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  1. multi disc?

    Hi! I do also have that problem, only 50mb left on my DVD. You could buy a 9GB dual layer DVD, but It costs a lot. Or why not make two dvds with WPI on each? If you run the install and the program can't find the correct file-path an error message comes ut, right? If this message could be (instead of "ok") try again and quit... Then It would be possible to have the install-program to ask for the correct DVD. It is not perfect but It is a solution..
  2. Current language file.

    Hi! I attach the language file for Swedish. //Mike
  3. Turning off Windows Update?

    Okey, thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Turning off Windows Update?

    Thanks for the help... But the icon is still in the bar, will it go away after I restart the comp?
  5. Turning off Windows Update?

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to turn off the Windows Update and the little icon down at the systemclock?` Is there a reg code for this and how does it look? Thanks a million! //Mike
  6. Hi everyone. Tired of writing all the plug-in keys over and over again? If yes, I'm gonna show you how to save all the plug-in keys for Pinnacle Studio 9.x. First you have to enable "show hidden files" and then go to: windows dir\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Pinnacle\Pixie In "Pixie" folder you'll see a number of small files with numbers along with a file called "user" and "items". All the numeric filenames are the plug-in keys. Copy all the files exect(!) for user -file and save them somewhere else. --- You can create a self-extracting archive so it will be more like unattended. Here's how: 1. Install winrar (Get winrar here 2. Go to the "Pixie" folder. 3. "Highlight" all files exept for "user". 4. Right-klick and choose "add to archive" 5. Winrar opens and you should find some settings: Mark "create SFX-file" and "make solid archive" just under. Make sure that archive-format is set to "RAR". Then it's time to add a commentary ( upper right corner) 6. In the big writing area you'll put this code in it: ;SFX Path=%allusersprofile%\Application Data\Pinnacle\Pixie Silent=1 Overwrite=1 It saves the files the the correct folder. Thats it press "OK" and your done. NOTE: when you install Pinnacle Studio on a fresh computer, the keys will be in the "Pixie" folder. Why I don't know. Just run the .exe file you created earlier. That's it! I hope this helps a little //Mike
  7. I have the same problem, It doesn't work.. If I only could have the CD-key automatic it would be a little better.. Anyone who knows how to sucessfully do that?
  8. Stable Releases?

    I am using V.3.21 and I don't have any problems with it!

    Yes I see the problem. Thanks for helping me with this, it works great now

    Thanks a million! I only have a little problem left.. when I use this code it works great: cmd /C COPY %cdrom%\Install\Sem\jul.exe %systemdrive%\jul.exe but when I want to copy the file into ProgramFiles it doesn't work... cmd /C COPY %cdrom%\Install\Sem\jul.exe %systemdrive%\%ProgramFiles%\Sem\jul.exe Can you solve my problem?

    @BritishBulldog Is it possible to adress the correct program folder for lets say C:\Program\ComputerABC\ABC C:\Program FIles\ComputerABC\ABC ? This path would be different because I use a swedish version of Windows, or is there a %xxxx% command in general? the copy command works from lets say %cdrom% to %systemdrive%? I'm kinda new that's why I ask these "simple" questions Thanks!
  12. Scrollbars?

    The 3.20 version dosn't even show a scrollbar as the previous versions did. The prev. still shows "wrong" as my attached picture showed. I did delete the bg picture URL in the Options menu. 640: shows a blue scroller 800: -u- 1024: shows the "grey/silver" scroller
  13. Scrollbars?

    I downloaded the newest version that you have one your home page and deleted the bg value in options. It solved the problem at the bottom of the window (under the exit button) but It still is showing like around the red circles on the picture I attached. Discovered a "bug" also, I tink. When I set the number of colums in options to 2 and saved, the next time I go in that menu it reads 3. It keeps changing it selves to 2.. ??
  14. Scrollbars?

    I'm also trying to see if I find whats wrong with it.. I could make a swedish translation for you if you're interestad?
  15. Scrollbars?

    1024*768 And It seems that the whole "window" is moving up a bit.. You can see a thin line at the bottom after clicking on the scroll..