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  1. Bugs should be fixed in Version 3.0.1. Available at the WPI homepage. BTW: Couldn't find the bug with option button "installByCategory" not working. Mine does. As for stretching of background picture: CSS stylsheets do not support that. Have to find another way. The title.gif isn't transparent too. Bulldog - any idea ?
  2. Turnig option button off should be used before "delivery". Changing options while in the install process makes no sense. On a CD useroptions.js wouldn't be written. Yes. But if you switch to 10 and only have 6 - only these would be displayed. Or switch to 5, so that the first window would have 5, the next 1 entries. Yeah.
  3. Some grave promblems. Well - it's a .0 Give me some time. I'll try to fix the bugs.
  4. Code review done. New functionality added. Small changes in the config system. Options wizard. New version 3.0 available. Hope you like it.
  5. First: post such questions in the WPI thread, since it implies a problem with WPI. Second: zip up your config.js and post it (as an attachment!!!) to your question, so people won't have to guess the problems you're having. Third: If it's a simple setup, a simple program definition should work. If it doesn't search for the error's cause - most often it's a wrong path used.
  6. Just stumbled over this thread. Alanoll's right: As long as there isn't a seperate WPI forum, you should read the docs and help section on the WPI homepage and if all that will not help - post in the WPI thread. I know it says 2.7 from Brain and Gresh - it's built on their work - and their base idea stayed the same. Users who can give useful answers have read the thread before - in my case I always directly jump to the first unread post. So I'll not miss a question I can answer or a problem I could work on. [EDIT]Since we do have a seperate forum now ... forget the above[/EDIT]
  7. WPI homepage -> help -> read Note: there is a setting sortOrder in config.js that affects the sort order of categories in WPI. This only affects the display sort order - not the installation sort order (there would be more to do that just copy and modify a single function. I took it in to keep consistency with bulldog's version)
  8. With the ordr property you could set, at which point you want to install a prog. So say, if you want to run a cleanup skript at the very end of installation, xou could define it like any other prog and set ordr[pn]=999 If no other prog had a higher ordr, the cleanup would be executed as the last install step (but before WPI exits - mind that). ordr does not affect the display-order - only installation order. If you install by category and have a single category 'Cleanup' containing any such skript, then you have to make sure, that category is installed at the end - that's it. If you do not use a cleanup skript in this way, then it won't matter, if you change install order to 'by category' must be some external utility. could not find it on my system.
  9. New version 2.9.9b on the homepage. 6 command lines sort by ordr / category determined by config.js setting use HTML-tags in program definitions Not really great advances this time. Someone asked for the possibility to add spacing between apps and that's it. The other changes were made to keep consistency to Bulldog's branch.
  10. why? for what? i was just suggesting that the versions stay as one... Didn' speak of the version problem. Weren't you looking for a freeware HTML WYSIWYG editor ? I think that's a place to start a search.
  11. There's also one version coolsight made. Based on an early version of WPI he totally reworked it. It's even got a configuration wizard. You can find the thread here.
  12. Note that installation by category could easily mess up using a cleanup script. since the ordr property is not used, you have to make sure, that the category containing the cleanup is the last one that gets installed. Sure it's better to call cleanup from outside and after WPI. So no such probs can happen.
  13. Most often 3 command lines are more than enough. If you like the ATI software to show as seperate applications in the runonceex dialog, then you'd have to make each one a single program. so it's 6 times 1 command line. as for the installation grouping by categories, that's a minor cosmetic issue. since we are working on unattended install, most people wouldn't even recognise that, cause they wouldn't sit in front of their machine just to admire the install process. unattended means you could do something more productive while a machine installs itself. but sure I understand your point. perhaps it will come in one of the next releases, but sorry - it's not the most important thing right now.
  14. I could split config.js into a file with variable defines and one for the users' program entries, so that the user only has to replace 'his' customized file. The problem with this is, that users wouldn't be aware of new functionality or required changes that come from added behaviour. It seems, that most users do not read this thread (it's grown too long by now) - but they do not read the docs and faqs on the homepage either. So they come here, when they've got problems and someone has to explain things again (see my upper post for an example). What should I do? Stop working on WPI, so that there won't be any changes/additions ? Or would you users make yourself the little work to read the docs and news on the homepage ? Users only have to make changes in config.js. Replace the sample progs with your own. That should always work, since I try to be backwards compatible with the program definitions. If you customize WPI like bulldog does, it's up to you to change the code.
  15. On my XP-Unattended-DVD there are 3 unique files: WIN51 ... which can be found on every XP install CD WIN51IP ... which should tell you, that the install includes service pack 1 WIN51IP.SP2 ... and service pack 2 So WIN51 should be on EVERY XP-Install-CD. That's, why I am searching for this file! If you read this montrous thread, you'll get to know that there isn't any better way to search for the CDROM drive letter (your question suggests, you didn't). Former versions of WPI only used the registry value - that was a huge problem sometimes, and so now I use it only as a fallback solution. If you find any other (better) way then let me know of it. If you like to know more about the FindCDROM mechanism, read generate.js - and write your own. The WPI homepage's help section also gives answers to this problem.
  16. No. You do not have to delete them. Just move them down one line. It should look like this: if((u[0] == "systemdrive") ||(u[0] == "programfiles") ||(u[0] == "windir") ||(u[0] == "cdrom") ||(u[0] == "")) { pth = new String(); pth = u[0]; u[0] = pth.toLowerCase(); if(u[0] == "systemdrive") return WshEnv("SYSTEMDRIVE") + "\\" + u[1] Well. That should work. You have to edit boxes.js, line 200 txt += ('<div class="category">' + cat[i][0] + '</div><hr>'); and insert a blank line: txt += ('<div class="category">' + cat[i][0] + ' </div><hr>'); Then you have to test it and change the value 30.72 in line 238 if ( (winheight >= 768) && ((pi+cats)>=(col*(winheight/30.72)))) { to a value that suits the new style. Edit generate.js, line 190 says if (j==15) // call RunOnceEx every 15 apps, so that the window doesn't grow too bigChange 15 to 1 and every app installs seperately.
  17. I do not think you can change that. It's the windows-styles that makes it. If you look at the screenshots at the wpi homepage you'll see, that they look different to yours, isn't it ? If anyone knows, how to apply a style to checkboxes in IE, I'd appreciate a solution. I know it works with scrollbars, but I don't know a way to 'skin' checkboxes.
  18. Do you speak of the images left of "select all/none/default" ? If so - these are images in the graphics folder.
  19. So you do not want the confirmation message. Ok - removed it. And the problem with the timer not stopping is solved too. New Version: 2.9.9a at the WPI homepage. The homepage's docs, config and faq sections were also updated to reflect the new possibility to make progs dependent on each other. Have a nice time...
  20. it doesn't work can u check the code Not a shlash. Use a backslash. '\'' results in a single ' '/'' results in a script error
  21. no. you should use the new config.js. but you can reuse part of your config. youst replace everything between //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Your programs here ... //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // End of programs list. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- with your entries. or put the 2 new property definitions into your config.js. that's var uid=[]; // unique identifier, used for dependency checking var deps=[]; // dependency, fill in uids of progs, this one is dependent of // if a dependent program is selected, its 'parent' gets selected too // if 'parent' is deselected, program is also deselected and use it instead of the sample config. edit config.js, set language='en' that's it.
  22. Hi all. New version 2.9.9 is out at the WPI homepage. Seems the bulldog and I have done the same job. The changes are not based on bulldog's reworked version, but on my original 2.9.8a. What's new: NO more case-sensitivity with environment-variables program dependencies NO confirmation message, when timer reaches 0:00 @BULLDOG canse-sensitivity with folder names ? i know that with linux but not with windows. c:\windows == C:\WInDOws == c:\Windows == C:\winDOwS isn't it? send me a config, where case sentitivity in folder-names matters - I'll check the WPI implementation to get rid of it.
  23. I use WPI for installing my apps and do this, when the shell's already started. Could you add an option to sit in the system tray ? And since I'm installing from DVD with a lot of big apps (Office, Visual Studio, Oracle ...) it would really be nice to have it playing - lets say - all files from its starting directory ?
  24. Did a long search through various free-font sites and found it for myself. It's called and free to download at 1001freefonts.com

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