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  1. WinPE2005 you have the possibility to load from cd without using a ramdisk or you can make a iso file that is loaded into memory before executed. With WinPE2.0 the wim file is always load in memory before executed. You cannot load it like Winpe 2005 (Winpe from W2k3) kyor
  2. it is not 100% sure that Microsoft release a Hotfix for that, but the chance are good, because i know that a lot of people contact Microsoft for that problem. sorry, i don't know the hotfix number. If i get more information on that issue, i will post it here. I know that this issue concern Windows 2003 and Winpe2.0, too. But i don't know the other issue you have, because we have to install WinXP machines only.
  3. @Jazkal On some mainboards it does not work to install WinXP via winnt32 even when i set the HDD access mode in the BIOS to 'Large'. Diskpart freezes when it try's to format the Harddisk. OK here is what Microsoft says: The BIOSes on these motherboards is incorrectly reporting CHS Values (240 heads). The problem has to do with the algorithm used to calculate CHS settings and the difference in policy between drive partitioning between Diskpart 1.5 (which aligns partitions on cylinder boundaries) and Diskpart 2.0 (which aligns them on 1MB boundaries). When partition sector comes along, that has been created with diskpart 2.0, Windows XP tries to change the values for the logical end of partition and translate them into CHS values, which fails therefore booting the operating system also fails. Your options are: -An updated BIOS from the motherboard vendor to correct the invalid CHS values. Many vendors have already corrected this and that is why some motherboards fail and others do not. *This is the ideal and correct solution* -A software change, if created, would be to Windows XP setup. This would then require you to update all of your Windows XP configuration sets to include the hotfix. -Use the older version of WinPE when installing XP. The chance is good that Microsoft release a Hotfix for that problem. The Hotfix must be slipstreamed into the source of the i386 directory. ... to be continued kyor
  4. @Innocent Devil sometimes i do it the same as you for pc's with the same hardware. But it isn't the microsoft preferred way. The advantage when you use the sysprep.inf is, that you can customize your image and strip out information that is bundled with the pc. Example: - Random Computer name when the PC boots up the first time. - Image is sometimes smaller. Not necessary files were stripped out. (pagefile.sys) - you can add additional Driver that windows detects when you start the pc the first time after sysprep, etc. Greetings kyor
  5. Hi Jazkal, I've tried it on MSI Mainboard with the new nvidia61 chipset Gigabyte 945GZME (Intel 945) Gigabyte 965P-DS3 (intel 965) Foxconn 865G7.. (Intel 865) They all fail with standard setting. Intel Mainboard works fine: Intel D945GTP and another Intel Mainboard with 945 Chipset Intel DQ965GF I will inform you what Microsoft says.
  6. @cluberti Thanks i know this method, but i want to automate windows via winnt32. @Jazkal Thanks for your great info. When i set it to "large mode" it works!! It seems so that many non Intel Mainboards have this issue. On my tested Intel Mainboards it works always fine. I have made up a service request to Microsoft. Have a great weekend. kyor
  7. i try to figure the problem out. Can you give me Bios informations please What Bios has the Dell D420 and what Bios has the Dell GX150. Have they both award bios ?
  8. It works. That are the installation steps that i have made. I tried it with the RTM Version Here come my small guide on how to do it: 1. Create a directory named "C:\PXE" (any other location or name is also fine) 2. create 2 subdirectories within this directory: "boot" and "sources" 3. copy pxeboot.com (or pxeboot.n12) to "boot" (This one can be found in the PE sources, you need to mount or apply one PE WIM in order to get it.) 4. copy the BCD from the setupDVD to "boot" 5. copy the boot.sdi (from the Setup DVD) to "boot" 6. copy the bootmgr.exe to \ (so in this case "C:\PXE") 7. copy the "boot.wim" to "sources Cofigure the DHCP & TFTPD server: 1. set the TFTPD root to "C:\PXE" 2. set the DCHP bootfile to /boot/pxeboot.com (or pxeboot.n12) Done!!! So in case you wnat to use PXELINUX you should add: # PE 2.0 label xpe2 MENU label Windows PE 2.0 kernel /boot/pxeboot.0 to your config file and rename pxeboot.n12 to pxeboot.0
  9. hi I have problems to install Windows XP under WinPE 2.0 (Vista). so here are the installation steps. 1. Boot into Winpe2 (Vista) 2. Prepare the harddisk with diskpart 3. format harddisk 4. Use bootsect /nt52 c: 5. install from commandline (winnt32 /syspart:c: /s:t:\winnt\i386 /makelocalsource /unattend:t:\winnt\i386\auto.txt) Under Winpe 2005 (step 4 is not needed) it works fine. Under Winpe 2.0 the folllowing happens: - after exit from winpe 2.0 the system boots from hdd an recognized the ntldr bootsector - the textmode screen appears an copied the files - when finished, the PC boots again to enter the GUI mode - PC stopps immediately when it try to boot from hdd Error message: A disk read error occured. Press strl+alt+del key How can i fix this issue ? I use the RTM Version
  10. Thank you very very much It works You saved me a lot of time!! >and it'll only work once per rundll32 call How do you mean that. I can call it multiple times with multiple jobs without a problem. I use RTM Version of Vista. Greentings and a happy weekend kyor
  11. The RunOnceX Section does not work in Vista. I used it under Windows XP see: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/31/ Does anyone know a workaround, or a registry key that is similar ? Greeting kyor
  12. you have to add in the startnet.cmd the following line to map a network drive. net use z: \\server\share "password_of_share" /user:server\user(i.e administrator)
  13. @bilemke I want also start Win pe over pxelinux. can you give me a hint how to do that ? The reason why i want to do that over PXE linux is, that i also want the possibility to boot floppy images over pxe Or can I do this with RIS, too ? can you post your pxelinux config file ? thanks greetz kyor
  14. @gadget I have done it but it doesn't work. But here is the solution: i have downloaded the nforce 410/430 network driver and add some new vendor and device id's from the nforce4 ultra driver into the .inf files. Now it works for nforce 4 ultra / nforce 4 410/430 / nforce 3 250 chipsets I've the new .inf files attached greetz kyor nforce4mix.zip
  15. thanks for your help it works. greetz kyor
  16. Is it possible to insert a mass storage device with the F6 key when PE boots over a ramdisk ? I cannot see any 'press F6 key' during boot up. It only shows 'loading ramdisk' greetz kyor
  17. I have build a WinPE CD with nvidia 410/430 network driver support. I build the CD with /PNP support and start ist with factory -winpe. The network card is recognized during boot-up and i can map a network resource. That works fine. :-) But i want also support for nforce 4 ultra board's. The Problem is that i need a different driver for that, but the driver has exact the same filenames as the nvidia 410/430 network driver. So when i inject the nforce 4 ultra driver with 'drvinst' command in the existing winpe directory, i will overwrite the other driver. Does anyone know a solution for this problem ? Thanks in advance kyor
  18. Yes i know these guide, but i want to install all components from fritz unattended. So of course the driver, capi 2.0 and the Fritz software. (fritz fax, etc) Greetz kyor
  19. Does anybody know how to install the driver unattended for the fritz card ? Thanks Greetz Kyor
  20. Thanks Metzen for your explanation. Greetz kyor
  21. It gives 2 .inf file types. The first one, example a lan driver, is detected during installation. the second one has a install section in that file, so the file is a installation file. So if your inf file is a installation file, you can install it from the command line with that command rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection yourinffilenamehere.inf, DefaultInstall greetz kyor
  22. @zorro1 The marvell driver works very well Thanks kyor
  23. Yes, i have probed out that before i read about the unattend installshield method. You can't find that switch on the ati webpage, but it works perfectly for Windows XP. On some Windows 2000 pc's i got an error message. I don't know why kyor
  24. create a file sn.reg as seen below do the following at the command line regedit /s sn.reg nero.exe /silent /noreboot /no_ui - Nero.exe is the file that you have downloaded from the internet - You have to fill in your sn number under Serial6 file sn.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Info] "User"="User" "Company"="Company" "Serial6"="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" greetz kyor
  25. @Sanjay The driver will work as long as you don't use the tool sysprep. sysprep is a tool for pc manufactures to ship the pc to the end user. kyor
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