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    Don't use it, Don't need it. Seems pointless to get a service pack when the systems runs just perfect without it. Hence the words (SERVICE PACK) to service people having issues. Well I don't have issues.
  2. mrsk565

    Helpful Tips

    If you go back to the days of XP you will see how much turning unused services off really helps. I cut my XP's RAM from around 75 down to 50 or even 35 with the right knowledge on what does what. I have 3gigs of memory now on my win 7 pc, but I don't let the usage go above 30% when Idle. Right now its at 20%. I am strict on RAM usage even if I have plenty I never like wasting it. This is what works for me I do have firewall and Microsoft security essentials for protection, and have disabled Windows Defender. I just go about doing my tips everyday and maintaining my pc, and it runs fast and reliable. Thats all I need is something I can use quick, and not be bothered by alot of nonsence the system might throw at me. Action center is turned off too and I don't use file-sharing or any public folders, I have deleted them. I cover every angle to make sure I'm secure. IT is my job, it is a must that I know Windows systems and keep my customers happy. I target RAM and CPU usage so that more is made availible to the user for what they need to do while still effectively having enough for the system. 9. Get a good Security program to protect yourself. Firewalls can help somewhat but its not enough. I have Microsoft Security Essentials. But you can your own favorite if you want to.
  3. mrsk565

    Helpful Tips

    Here is some useful tips, By Using These Tips You Can Save Alot of RAM and Have A Smooth Fast System 1. Turn off Windows Update. You can get the updates you need, but after that it is wise to turn this off. It uses RAM alot and can also give you pointless updates. over 300 can slow a system down (300 being a rough number, I know theres alot of updates just like vista had). They can Also Install Silently without you knowing. 2. Turn off Windows Features you don't Use. Under Programs and Features you'll find this on the left hand side. Turn Off as many of them you don't use and you will see a slight increase in speed. 3. Defragment Windows Even if only 1% is fragmented, Take no chances of system slowdown due to fragmented files. 4. Use Disk Cleanup Tool. Its a great way is free extra space. 5. Services. You will see a button in the task manager under the services tab that takes you right to the services. This way you can stop and disable those you don't Use, But be aware that if you don't know what some services do then don't take a chance on turning them off. Risks making your OS Inoperable. TURN OFF WINDOWS UPDATE AND DISABLE IT HERE TOO OR IT MAY RESTART ITSELF AUTOMATICLY. 6. Clean your Browser Everyday for Best Internet Speed and Load times. 7. Sleep or Hibernate you PC when not using It. Saves time rather then starting and shutting down all the time. 8. Some programs work better in XP compatibility mode, I've had programs crash win 7 so I ran then in XP compat. mode and never had any problems since then. If anything think of you computer as like a kid or a pet. Taking care of it is most Important and knowing what makes it tick is Important too. Google win 7 services to gain knowledge of them and make sure you have the right specs to run programs you would like to. In doing this on a Full version of Windows 7 Ultimate I bought, I was able to Cut my RAM usage down to 420MB roughly. I loaded down my laptop with programs and after that and I'm at around 600MB but thats only because I have alot of Multi-Media sevices running and sidebar, rocketdock ect. Hope this can be Helpful to alot of people starting out with Windows 7. Anyone with more Tips is Welcome to Post too.
  4. a mix of music and music vids. Thank god for youtube, I get all my favorites there. Just think about if I had an Ipad, they'd charge me to to just verify my age. I wont go down that road again lol
  5. lmao Yeah, geez she just makes herself look stupid in everything she does
  6. left blink to click, double blink to double click, right blink to right click lol. Only thing im concerned about is watching videos, will the mouse follow where I look and get in the way ?
  7. Oh and by the way, VLC chokes at 720p, it will start to freeze and studder. I learned this from trying it and reading on the web about it. Same video at 720p works perfect on windows media player because it takes advantage of cpu power better. I still use VLC for 480p though Also try Smplayer, its nice and is built on VLC code which both of these are built on the Mplayer code.
  8. As far as a multi-media entertainment system I see no reason why Windows 7 should'nt be the winner. I have had no problems using 7 on my acer apire 5253-bz893. Dont be fooled by these newer computers at your local wal-mart or other stores, You want good performace just check and see how much graphics it has before you buy it. Mine has 256mb, I went to walmart in hopes of finding a laptop with better graphics and was very shocked to see what I found. Newer acer's there only had 128mb, and the newer dells only had 64mb. Other brands were set to not allow you to view the gpu properties too. Its very tricky to find a good deal, sometimes newer isnt better, sometimes Intel isnt as good as AMD. People often overlook this, I have duel-core 1ghz each and im happy. I use this laptop everyday playing games like GTA San Adreas muti-player and the system runs great with good graphics. I play all my older games made for win98 and winXP without any problems. It takes a savey computer user to keep up on the system and defrag and keep it clean but it can be learned easy. HD youtube and video run nice too at 1080p, thats nice. Win7 has Directx 11 which makes games very nice to play. AMD is a great gpu and cpu company, I have no Intel in my pc and its great. I dont like Intel, I just never got good support in the past from them. All in all, I was stuck for ten long years with XP and I grew to like it and hate. I tried the win98 msfn projects like revolutions which was very nice but i had other problems win98 was born with, like crashing for no reason even in SE. Im very happy with 7 now, its fast as ever and I can have a nice look to it. I have 3gigs of ram and thats all i'll ever need. 32bit system is good too for speed.
  9. I'm sorry but its too late, I decided to reinstall windows 7 and not use sp1 or the new updates. But not to worry I have great protection and I'm running normally again. Thank you for telling me about other people that run sp1 without any problems. When issues came up, I googled sp1 and found places where people had problems, below is from windows 7 forums where people say they have problems. ----- it crashed my laptop,and locked up the hard drive.i tried to reinstall winmo7 but its telling me i need drivers to run the set up.so i gotta go thru all that --------------- Just installed SP1, and it has wrecked my internet page loading speed dramatically. I thought it was a malicious thing from microsoft because I use google chrome, but just tested this forum on IE and it is the same - s---l---o---w. -------- I am running x64, set on 'tell me when there is something to download and install'. Being the computer guppy, when it says important, I figure do it. ------- Fark me, I thought updates were supposed to improve things, not make them worse! --------- I have been googling for the last couple of hours to see what I can do and the overwhelming results so far are related to crash on install, chrome crashing on startup and crashing on uninstall (total reinstall). -------- Obviously the cpu or ram is now more stressed by whatever microsoft has stuffed around with. Fark 'em, it was quite ok as it was. I'm too scared to uninstall it after reading all the crash stories. I am not saying anyone is wrong just that people are having problems. On the other hand I've seen people say very good things about it. In any case I dont have any problems now, I have ultimate so I'm good. Love the gaming on this laptop so I just stick with this for now.
  10. I have recently tried out Sp1 and It made my comp run almost at 100% cpu usage all the time, it gave me a loading icon by mouse arrow and when shutting down it would take a long time. I could'nt believe how many pointless updates microsoft tried to force on me, 105 total, 30 a day. My pc became so slow it was unbelievable. I have a good fast pc with AMD graphics and dual-core. I tried uninstalling it and it said it was gone but I knew parts of sp1 still remained because my pc ran the same, crappy. Cpu usage was never an issue untill all those pointless updates and sp1 was installed. I have rocketdock, and sidebar running but never had any problems untill this. Sometimes microsoft tried to fix something that was'nt broken in my opinion, I made a poll for fun, although I think I already know the winner on this matter.
  11. "COFFEE SAID" I see, Sorry for the confusion. I think was alittle mislead by some of the youtube videos out there showing you can do alot of the same stuff as win 7 on 8. Most be fakes then
  12. I would hate to see that day, im on win 7 now and I can do just about anything I can think of, my wife on the other hand has an ipad 2. And I know some people like it but i just cant get into it. I dont want to pay for things that windows offers for free. Im not really into apps either. I run windows 7 for games, music, videos, just about anything. But when using the ipad it can be very restricting for me to do those things. I have done the work arounds to unlock things but it always comes down to having to pay. In a lighter note I would like windows 8 on a touch device to insure my freedom to do want i need to. But besides from MAC which is a laptop and im not talking about laptops now but touch devices like the ipad, I think apple sucks at this. Of course if you have money to through at apple it might not concern you. Ya there is paid apps in win 8, but it still gives you the ability to use flash and other types of files that Ipads dont. Apple is making big bucks off turning free content into paid content and thats something I really dont like.
  13. I think the problem with windows 8 is that microsoft had success with 7 and they dont know where to go from there. Instead of improving certain areas in win 7 they abandoned that idea and instead took a more easy route to make money. When Vista came out they knew it wasn't ready but knew people would still buy it. They did not care but only wanted money. After that they said, "oh we're so sorry, we'll fix vista and require the right ram and cpu before shipping." Hence, the first pc's with vista had only 1 or 2 gigs of ram which was not very good. Then came windows 7, But they still kept taking money. Starter, home basic, most of those editions had very little options for the user. I heard it was even as bad where you couldnt change the wallpaper. Who wants to spend over 100$ for that? But pro and ultimate came out and gave us more choice. Well guess what guys, thier at it again with windows 8. Dont be surprised if they rip people off at first, appologize, then make false promises for newer releases but take away options, and in the end come out with a pro or ultimate. Its in thier nature, they take advantange of us knowing that our own nature is to always be looking for a better system with the latest features and whatnot. So from what I've heard and seen its better to be patient with microsoft and also abit cautious when going out ready to buy a new windows. Its just my opinion though from what i've seen and heard, i'm not trying to put anyone down who likes win 8 though.
  14. This is sad, Im a huge 98se fan and if there was a patch or mod out there for multi-core then I'd use it. Of course after fixing that there is another problem. Newer comp are built to support the newer systems of windows. If we want more people to switch then we would have to find a way to port drivers back to 9x. Graphics and all, KernelEX dosen't support driver emulation so we need a driver emulator to fix this problem cause its no use without drivers either. We got the style down good though, I like revolutions pack. It can look and feel like a modern windows without the bloat. Thats good, and I might just be impatientent and need to give it time.
  15. Oh my, what a nightmare you've got on your hands, I feel bad for you but may I ask some Q's. This may help others to help fix your problem. 1. You have any live cd OS's to which you can run from cd 2. If so maybe run a virus scan from the cd and check your HDD 3. Can you over install 7, which means that if you run the install disk and dont format the drive, windows will ask you if you want to move your files to a folder called windows old. Thus saving everything you worked hard on and restoring the system without toutching that folder. This is the best I can think of, but theres experts better then me so they might know some other tricks.

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