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  1. If you use win xp you can download the newest driver from ati webpage, extract the driver, and then run setup /K That will install the driver inclusive controll panel unattended kyor
  2. @anton For the popup Problem, please use a signed driver. You can download the latest here http://www.3dchipset.com/files/drivers/bet...-xp-2k-6672.zip
  3. @Bâshrat the Sneaky Unfortunately, you have right.
  4. Sorry i can't . only oem systembuilder have access to that website. But i have attached a pdf file with that problem from that site
  5. If your windows detects your vga card automatically, then you have to erase the driver in the txtsetup.sif first, so the driver isn't detected after that modification Alternative: If you want to install your drivers from command prompt unattended, you have to extract the driver and then run setup -s at the command prompt. What do you want to do ?
  6. Hello LeCED I've tried to start your application on windows xp sp2 german and got a error message that the file couldn't initialized.
  7. @Bâshrat the Sneaky It can be, that this issue only occur on Windows XP SP2. I have never tried that on SP1. But this problem is known, because some OEM's have made up an artice on the Microsoft OEM Connect website. Good weekend kyor
  8. Hello Does anybody know, how i can install the NVidia Driver silently without reboot ? I have found the .iss file in that directory, but when i try setup -s then the driver is installed silently, but after that a reboot is done. But i don't want that reboot. Greetz Kyor
  9. @Bâshrat the Sneaky The new Sound Pack is not working on an Asrock P4i65GV Mainboard The following file is missed in you driverpack under \s\c file name Cmirmdrv.exe Perhaps you can download the driver again Would be nice Greetz kyor
  10. Ok i have one question, too. The marvell driver has a .cat file. Indicate the .cat file, that the driver is signed ? If the answer is yes, why say Windows to me that it isn't signed. Greetz kyor
  11. Hello Group. My first reply here in the MSFN Forum. Yeah! @Bâshrat the Sneaky I have probed your LAN Driver Pack. It's very nice. Thank's for your good work. But i have Problem with the Marvell LAN Driver. So when the system first boot up, the driver is recognized by Windows XP correctly. I see that the driver is not signed, but it doesn't matter because the winnt.sif has the line DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore. But when i run the Tool Sysprep after, and the System boots up for the user, the driver is thrown away from Windows XP. I think it has to do with non-signed driver. Can anybody confirm that ? For the second pc system with a signed driver in the driver pack (sis900), Windows don't throw the driver away. The Problem is that Sysprep always set the DriverSigningPolicy at minimum of level 'warn', if sysprep is launched. Greetz kyor
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