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  1. That's because Windows Me is already perfect and doesn't need any. The Windows 98 users are in denial, but Windows ME is better. **Runs and hides**
  2. I don't use any programs to "back up" my files, I do it myself. For programs: - I place the original installation files and zip archives of all the software installed on my computer into a designated folder, nothing else goes there. - I create and edit a text file, which includes descriptions of each program and it's version number, in alphabetical order (just like in the folder itself, so I can quickly compare the contents of text file and folder) - in said text file, roughly anywhere from 50-100 entires, alphabetized and with version numbers, and I use the asterisk symbol to indicate programs which need to be checked for updates. Since this is Windows Me, I don't have many asterisked programs. For Games: -I have a designated "game folder" for zips and the install programs only. Sub divided into categories for either DOS, Win31, Win95, Puzzles, Arcade, Qbasic, etc. - I use UnzipThemAll to extract several hundred zips simultaneously, thus creating a simple directory structure. Takes only a minute to unpack several hundred games into folders using the same name as the original zip file. My documents: -I keep all these in "My documents", big surprise. Sub folders are made for resumes, guitar pieces I'm writing, letters, PDF files, recipes, old emails, etc. Pictures: -I organize them in folders, they're not scattered everywhere at random. They're all neatly organized (nearly 5,000 family photos that my mom took). Ready to be copied to CD at a moment's notice. .... then, I just use Deep Burner* or ImgBurn* to drag and drop my folders to a data CD. That's it. After I burn the CD, I format Windows Me, re-install, then copy the stuff from the data CD back onto the computer. Doesn't take more than 100 mintues. And most of that time is spent formatting the hard drive and installing the OS, so I don't have to actually be there while this is going on. I prefer to do it this way, a clean install I mean. Because it reduces the chance of viruses being passed along, plus it fixes other problems too (registry, corrupted programs, bad system files, removes unwanted files, saves disk space, generally makes the computer faster, etc.) I will never use any of those "online" backup programs. I'm not going to pay them to do a "service" that requires simply (1) Organizational skills (2) A blank CD (3) A freeware program such as DeepBurner. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if those online backup companies aren't a CIA or NSA front. Wouldn't be surprised if they mine your personal information and sell your personal data to the highest bidder. So much for privacy. For example: http://www.carbonite.com/en/ ^ People actually pay money for that crap! Why? You can buy a pack of CD-R's at K-Mart for $2.99. And they come in a cool assortment of nifty colors. My favorite is pink. Sure, I might use online backup. Only if my data was encrypted with a 200 character password of random letters and numbers (which i would store on a piece of paper under my mattress). You know, just to slow down their system for the fun of it. *my recommendations for best backup programs
  3. Okay, I turned off images along with javascript. Super dooper fast now!!!!!!! I just had an idea, and I hope that somebody has already thought of it. But I think it would make for the greatest dial up "plugin" ever. What I'm thinking of is the ability to whitelist, or only allow certain websites to display images, while everything else is blocked. That would be so sweet for all dial up users. I should Patent that idea and get rich. Whaddya think? Anybody heard of such a thing? ------------------------------------------ *I found this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-block/ Image Blocker 2.1 Unfortunately all it does is add a toggle button to the top right corner of the screen. No list for approved/rejected websites. Thus, every page you go to requires toggling the button. I suppose that ain't too bad. But having a list to modify would be better. ----------------------------- *also found: http://imglikeopera.mozdev.org/ "ImgLikeOpera (ILO) is useful for visiting graphics-intensive websites, when you have a slow dial-up conncetion, or when you have high priced broadband." Now, that is what I'm looking for. You can customize you're own filter of web addresses. Only works on FireFox 3.6+ though. Darn, I wish it would work on SeaMonkey 1.1.19 or Netscape 9. Hehe I'll try it tomorrow with KEX, rite now I go to sleep. Laterz ya'll.
  4. Paint Studio Lite 1.2 Here's the homepage: http://members.fortunecity.co.uk/alfian/ Here's where you can download it: http://www.downloadtaxi.com/d/1178652850/
  5. Eagles - King of Hollywood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FdcGZVl9eA
  6. Hehe. That is true. Wish Mozilla had a "turbo" option like Opera.
  7. Probably not many dial-up users here, but I'll ask anyway. What can you do to strip Firefox down to get maximum speed, while still maintaining pictures and text? Everything else I don't really care about. Here's what I know so far: -turned off javascript - turned off automatic Cache Management and set it at 75 MB (figure it uses more resources to automatically mange itself then not to) - turned off "check spelling" - turned off "automatic updates" - tried turning off "submit crash reports" but it always comes back on anyway any suggestions?
  8. Okay, thanks. I won't bother with Pale Moon then. Confirmed. I'm using Firefox 4 as I type this. Pretty much exactly like 8. So I might as well just keep 8.
  9. .... do the intervening versions of FireFox (4,5,6,7) work using KernelEx 4.5.2? What about the Aurora or Pale Moon thing I've heard bandied about? Is there any validity for using them? Do they require less processing power, RAM? Or are they irrelevant? Basically, is there any benefit in using 4,5,6,7 over FF 3? Or should I go straight to FF8 and forget about the others? Anyway, thanks for your work.
  10. Glad to be Unhappy Billie Holliday Enjoy !!!!! VNV Nation - Radius^2 VNV Nation - Ghost http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgndSN32pgo Bon Iver - Calgary Phantogram - When I'm Small
  11. I got both KernelEx 4.5.2 and Firefox 8 working with: Windows Me Dial-up 384 MB Ram 866 MHz pentium 3 A few things I noticed: -dropdown address bar doesn't work (same with Opera 11.5x) -no stop button (only back & forward arrows) -Flash Block 1.5.15 works fine
  12. NGView 2.0 (using kernel ex 4.5.1) http://www.szamado.hu/ngview/index_en.htm *Note* You have to register the program (it's free) and then inquire about updates. The author is nice enough that he'll offer the newest version 2.0 for free, even though it's not available yet for download.
  13. Sure, go ahead. Just let me add a little disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. My opinion is my own and not anybody else's here at MSFN. I don't represent MSFN. Consult your doctor if you have real medical problems. (There, just some legal mumbo jumbo to stop the lawyers.)
  14. I'm glad that Windows Me had improved USB support. I probably would've never bothered learning about "thumb drives" if it required more than simply inserting the device into the computer and automatically getting detected. I used to make multi-volume archives on floppies with a DOS program called "Sky Compressor." It was easier than doing it with more complex programs such as ARJ and Pkzip. I'm not a power user by any means. Slow learner, keep it simple is my motto. I can see your point though about Windows 98 being better for power users, and the people who like to experiment and tweak their systems. No wonder everybody dislikes WinMe. What I do, is immediately after a fresh format and installation, I turn of system restore. Turning off Hibernation support, and the rest of those annoying energy saving features also helps things go more smooth. ^ cool links, thanks.
  15. You're right.... this thread is a waste of time Now, where can I find an illegal copy of XP?
  16. problem solved, sort of... I found a great freeware program that can convert .WMV files to Mpeg. http://www.eusing.com/free_video_converter/video_converter.htm It's from 2010 and it works under Windows 9x and ME without Kernel Ex. I highly recommend this program. It's capable of converting between an insane amount of video formats. I'd say this is a must-have program for any Win9x user. It can be quite confusing trying to sort through video codecs if you don't know exactly what the issue is, however this programs simplifies all that. I appreciate the input, but I can't upload any kinds of movies while on dial-up...
  17. A long time to Microsoft is about 4.5 months. There's too much money at stake for Microsoft to allow potential Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to remain in limbo using XP until they're computers break. Profit wise, it would be advantageous to force those people to buy a newer version. Think of all the money they'd lose by not killing XP for good.
  18. I don't use illegal copies of ANYTHING, I'm that moral. I don't rip people off like Microsoft does by building in obsolescence to their system. You know how many times I've installed my LEGAL copy of Windows Me? Probably close to 50 times, on more than one computer. I've installed my LEGAL copies of Windows 3.1 and DOS lots of times as well. Never had to beg Microsoft's permission. Windows XP will be more useless than 98 in the coming decades, it will sink like a stone to the bottom of the obsolete OS heap. Do you really think Microsoft is going to continue to allow people to activate XP down the road? Say, ten yeas from now? I bet you $100 dollars they won't. Once XP is unsupported, they'll will pull the plug on activating it. Windows 2000 and older, will live on forever on old computers.
  19. I never said all people with mental disorders are ugly. I was merely suggesting that Americans are more prone to blind optimism and self-delusion in regards to their lot in life. Whereas in China, they blatantly discriminate against anyone perceived as being "different" or "mentally ill." I probably should've worded that differently.

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