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  1. Well no problem. this Win$Man is zhhsh new version, looks very good I guess the main difference is that this app and Fujianabc's NT6 Fast Installer read the MountedDevices of the current running system and I calculate them. But this should be a more accurate solution, especially in WinPE 1.x, where MountedDevices is not very reliable. Anyways, good there are alternatives that works
  2. hi zomk777, that interesting, someone else already report me that the "drive letter preassignment" option can assign 2 letter for a partition. I could never reproduce this, but mountvol.exe should be able to removed the wrong drive letters. The assignment of the system drive letter always works well for me. One think that maybe help finding the problem: - after winntsetup finished load the the offline system hive and save the MountedDevices key: reg load HKLM\SYS C:\Windows\system32\config reg export HKLM\SYS\MountedDevices C:\MountedDevices_before_Reboot.reg reg unload HKLM\SYS reboot and let installation continue, after new windows has booted to desktop export the new MountedDevices key reg export HKLM\System\MountedDevices C:\MountedDevices_after_Setup.reg please send me both reg files
  3. he he nobody really understands setacl's command line, it's more confusing that the one of most linux/unix apps , just found there is an easy solution to save and restore security informations http://www.coderforlife.com/projects/utilities/#security
  4. @ilko_t & BlueLife, happy you like it @ click-click with windows vista and later most system files belong the "Trusted Installer", no sure why this is so. At least this is no real security feature, since every elevated process can simply change the ownership. Windows 7 have takeown.exe and icacls.exe to change the rights, but if you also need to do this under Windows XP, SetACL is a better option. Here a batch file example to change the permission of 3 files, so everyone with admin rights can use them, as he like. @echo off for %%c in ("D:\Windows\System32\eventvwr.msc" "D:\Windows\System32\compmgmt.msc" "D:\Windows\System32\gpedit.msc" ) do ( SetACL.exe -ot file -on "%%c" -actn setowner -ownr "n:S-1-5-32-544;s:y" SetACL.exe -ot file -on "%%c" -actn ace -ace "n:S-1-5-32-544;p:full;s:y" ) Not sure what the problem with power schemes and the reg file is, can you give more details? Also there is powercfg.exe that can export and import power settings.
  5. Why not simply use MakePE3? It have working sound.
  6. oh, sorry to hear you had problem with vboot driver. If you find any way to get this work with vmware, let me know. I have mostly given up Vmware since i switched to windows 7.
  7. Update: Version - automatic decompression of ntldr/setupldr/bootmgr on NTFS compressed drives - drive selection will not accept read only drives for boot- and installation drive - improved VHD creation and installation* - added option for instant creation of fixed VHD's - added support for FAT16 and exFat boot drives *VHD creation now uses diskpart script like this create vdisk file="C:\Windows7.vhd" maximum=25600 type=(fixed|expandable) select vdisk file="C:\Windows7.vhd" attach vdisk create partition primary align=(32|64|128|256|512|1024|2048) active format quick fs=ntfs label="Win7 VHD" uint=(512|1024|2048|4096|8192|16K|32K|64K) assign letter=X: In rare cases without setting fs=ntfs, diskpart will format the partition with FAT32. Partition now active and the installation to a VHD will now create boot files inside the Vdisk too. (So you can boot this VHD also in VirtualBox) Further due to the long time required by creating big fixed VHD's, there a new option: instant creation of fixed VHD's Also added Alignment and Allocation option to GUI.
  8. I'm sorry, but i can not add support for vmware mounted disk. Even after updating the PBR and create a correct BCD store, bootmgr will at least try to boot the OS, but fail in a black screen. There is a good reason why the checkbox for read-only mounting is always set, the driver corrupts data. VMware is very immune against bug reports, so i don't think this will be fixed anytime. There maybe is a solution, the vmlite guy's have written their own driver which can mount vdi/vhd and vmdk images. It's in the current version of VBoot works very good so far: vbootctl.exe mount "VMware.vmdk" vbootctl.exe umount Z:
  9. Yes use "Do Not update the boot configuration", but this will only avoid the error message. I have found a way to detect a mounted Vmware partition, so next version should not show this error. And hopefully make it boot able somehow.
  10. I could reproduce your problem. After formating the drive under Windows XP, the Partition will have a NTLDR loading PBR. The MBR of the mounted disk is not visible to the Host OS. So MBR and Boot Flag will be red. Main problem is that tools like bootsect or bootice can not change the PBR of a VMware mounted partition. I'm not sure how i solve this in future versions, but you can try following: After Winntsetup has finished make a copy of bootmgr in the selected bootdrive and rename it to NTLDR.
  11. hmm, what could be wrong here? However, I will not add support for any Warez release. Use a clean, preferable unmodded Windows version.
  12. Hi Wendy FAT16 will be selectable for boot drive in next version.
  13. You use an old version, these 4 tweaks were changed with version the DisableSR doesn't not completely disable system restore, but at least it set the reserved space to 0%, what should have the same effect.
  14. tweaks.au3 IF you want RunOnceEx method similar to http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/31/ then try following: After Winntsetup finished create a folder on the installtion drive called install Add your software to that folder. create a cmd file inside this folder, like the following and run it. @echo off Reg Load HKLM\OFFLINE_SOFTWARE %~d0\Windows\system32\config\software SET KEY=HKLM\OFFLINE_SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /F /D "Installing Applications" REG ADD %KEY%\005 /VE /F /D "Java Runtime 6" REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /F /D "%systemdrive%\install\jre-6u24-windows-i586-s.exe /s /qb /norestart" REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /F /D ".NetFX 4.0" REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /F /D "%systemdrive%\install\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe /norestart /passive" REG ADD %KEY%\015 /VE /F /D "AutoIt v3" REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 1 /F /D "%systemdrive%\install\Autoit3\autoit-v3-setup.exe /s" REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 2 /F /D "%systemdrive%\install\Autoit3\SciTE4AutoIt3.exe /s" reg unload HKLM\OFFLINE_SOFTWARE
  15. The setup of windows vista and later does not use a cmdlines.txt during installation. So for windows 7 winntsetup loads the registry hives of the prepared windows installation and writes the tweaks directly. I don't know if there is an alternative to cmdlines.txt in windows vista or later
  16. Oh, thanks. I had forgot that Server 2008 R2 support NativeVHDBoot too . Uploaded version
  17. Update: Version fixed Tweaks for command promt and system restore (Thanks wimb) fixed msvcrt error when running WinNTSetup2_x64.exe under Win 2003/XP x64 (Thanks Lancelot) removed Tweak to disable language bar (was not working in some cases) added Tweak to remove Security warning for newly downloaded files add VHD button for Windows 7 users
  18. Hi maanu, nice to see my old friend here again You welcome too, AyeHtay. @wimb Thanks, System Restore tweak will be fixed in next version. Command prompt and TakeOwn tweaks are currently on the hidden extended menu, (holding shift while right clicking). I will change it for Command prompt as suggested.
  19. Update: Version added more GUI tooltips fixed FolderBrowse not working in default WinPE 3.x fixed possible duplicates in boot menu fixed drive letter assignment cause error message on empty cardreader drives avoid possible installation on same drive as currently running Windows avoid possible installation of WinPE avoid NativeVHDBoot of not supported Windows Editions added VHDHelper (diskpart wrapper) to create, attach and detach VHD's (reserved for Windows 7 users only ) new commandline options -DisableVHDChecks, -VHDHelper (Hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + V) know issue: - Under WinPE 3.x diskpart may fail to detach a vdisk (blame Microsoft, not me.)
  20. a black screen (after bios) would mean that MBR and /or the PBR was not updated. Make sure you choose an active primary partition and choose to update the boot configuration (default on "Ready?" GUI) In case you have multiple disks in your PC, make also sure you choose the boot partition on disk 0.
  21. @lama I don't participate anymore on the boot-land forum, so sorry for not informing your guys there. @wimb Thank you very much for feedback.
  22. default winpe does not have necessary files for jpg's so will need to use bmp's. wallpaper.exe "full path to wallpaper.bmp" wallpaper.zip
  23. welcome first a comma separate the command and the parameter. ShellExecuteWait("mseinstall.exe", "/s /runwgacheck")
  24. Well, you right, not the most correct forum section hmm, yeah i could add tool tip/balloons for every check box Thanks for reminding about the ini file Added to first Post More command line options could be added, if requested.
  25. WinNTSetup - a simple but powerful universal Windows Installer Features: Install (unattend) Windows 2k/XP/20??/Vista/7/8.x/10/11 x86/x64/arm64 Practically runs even on the most minimalistic WinPE selectable drive letter for the new Windows installation Fully automated with save/load setting in ini file and various command line options Install Windows also if nlite/vlite has remove winnt32.exe/setup.exe Integrate Drivers: normal PNP and Textmode Drivers Patch uxtheme to allow unsigned Themes Some common registry tweaks and *.reg file import DISM APPX removal, feature enable/disable Simple VHD creation and Installation Support "Windows to Go" for Windows 7 and later installs Supports WimBoot and CompactOS option for Windows 7 and later Supports all current WIM files: WIM/SWM/ESD and ISO files WinCapture - capture a Windows installation to WIM or ESD file MinWin - simple trimming WIM in memory before apply WinCopy - copy an existing Windows installation to another partition Offline Hotfix uninstall Offline password reset Not Supported: - No Windows embedded version (this includes WinFLP) - No upgrades of existing installations About driver installation: Every driver added in NT6.x windows will be added to the driver store. So it's not recommended to add countless driver, but rather more really required ones. NT5.x massstorage driver integration is possible thanks to Mr dUSHA powerful MSSTMake.exe tool To the Unattend option: It's possible to use an unattend.xml to run the Setup unattended. But as the actual WinPE Setup Phase isn't effective in that way of install, all Winpe related settings inside the unattend.xml won't be applied. Ini config file It's possible to save all GUI-settings to a ini file: push Ctrl + S to save all settings to an ini. push Ctrl + L to load all settings from an ini. A WinNTSetup.ini file in the same dir as the app itself will be loaded automatically at startup. It also can be selected via command line: WinNTSetup.exe /cfg:"C:\mysettings.ini" If you want to modify ini settings yourself, click-click has made a nice PDF for it. For advanced users there are also hidden settings described in the included WinNTSetup.ini.txt Command line: - Press F1 to get list of all options To install Windows in a VHD file: - requires Windows 7 as OS and Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise or Server 2008 R2 as Source - create a partitioned VHD and assign a drive letter (push Ctrl + Shift + V to use build in diskpart wrapper for this) - select the VHD drive as installation drive (make sure you boot drive ist a active primary partition on a physical disk) If you get an Antivirus warning from your AV software, please report it to them as a false positive and let them check it. Current Version: Download: Mega - MediaFire
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