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  1. Concerning K-Meleon 1.6 and newer, I was never able to get them to work on my Windows Me computer with KEX. I did install them on my Windows 2000 Professional computer and they worked fine, but since I don't like Windows 2000, I barely ever use them :-( I plan on sticking with Windows 9x as long as possible I'm going to look into these "Fred" versions of K-Meleon you mentioned... they sound interesting.
  2. I was wondering what your thoughts are about these different browsers for Windows 98/Me. As far as I can tell, they are the absolute final versions to work on unmodified versions of Windows 9x. Netscape Feb 2008 Firefox Dec 2008 K-Meleon 1.5.4 March 2010 Seamonkey 1.1.19 March 2010 Opera 10.63 (requires Microsoft Installer 2.0) Oct. 2010 Internet Explorer 6 2000/2001 ? Green Browser ? Avant Browser 4? Maxton Browser 3 ? I was surprised that a few these browsers still work good, while others have aged badly. For example, Firefox still seems quite stable, especially with flashblock (1.5.14 or older) installed. I'm using this right now, and it loaded this forum nicely without any noticeable glitches or delays. Once the page is loaded, the screen moves up and down smoothly. It's not perfect, but it ain't bad either. Still quite usable and I like it. Those guys at Mozilla did a good job on this one. I'd say this is still a viable browser for anybody using Windows 9x. Opera 10.63 still works great. It's the best browser I have for rendering pages. The turbo option is pretty useful for dial-up users like myself. It runs smooth and there aren't any glitches or delays. As Darth Vader would say, "impressive." K-Meleon. I don't know why, but this browser works like CRAP. Considering it was released two years later than Firefox, it works a lot worse. It seems to be the most inconsistent browser out of the bunch. It either loads normally, or else it has tons of problems loading scripts, ads, and other things that cause it to freeze. It seemed to work fine when it was released, but it's quality has diminished greatly in the last year. Used to be my default browser, but it's too annoying and temperamental now. I tried clearing the cache, increasing the cache size, enabling/disabling flashblock and adblock, reinstalling windows, but it still works terrible no matter what I do. Not only that, but It seems to have a problem with managing it's cache. It doesn't seem to work right with over 65 MB for cache. It never filled up to the limit I set for it (100MB). It worked better when it was set around 50 MB. This was the only program I found that had this problem. Poor K-Meleon. The best thing about it now is the cute little icon. Netscape Similar to K-Meleon. Tons of "Script is Not Responding" errors, pages take forever to load, etc. Ebay, myspace, and many other websites don't render correctly. Overall I'm suprised it still works as good as it does, considering it's almost 4 years old. I would use this over K-Meleon if I had to. But they're both finished in my opinion. Using them is like torture. They were good in their day, but now they suck. SeaMonkey 1.1.19 The BEST gecko browser for dial-up, period! It's faster than Firefox 3.6.21 and SeaMonkey 2 using Kernel ex (On dial-up, that is). Overall, it's very similar quality wise to Firefox. Perhaps SeaMonkey has less script errors (not that many to begin with), and from a security standpoint it is two years "newer" than Firefox. But you can hardly tell. Unfortunately It's still limited by its gecko 1.8.1 engine, so it's not going to render perfectly either way. But for dial-up it's great. Internet Explorer 6 I knew I was going to be reformatting my hard drive one night, so I decided to use IE6 for the heck of it. Well, it's pretty much on par with K-Meleon. (That is, it's Terrible). Also, it was 5 times slower than anything else I tried. I can't believe millions of people still use this thing. How? Avant Browser, Green Browser, Maxton, etc. These are just shells for Internet Explorer 6. I'm not sure whether there's any security enhancements or not. Which is the only way I'd ever consider using these dumb things. In conclusion... Seamonkey 1.1.19 Firefox Opera 10.63 are still relatively very good. K-Meleon 1.5.4 Netscape IE 6 ...are terrible. Avoid if you can.
  3. Just installed Opera 11.51 on my pentium 3 computer with 384 mb ram and Windows Me. It works great!
  4. I hope you meant Opera 11.5.1, seeing as how 10.5 works without Kernelex. That's good news though for all us Win9x users. KernelEx Lives!!! I haven't gotten around to downloading it yet, but there's a brand new version of Firefox 3.6.21 that just came out yesterday. Keep the faith everybody!
  5. It reported this: "Someone ( port 1059) wants to send UDP datagram to port 1900 of your computer" Permit or Deny.
  6. Hello, I have Opera 10.63 installed on my computer, along with a few other browsers. Anyway, I have a question about running Opera and Tiny Personal Firewall. Normally I have the security level set at maximum and it asks me whether to "permit" or "deny" a specific application from running or connecting to my computer. One thing I've noticed is that with most browsers I usually just get asked "K-Meleon wants to connect to port XXXXXX." And I click permit. But with Opera, it says that "Somebody from XXX wants to send UDP datagram to Port XXX owned by my computer." Previously, I have always denied this. I just figured that somebody was trying to hack my computer or something. Or maybe Opera wanted to monitor what I was browsing. To make a long story short, I just decided to permit the UDP datagram, and lo and behold, Opera works like 6 times faster and it's not as annoying. (Just so you know, I'm on dialup.) The weird thing is, the entire time I've used opera i've always denied the incoming UPD datagram. And I always thought opera was crap. Now that I've permitted it, whatever it is, it seems to be the coolest browser ever. Can somebody explain this?
  7. I now have Kernel Ex 4.5.1 permanently installed on my computer. It rocks!! I'm browsing the web using Firefox 3.6.18, and so far I'm pretty impressed. Everything loads smooth and nice. No hangups. I think next I'll try to upgrade my Adobe Reader from version 6 to either 7 or 8. Thanks.
  8. You were right. I just had to press harder with the paper clip! Turns out somebody left a game inside. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that drive was dead on arrival. But I still suspect I damaged my motherboard. This afternoon I went to my local computer parts store and found a CD-Rom for $5. It actually worked, but it was LOUD. It was louder than the music coming out the speakers. But I was able to read the drive in "my computer". And my computer didn't crash either. So maybe it's just a really crazy loud CD-Rom drive??? If it is, it's more annoying than useful. I already unplugged it. Are old CD-Rom's that loud? Thanks for your help though.
  9. I hope somebody can point in me the right direction to fix this. I've been trying to research this on the net, but it's getting me nowhere. Here's the lowdown: I have two "devices" installed: CD-RW and a CD-Rom. CD-RW is the master, CD-Rom is the slave. (They're on the same IDE cable) Anyway, my old CD-Rom started making weird humming sounds, then progressed to making weird buzz-saw sounds. I mean, really loud. Then it started opening on it's own and windows started freezing a lot. So I opened the computer up and removed it. All I did was unscrew the drive, remove the IDE cable and the power cable, and then I pushed it through the front of the computer. So I turn my computer back on, and it works perfectly, minus a CD-Rom. But at least Windows isn't freezing anymore. So I go on Ebay and buy THE SAME EXCACT model as my broken one. (Samsung CD-Master 48E SC-148) I received the cd-rom in the mail. So I go and hook it up. I screwed the drive in place, reconnected the IDE cable, and attached the power chord. Then... I turn the computer on. Both cd-rom drives have blinking green lights, but I think the CD-Rom drive takes longer, it flashes by itself longer than the other one. Windows boots up, I click on my computer, and boom the whole computer freezes. I did this multiple times, nothing changed. Even if I don't go to my computer, the computer still has trouble shutting down, almost as if the cd-rom is messing with windows somehow. So after all that, I reboot into the BIOS. It recognizes both drives. It lists two CD-Roms. LIke it used to do. The weird thing is, the new CD-Rom won't open, ever. I can open the CD-RW before windows even gets booted, but whenever I press the button to open the CD-Rom, nothing happens. It just won't open. Did I miss a step somewhere? Was I supposed to load drivers in order to just open the **** CD-Rom tray? Do you think the CD-Rom was dead on arrival? Could my motherboard be messed up? I was thinking of trying yet another CD-Rom, but before I blow my money on that, I'd like to see if anybody can help. Maybe I missed something. --------------------------------- more info: -the CD-Rom was used for $10 -I tried moving the jumper on the CD-Rom from the farthest left spot, to the middle spot, it made no difference where the jumper was. The drive still would never open, even though it got power to it. -I tried using a paper clip and sticking it in that tiny hole at the front, in order to manually open the CD-Rom, nothing.
  10. Can anybody else confirm that Seamonkey 2.0.X or the lastest K-Meleon (1.7? ) work with KernelEx? I can't use Opera because it's too slow on dialup. The gecko browsers are like 10 times faster.
  11. Thanks for both of your replies. KernelEx seemed to work okay for me when I tested Firefox 3.5.19 You said it works with Seamonkey version 2? Maybe'll I'll try using that instead, since I'm not a huge fan of Firefox. Considering how fast Firefox is updated these days, I'd rather use a browser that doesn't go through so many frequent, pointless upgrades. Also I'm familiar with Revolutions Pack 9, but I've never heard of "NUSB." What's that? Again, thanks. And I hope that KernelEx continues.
  12. Can somebody explain to me in layman's terms what exactly KernelEx does to my computer in order to run XP programs? -a few questions that popped in my mind... Does KernelEx affect my firewall? Does it make your system less secure? Basically is it safe to use for like shopping on ebay or amazon? I hope somebody knows.

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