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  1. Assure that the dns servers are still assigned (network connection / internet protocol / DNS servers. Make sure that port 53 has not been blocked either in the firewall, TCP/IP filtering or via IPSEC. Check under Group Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Template / Network / DNS Client, for valid DNS servers.
  2. You will never convince the Microsoft believers that all they have been told by Microsoft is not necessarily true or good or in their best interest. They have grown up with Microsoft and hold their knowledge base as a bible or banner outlining the proper way to live. Their belief that a company as large as Microsoft can't possibly be wrong puts them in the same category as the ENRON ahareholders that were shafted hard. If they want to use NTFS, or leave every service running or upgrade to Vista just because Microsoft says that's the PROPER way, then let them follow along like good little sheeple. The truth will surface soon enough and they will either learn by their mistakes or continue into oblivion.
  3. Actually, I do think MS is out for nothing but profit and control, disregarding the end-user in all but the most notable cases. Microsoft advertises Windows as if it were the end-all, do-all of computing software when in reality it is only a glorified DOS who's primary utility is to offer an underlying system for running real software and I'm not just talking about multimedia programs. The alternative I chose is to use the OS I need and change or modify it to act the way I want it to act. Like disabling unused or unnecessary options or services that are annoying, cumbersome, security risks or resource heavy. 1. Most services that are set to manual will be started by other MS services even if they are not needed or wanted. QOS RSVP is one example. 2. The average user doesn't even know about the Error Reporting Service much less know how to restrict it's scope. 3. Average users don't have multiple computers or have any need to use a VPN connection which negates the need for Remote Access. 4. Netbios has always been a security risk. The people who complain about that one are the average Joe computer user that has no idea that it can be disabled. I'll bet big dollars that 75% of all computer users have no idea that they have multiple ports opened and listening on the internet, just waiting to be exploited. Ports 25, 123, 135, 445, 500, 137, 139, 1389 plus countless others. Most of these listening ports can be closed by disabling their respective services. Even if it saves no resources it serves to close unnecessary, exploitable ports on the internet. That in itself is reason enough to disable them.
  4. Now, what do you think your customers do? They won't know to go in and configure their service back. More likely than not, they will either call you and complain since it was you/your shop who "fixed" their computer. Since it would be your shop causing the problem, do you think they'd return to your shop in the future if you broke their computer by tweaking it? No, they won't be back; and believe me, they'll tell their friends too. As much as you may think you're helping them, you're actually hindering them and their computer experience. While they may think it's a problem with the OS, it was actually the one who disabled the services which should be left alone. None of this is flaming dude, it's common sense and the truth. It's only the truth from the standpoint of a MS fanboy. All that stuff you're spouting is rubbish. Common sense says that more services uses more resources. Anything other than that is either a lie or plain foolish. Hindering their computer experience is accomplished by allowing you or MS to decide which needless services run continually in the background. The operating system is not the reason for the computer but a tool to host the real reason for the computer. The supported software and/or hardware. Clipbook > A security risk to have your clipboard shown to whomever. Computer Browser > totally unnecessary even in a network Distributed Link Tracking Service > Without a domain it's useless. Error Reporting Service > Great if you want YOUR computer reporting everything to MS Indexing Service > A resource hog that does nothing to speed access to anything Internet Connection Firewall > A worthless POS. Zonealarm Free is 10x better. Messenger Service > Go ahead and tell everyone that this one is good?? Net Logon > Most average users do not need this service. NT LM Security Support > Using telnet great, otherwise a waste. Performance Logs / Alerts > What average user even knows what this does, or cares. QOS RSVP > Average users don't use QOS but Windows Mgmt starts it anyway. Turn it off. Remote Access etc, etc > Again the average user won't use this. If you want to, your problem. Server Service > If you don't have a network, File and Print sharing over TCP is a really bad idea. UPNP > Security risk on any computer. SSDP > Only needed for UPNP. TCP/IP Netbios Helper > Netbios over TCP has always been a risk. Everybody except MS says so. Telnet > 90% of MS users don't have a clue what it is or how to use it. Uninteruptable Power Supply > If you don't have one it's useless. Upload Manager > No network, not necessary. Windows Time > Get a F**king watch. Turn this off. Maybe you should stop telling people to do something just because MS said so. Your computer security or "computing experience" is not high on their list. Their profit, IP and desire to control everything you do online is their agenda. I hope this doesn't jeopardize your quarterly MS stock divident.
  5. Your hosts file is way too big. I have a large one and it's only 16000 entries. I don't know how your network is set up but I had to change all my hosts entries to redirect to instead of because of the way localhost wants to be It was causing some problems. Purge your dns cache if possible.
  6. That's just great. Viagra for my HDD. "It will be larger and ......." What will they think of next. Amphetamines for your CPU....acid for your monitor? How about some speed for my DVD+R burner.
  7. Eight business machines 7 with 120Gb WD 1 with 200Gb WD & 120Gb WD Three personal machines Mine with 200Gb WD Wife with 120Gb WD Daughter with 80Gb WD total 1560 Gb **** Never totaled it before. That's 1.5 Tb
  8. If you have tried to install vmware and used a bad serial number or if the install failed, it may not reinstall until you have cleaned the registry of all the entries that vmware left orphaned there. There are literally thousands of them. I had to do it this way and it took me a full day to search for and remove them all. I was sweating bullets the entire time but it worked. The vmware forums have many posts asking the same question but their answers don't work 100% of the time.
  9. Oh, come on. You can't tell me with the size of drives these days that it really matters to you. I supposed you drive a geo because it's got a 3 cyl engine, afterall a V8 would take up too much room, and is a waste of space, right? Here I'm talking about file size, library size and directory bloat, and increased access time. You're talking about cars. Stick to the point. this is just an ignorant statement. NTFS... that's all I have to say Ignorance is your assumption that you know what's best for everyone. I like the ability to access the fat32 drives from my Debian and FreeBSD machines without the need for added software addons. This doesn't happen with every change... As a matter of fact, you can make changes to much of your system without this happening. If you swap out a MB or processor you can guarantee it will happen thoughMy hardware. My (paid for) software. My phuking rules. After being forced to reactivate four times over CPU changes, I was forced to use a VL key to stop their intrusion into my business. I never worry either... because I have this nice little thing called a firewall. And I'm not talking some software I installed. I have a stand alone stateful firewall. Noone should be without one IMO. It's great that you have a nice firewall but I really don't give a s***. It has nothing to do with the statement. Maybe on your next thread you can ask what firewall people choose and why. What other phobias do you have? Sounds to me like you are just afraid to upgrade to windows XP because you don't know it as well... Not one Win98 update / upgrade caused it to stop working to the point that the upgrade needed to be uninstalled. You can't say the same for WinXP. As I said before... External firewall. Software firewalls are a joke. Again you are evading the point. You're talking hardware in a software discussion. I would say your phobia isn't just Windows XP phobia, but upgrade phobia. I would like to recommend a drug to you for that... it's called "phukitall" That will help you get over your phobias.This falls under the category of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" or don't upgrade if the added functionality is not needed. Once again, spoken like a user who hates XP and doesn't really know why... Sounds like you continually miss the point. Add the total virus infections under Win98 then do the same for WinXP. An OS that's 4 years older should have a greater number of virus infections. Why doesn't it? Got any other false ideas in your mind I can help you get the right answers to? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sure do. How about this from your original post: "Just curious to know why, that's all." Your responses all seem hateful, derogatory and hostile. Do you have a vested interest in Windows XP or it's development?
  10. WinXP %windir% size = 3.13Gb Win98 %windir% size = 546Mb In Win98 you can run scandisk anytime to fix a potential problem In WinXP you have to schedule it to run on next boot. Win98 disk defragmenter is far ahead of that in WinXP. Being a hardware fanatic I change hardware often. In Win98 it causes no problem. In WinXP I have to ask permission from MS and suffer their assumption that I am stealing "their" software. I never worried about port 135, 445 or 69 in Win98. Not WinXP. In Win98 I was not afarid to apply a SP or update. Not so WinXP. All of the old, good firewall applications (Atguard, Conseal PC Firewall) work under Win98. Under WinXP there's Zonealarm or God forbid, (Internet Connection Firewall). I never upgraded Win98 to Win98 SE. I was and still am happy with the original best. I also use WinXP and it has some real good points. I love the Group Policy Editor, Component Manager, Event Viewer, System Restore, Services Manager. WinXP is not light years ahead of Win98 in areas of security or stability. WinXP does have a lot of added bells and whistles that are great but not at the cost of secure computing.
  11. It isn't only computer parts / accessories that suffer an outrageous price hike when imported or exported. It isn't just Australia or the UK that are charged these duties or taxes. These duties are charged by the respective governments and are placed on all imports. Just another gubmint grab. Right now in the US, we are paying 3 times the normal price for raw steel imported from abroad because of these duties. Steel shapes that were made from the recycled steel that was shipped from the US originally. These is something really wrong with that.
  12. My Mom's 78 and she's on the computer all day long. Between games, surfing and sending email to everybody she knows, she never turns it off. All her friends ask her why she stays on that stupid computer all day long and never goes anywhere with them anymore. She told them "this is more fun than you old folks". I thought that was hilarious. Was the best thing I ever did getting her started on computers. At her age most people are giving up but not her. She has just started going. She asked me "why didn't you get me one of these years ago?". I had no reasonable answer other than I thought she couldn't handle it. Boy was I wrong. Good going Mom.
  13. I have a picture of him stored away in my "I hate kidd0" folder... But N30W1N is back up... And this is the best I can find: http://www.multimap.com/map/places.cgi?add...&overviewmap=US http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?Gri...&overviewmap=US http://www.mapquest.com/maps/refreshmap.ad...?zi=1&rand=9825 http://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=...1|L1| BTW, you guys deleted the thread when you upgraded to VirtuaNews... The first two maps don't show the same area as the expedia map. There are by the intercoastal and the last is by Memorial Hospital. Owned a motel on Filmore Street years ago. Still have hordes of relatives in the Hollywood / Hallandale area. Not many his age though. Can't think about anything else though without names. Regarding the seriousness of his activity: There are some people getting sued and possibly going to jail for trading a few f**king songs on the internet. Is there anybody that thinks his activities are not more destructive or more deserving of punishment? Possibly you are the same kind of liberal id*** as this kids parents, and should be treated likewise. SunnyB = Sunny Beaches "Knock, knock. Good afternoon Ma'am. May we speak to your son?"
  14. I've an idea to make that pic more acceptable to both sexes. Keep the woman, lose the clothes and overlay it onto a picture of a shopping mall. Next, put a Mastercard or Visa logo over the womans more modest parts. That way everybody gets to drool a little bit.
  15. TweakUI 1.33 Works fine. Under the network tab choose auto-login
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