of firefox and used opera for other things.
  8. I agree with herbalist, I have a single core processor but I think we need to build support for multi-threading instead of single threading. Xp uses this I believe, and having NT services (only ones useful to the user), which users can choose which ones they want to use would be sure to have some positive outcome from this feature. I think it would improve things alot with stability and performance too.
  9. Yes, Enables playback and gaming, Thats right I just coudnt remember thanks. KernelEX is a great project and is in fact one of the most important parts of Win9x. If we didnt have this we would be behind in progress big time. I am trying to grasp what we are talking about here but i dont know much about API hooks and all. I know that games can use this but other then that, I need some clarity on what we are doing.
  10. Back in the days of Altel, It was easy to tether. It was free internet if you got the phones modem drivers and hooked it up. I used to work at a pc repair shop and most people dont know about tethering so I hooked them up with thier altel phones for free internet. To bad verizon took over and put a stop to that. That was in 2009, I now have a T-mobile phone which Im sure does not work the same, most cell company's state in fine print they do not support tethering for internet and will insist you buy a net card or usb adaptor for their network. This is the most I know about tethering, although others may know more, im not sure.
  11. As for youtube's skip, if it's not network bandwidth related , flash vids are quite cpu intensive especially since flash 10 so not a lot you can do I guess if they max out your cpu apart from playing at a lower resolution if available. Yes Cpu intensive, firefox 3.5 + flash 11 = cpu intensive, Although firefox 3.5 is the first to offer a more extensive plugin library and what I need. Anything below 3.5 will cause browser errors that were a pain in the butt back in the day. Anything below flash 10 will not be supported on most websites. flash 9 does not have the tech to make a good clear picture like 10 and may not support 360p. EDIT-------- I found it, version 10.1 of flash works. I go to Oldapps website to find java, directx, and flash, which there is alot of versions but I hit the right one finally. Im sure others must be getting the crashes on thier browsers without the right version? Anyway I got it and will be testing it out. Also since I have a good flash now I will find a better version of firefox. Remember guys, firefox has a settings page to speed things up. I will also test this as well. When its all said and done my summary of what my best setup will look alittle like this CPU - Intel 1.6ghz RAM - 512mb / 600mb page file set to constant for min and max Chipset - Intel 830m 32mb shared OS - Win98se Packs - RP9.7, SP Beta 3-4, KernelEX 4.5 final, Ad. ASPI 4.60, NUSB3,.Flash 10.1, Java 1.6, Visual c++2005, Directx 9.0a WEB - Firefox 3.5, Opera 10.00 Audio - SoundMax Gaming - N64, Playstation 1, super nintendo, nintendo, and many pc games Summary - This computer has all the requirments to handle most 3d gaming and video playback or multi-media enjoyment. And can handle Surfing the internet without any problems. It is only when confronted with modern and high performance programs that in todays world is where things can become strained with this pc. It is my recommendation that the system be keep fully maintained and free of any un useful files or programs.
  12. Hey there, I see your a fellow Ibm fan, I have an r31. It is setup alittle different though, Intel 32mb 830m graphics, 512bm ram, 1.6ghz cpu. So first thing I'd do is get win98se. If you have it then id install it, I dont think I could put up with just win98. I've heard bad things but who knows. Did you have win7 on that laptop cause on mine I had no driver support or speed at all really when trying win7. Win98se Is great, I use to hate it cuzz of the errors and all. But after I found a better way to format my hdd, and found this place Iv had no problems. Its great, I have SP beta 3-4. and RP9.7, KernelEX, I think this is all I need. After these, anything else I add seems to get too bloated and cuzz problems so I just stick to those for now until something else really good comes out. I have firefox 3.5, flash 11.1, opera 10, epsxe, zsnes, pj64, vlc player for videos of any type, visual c++2005, java 1.6, directx 9.0a. I think thats it for now, gaming is great. I will never go back to XP after playing games on SE.
  13. This is very advanced for me, I know about Api's and somewhat of what they do. But can it improve video playback, streaming and gaming. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question. But I know loads about systems and have been working with them for years, sometimes though you can know a name or phase and not be completely sure of it actions. By the way, anybody need help let me know. Im here to contribute the best I can and also learn some things too. Peace
  14. Well first off I'd like to say hello to everyone and thanks for the greats Mods you have created. When I first went back to win98se a few weeks ago I didnt much like not being able to run alot of programs I use to. But then after searching and finding this place I am very happy. I started out with the beta SP 3-4 newest. Then got RP9.7 and everything was running great. The win Me killer replacements pack did not help my pc on performance so I had to do clean install again. This last time things went good but the wupd pack which has alot of updates and other tools did slow my pc down again. So I got rid of what I could since you really cant uninstall this pack. Now I have a pretty fast and stable win98se. One problem though, I use kernelex 4.5 final and firefox 3.5. It seems like I cant get flash 10, any versions, I can get flash 11 but I am worried it maybe too much for my pc on resources and such. My system is an IBM thinkpad r31, intel 830m graphics, 512mb ram, 1.6ghz processor. Directx 9.0a, opera 10, visual c++2005, hopefully this info helps. My main question is, There are so many updates and packs on MDGx free wesite that often I wonder which ones I really need and which ones are overkill and may slow my pc down just being there for no reason. My interests in computers are for video streaming, video playback on vlc. Music and gaming. Gaming is perfect on here by the way. So thats what I do on my pc. I guess the only real problem is that when watching youtube, sometimes it skips somewhat and the processor works hard for maybe 10sec then stops. I know its not a fatel error but it can get annoying sometimes. Any good advice? EDIT -------- I am having the hardest time with firefox, and flash 11. Once in awhile I will get the BSOD an / or errors saying it has to close an even kernel32 saying it needs to close resulting in sometimes a system lock or freeze which ctrl+alt+del to restart has to be done. I use the easy youtube downloader plugin on firefox to download videos. as I was downloading a video few min ago, I clicked on my bookmarks and hit the one to come here, Bam BSOD. So I restarted by hiting those keys and tried it again doing the same thing i did before. No problem this time. Why am I having these troubles, and why will it crash sometimes and not all of the time i do these things. Please help, if anyone has a good version of flash or firefox combo that works let me know, thanks
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